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    Nausea post stroke
    Baxter67 posted:
    My mother has had several strokes over the last six months. She has lost her short term memory, but otherwise nothing else she can walk, talk and eat normally. Her strokes happened in the back of her head and she has severe nausea treated with Zofran and Scopalamine patches. Every few weeks she gets sick again despite being on these medications. She was placed on Plavix, which did not seem to work because she had another stroke. She has now been on Coumadin for about 3 months. I was wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms post stroke. Her primary care doctor sends her to the ER when the nausea recurs and has to sit in the ER all day until finally admitted. They do a head CT and say she has not had another stroke and they don't know why she is nauseated. Her primary care doctor is only checking her INR once a month, which doesn't seem right to me.

    Has anyone else heard of this nausea issue post stroke? Her INR was 1.8 the last time she was admitted with nausea - I wonder if this could cause the nausea?
    pscici responded:
    My wife had a stroke with left sided weakness and recovered well. Seven weeks later she developed both loss of taste and severe nausea. She was taking digitalis and this was stopped for 3 weeks without change in the nausea. Our primary care physician is currently pursuing the gallbladder as a cause but tests and other symptoms are equivocal so far. This is a case in progress and a definite association with the stroke not established.
    BeaSue replied to pscici's response:
    My husband had 2 mild strokes four years ago. The only lingering problem is chronic nausea every morning. Like morning sickness! His nausea was very acute when he was hospitalized following the second stroke. The only thing that helped was when he was given Ativan prior to the MRI brain scans. He had a full battery of GI tests, and everything tested normal. Today he takes Remeron, an antidepressant shown to have some effect in treating chemotheray-induced nausea, and also a small daily dose of Ativan each morning. This has helped, and he's usually okay by mid-morning, but now the nausea seems to be intensifying. Would love to know if anyone else has had a similar experience, and what treatment was effective.
    lgausten responded:
    Give your Mom some marijuana. It will clear her nausea right up. It worked for my Dad.
    nan1nan1122 responded:
    my dad had a stroke november 2010 in the cerebellum cause from blockage in the artery in the back of the head in his left side.
    we need help because he get so sick due to the nausea
    please help
    jmorato responded:
    I had to bring my mom to the ER due to nausea. She had suffered a stroke and was in a rehab doing very well. It turned out she had another stroke. I think this stroke has caused her nausea but they are taking other tests. Have you found any medication better than others for treatment?
    tsearcy77 replied to pscici's response:
    my mon recently had a stroke on effecting the left side as well and has had nausea and vomiting about a week after she got out of the hospital. I tend to believe that the left side paralysis might effect her stomach (gastroperisis). maybe they could do a gastric emptying scan on her. How long after she eats does she get nausea? Does she throw up things she ate several hours or even days prior?
    matzcatz responded:

    I live is Southern Spain and had a large Stroke in my Cerebellum over 3 weeks ago, I am 45 years of age and normally very fit, I am lucky as it has not affected my speech but I have difficulty walking and always very tired, my main problem is my constant Nauseas feeling and I wish this would subside!! I have been told that my Stroke affects only 4% of stoke victims so that is why there doesn't seem to be much information on the net, I wish you Mum all the luck in the world. The only think I could find out about Cerebellum Stokes is that Nausea is common about will subside given time, again so sorry to here about your Mum, Kind Regards
    alaskabear responded:
    I just had a stroke a month ago, and today was my 1st experience with a wave of nausea that came on suddenly. I have started so many new medications, it might be a side effect, but since nausea is a symptom fo things that can go wrong neurologically, I am inclined to believe it is due to the stroke. Mine was small, and I lost the ability to type, but I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking now, and i am back in the game. I type for a living, so losing my left hand engrams for my keyboard was almost devastating monetarily. My boss suggested Dragon, and it is indeed the ticket, and I can do that much faster than keying it out with my keyboard. I'll get back here if I find out anything. Hope your mother improves and is better than anyone can hope!
    DeafRed22 responded:
    It sounds just like what my 51y/o husband is going through . However , he did not have another stroke , but just had one almost a month ago. They said he had an occipital stroke. He just vomited today and he blamed it on the smell ...I am not convinced with this. I am trying to find out to see if occipital stroke can affect the smell which caused nausea. I do know the other day , he vomited and it was caused by the certain movements....
    DianeL1967 responded:
    My Mom had an occipital stroke that spread to her thalamus. Neurologist told us the nausea and dizziness was a result of the location of the stroke. The nausea is a major problem as it interferes with her wanting to eat and participate in rehab. They've been giving her Zofran and she also has a patch. Doesn't seem to be helping a whole lot. Also, looking for other remedies/solutions.

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