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    stroke caused by chantix
    gj1947 posted:
    I recently experienced a stroke while taking the stop smoking drug Chantix. Has this happened to anyone else out there? I am 59 and in reasonably good health otherwise. I believe that there is a connection between my stroke and Chantix. Would love to hear from you........
    sheshe1951 responded:
    Not familiar with Chantix. Tell me what it is.
    zippie36 responded:
    :worried: Hello I am new here I was just reading through the posts,I am 36 yrs old and had a mild stroke 8 days ago,They did a lot of testing and showed on the Mri I had a small stroke,they put me on aspirin,lisinopril a low blood pressure pill and zocor, and chantix to try to quit smoking.I just saw your post and about flipped.I'm really wondering about these meds doctors give out.Did the Dr. specifically say it was from the chantix? Did it help you stop smoking? I hope your doing ok,this is scary stuff. Deana
    angieinky responded:
    Have you heard anything else? My husband was taking Chantix and had a stroke. I read the info that came with the meds and there were no indications of interactions.
    mnhouser responded:
    I quit taking Chantix about a month ago and last week I had a TIA
    kathy3649 responded:
    My husband and I both took Chantix to quit smoking. He has high blood pressure. No problems here and we both quit smoking. The only side effects we had were weird dreams.
    thomaslasker responded:
    At 32 my brother also suffered a stroke, shortly after beginning a chantix regiment. I wonder if taking chantix while continuing to smoke (albeit much less), has any bearing on his diagnosis. I'm not surprised in the least that this has occurred to other people out there. My concern is wether or not we know of all the side-effects involved with this drug.
    debh12 responded:
    I had a stroke about a year ago. I was 53 years old. I was taking chantix. They found no reason for my stroke. Did your doctor diagnose the cause of your stroke bring chantix?
    faithful97 responded:
    My father started taking Chantix about 3 weeks ago. He cut back his smoking considerably...from 2-3 packs per day to 2-3 cigarettes a day. Two days ago he had a stroke. He is 66 and has always been reasonably healthy as well. I am also wondering if there is any connection between the chantix and the stroke.
    holisticcounselor responded:
    My partner began taking Chantix mid Feb 09. He had his first TIA on March 12, but we didn't know what it was. He had a second TIA on March 27th and was hospitalized for 4 days, but the tests were all inconclusive as to the cause. Since then he has had 5 additional TIA's (mini strokes). He continues to take Chantix, along with a baby aspirin regimen and Plavix. His follow up appointment with the cardiologist is in 3 days. (We have terrible health care in Arizona). His last stroke was yesterday. After reading your post, he has decided to stop the Chantix and see if it makes a difference.
    cjfergie responded:
    I was taking Chantix to quit smoking in 2007 and had a stroke while on it. I blacked out and my daughter took me to the hospital and found out that I had 2 mini strokes - the dr. said to quit the Chantix. I was 55 and in good health.
    grneweene responded:
    took chantix for 22 days, on the 22nd day i had two strokes, not little ones, the big boys. i had headaches and i was aggitated and very rude prior to the strokes. this was months before they discovered it caused aggression, aggitation, suicidal thoughts, etc. i even called phizer and told them what happened to me and that this was a bad drug.they called me a couple of times checking on me, and then that was it, never heard another word. i was told by the nuerologiist that they were not sure if the chantix caused the strokes or not but that could have been caused by the migraine headaches, which i was still getting, and was still on the chantix after the strokes. dr told me to stop taking it and see if the headaches stop. and they did. there is no doubt in my mind, that for me at 44 healthy to have a stroke, while on chantix it is not just a fluke. it caused the strokes. but this is my personal thoughts about the drug, and what happened to me, i can't say for others .
    jennid22 responded:
    My mother had a stroke 7 days after starting Chantix. She went fell into a coma and passed away less than a week later. The doctors told us it was a brain stem stroke. I stongly believe Chantix was the cause of my Mothers stroke. She had just turned 60.
    NIKKIB2B responded:
    My mom is 61 years old. She recently stopped taking Chantix to stop smoking and had a stroke within a month. Not sure if they can say for sure if it's related to Chantix but since this is happening to a lot of people, I have to wonder. Doctors said it was an "unknown occusion of right middle cerebrial artery with ipsilateral partial middle infarct". Affected her left side. She can walk and talk but not like before but her neurological capabilities are wayyyy off. I was going to take Chantix but I am not now. I will find another way to quit.
    weBcva2008 responded:
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    stroke caused by chantix

    Posted: Oct 26, 2009 OMG!!!!! My husband is on #3 cva and still no know cause for em since 10/21/08. he just started this program chantix 3 weeks ago. has reduced his amount of ciggs but reading this mess id rather him smoke and not be a joke too. I agree with the remark on These MD's and just giving so many different unknown/ tested /RXs that & I wonder on all these relaxing, knock a horse out kindda meds for stroke. I read up on when sleeping the brain has most healing time it regroups etc and here we are under the influence heavely nightly with brain damages already due to his stokes,tia's. not able to reheal this way being drugged up I really believe these MD's dont give a chit on my husbands future or wellbeing or even provide a fair chance on regaining a life w/ cva because them just sending him home again, an again and still no reasons for WHY hes having them , keeping us walking on egg shells on UNKNOWING & Knowing the next MD appointment is gonna be another waste of effort on trying to manage this CLOT MYSTERY CONDITION but always adding more RX's to his list of many daily, then too perscribe a drug like this one CHANTIX ...again them MDs not caring about him/ us Im pisted off hella bad now!!! This whole trumped up BS ride we have Tripped upond on c/o- CVA Has had no real Hopes in possitive days. Bill collectors, unessesary delays, try this RX and come bake month later {see if were still alive I bet}th is so Criminal. Its all about the Greed and selfishness these MD's Focus on and BCBS PPO is No Benifit for Us anyway. It seems the Costs for all these Test, RXs, Visits, PT,OT,SP, more visits, & PT etc are so Rooked and Never mind the person w/ Stroke....Focus on that PPO!!!! and CHARGE THEM extra Russells have PPO. I have no fight in me to defind this sick fight cause i need to survive to be there for my husband and not do a crime to punish self cuz im frustrated on ALL this fraud care. I read in news on all these people just Snapping on offices, etc. I cant see why they do it. Never mind Reform it need Blowned up and lets do this again w/ a lil integrety and care You think they would want to help keep him around for there out of control chargings, but its been 1 year and few days now and life really strokes for a 46 yr. man that WAS wonderful and Worth It only to be disabled and depressed and it unimadginable for me really but Im his wife / caregiver that has no clue on this all!! Its all bullchit i see it and shaim on ALL these greedy uncaring MD's & PPO's. They Failed my husband and providing more risk that needed. and theres no real punishment too them really Thats another Crime too!! I know Im just venting and Im sorry but our days are so depressing w/o any real resorces that will just comfort us and show a lil careing aid. theres no social outlets for this male age group w/ brain injury conditions in my area and see more cva's happing here. Stroke is no joke and no cure thats approved by another selfish agency controll- FDA.. Damb it We need other methods to properly provide victoms some selfworth and regain a lil self dignity too. Being a young man , father that was 100% the best people is a broken soul now. Its hard as hell each day for us and being played/ used/ cheated on w/ Its monopoly game - sorry-risk-trump-aggrvation and a lil connect 4 etc This medical care has no care and theres no rules. I feel that all these providers of wasted efforts to my husbands care should have a stroke or even 2 of themself an then maybe we could have a lil prodacaol on managing a stroke victiom future and provide a lil more hope in progress. til then we continue to be played

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