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    Chest/shoulder pain
    samuels436 posted:
    2-3 weeks ago I started experiencing chest and shoulder pain on the right side of my body. It was minor, and I decided to keep working out. About 2 weeks ago I was doing Front Shoulder Raises and I felt a huge pain in my shoulder, starting at the notch in the shoulder (hold your arm out straight in front of you, horizontal to the ground and you can feel it near the end of your clavicle) and extending down towards my bicep, running for 4 inches or so along the outside of my shoulder. I immediately had to stop the workout. After a weeks rest (and applying tiger balm and taking ibuprofen), it felt much better. During my first workout after the weeks rest (9/22), that pain has been replaced with pain right where the chest and shoulder meet. It is especially noticeable during and after chest workouts, I have not attempted any shoulder workouts since the incident I mentioned earlier. In addition to during/post workout pain, I feel it throughout the day while doing normal activities. It does not hurt enough to prevent me from doing anything, but it is definitely noticeable. I will try to describe the location, sorry for not knowing what muscle is actually the issue. Hold your arm as if you were at the bottom of a bench press, feel for the part of the clavicle that extends along the shoulder. The pain is about 2 inches towards the front of where that bone is. Another way of finding the spot Im talking about is while in the bottom of the bench press, find the notch in the shoulder I mentioned earlier. It is just in front of that. This pain also sometimes extends more into the upper right portion of my chest.

    Sorry for the vague descriptions, Im not too familiar with the anatomy of the shoulder/chest.

    Any ideas as to what it could be? Im looking for a general idea so I can hopefully self treat it. I am in the military and am deploying shortly, and would prefer to avoid seeing a doctor, which could put my deploying at risk. I have been taking ibuprofen and applying tiger balm to the affected area and have discontinued lifting for the time being.

    I don't know if this matters, but I got a small pox shot in my right shoulder approximately 3 weeks ago.
    paulpt responded:
    Hi not good news couse you need to rest your shoulder for at list 6 weeks , friend of my did same , you eitther over strained or torn your plec which ever it needs recovery time, this means no weight training that will effect the right shoulder, my friend got pain at the soulder blade the plec and down his arm ,4 weeks on the pain has receded, i hope this helps good luck ps if in any daught please see doc this way you will know what you need to do.
    compoundia responded:
    I am agree with Paulpt. You should give rest to your shoulder. One more thing I would like to suggest you that you should consult with the doctor and you should do meditation regularly in morning and evening.

    Compoundia Pharmacy
    mstxrcse replied to compoundia's response:
    Being a life-long gym rat and also a practicing P.T. for over 50 years, shoulder issues are common amongst regular exercisers
    in my experience. Not knowing exactly which soft tissue
    structure is involved - from your history and description- the
    injured structure could be the long head of the biceps, the
    biceps tendon, the pec minor, one of the gleno-humeral
    ligaments and on and on. The point is use ice massage over
    the symptomatic area ( more effective than ice packs ) 2-3 times
    daily, take the OTC meds as tolerated. You can continue to exercise - just avoid any resisted motion that reproduces your
    "usual pain." If the pain level experienced does not diminish
    within 2--3 wks of onset, consult an orthopedist or sports
    injury P.T. Would doubt the smallpox shot is implicated

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