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    Eye pain and tearing up + Cough at same time for glaucoma child 11 yr old
    PhillipKing posted:
    Bottom line: 10 yr old girl. what can we do to control her pain from the eyes and light sensitivity along with the cough. Her coughing can be connected to the tearing from her eyes [quite a bit>. so when she starts coughing her pain slowly starts.

    Underlying conditions:
    11 yr old girl. Glaucoma on one eye with less than 5% vision or less.

    Other eye has no vision and was not formed during birth. Also have a

    condition called: Peter's Anomaly. Conditions: Nystragamus in eye

    which has no vision, but slight. [personal findings: Pax6 genetic

    chromosome is primary cause for peter's anomaly and underdevelopment

    of one of her eyes[one with no vision>.Slight strabismus. Possible

    that the one which has no vision is causing the pain to the other eye

    and causing the cough. X ray in 2 different ways taken but doctors

    found no infection of an sort in lungs.

    [Another Doctors misdiagnosed: prednisone to control cough but that

    lead to elevated ocular pressure to 26>, was told to stop medication

    immediately and used only Proventil inhaler to control cough.

    Initially when cough started... gave her cough medication and othes

    like Alka seltzer effervescent tabs, it did not do much to control

    cough but pain subsided. She told us after careful analysis that when

    her eye starts to get painful her cough starts. She was not like this

    for the past 10+ years or at least we noticed. She took amoxicillin

    clavulanate initially when cough started given by doctor and later

    Zithromax for 3 days but nothing helped.

    Current Pressure one eye with vision: 26+, previously 20-22

    Medications used currently for Galucoma:
    1. Dorzolamide Timolol Maleate Opthalmic Solution (Cosopt) - 2x a day
    2. Brimonnidine Tartrate 0.2 - 3x a day
    3. Atropine Sulfate 1% - 2x a day
    4. Xalatan (Latanoprost) - 1x @ bedtime
    5. Erythromycin Ointment 0.5% for her eyes.

    Medications we are using to control her pain in both eyes:
    1. Refresh Optiva for Dry eye [Carboxymethyl Celluose sodium 0.5%,

    Glycerin 0.9%>- used 3-4x a day or as needed [findings: found not to

    be effective at all at least not in this new problem with the pain,

    but worked previously>
    2. Zaditor [Ketotifen Fumarate ophthalmic solution antihistamin

    eyedrops> - used as needed =- 4-5x day [findings: found to lessen

    pain for her more than Refresh Optiva>

    Surgeries done since day one of birth: 20+
    Type: laser around perimeter of eye to control pressure + Installed

    Shuns and other laser treatments by Vanderbilt Pediatric Opthamology

    center by senior 2 professors of pediatric. Her condition has been

    studied by doctors from places like John Hopkins university and other

    insitutions around United States.

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