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    Amputation After Stroke?
    3BOYS211914 posted:
    I had an AVM (blood vein in my head that broke that I had from a birth defect) which caused my stroke. I was totally paralyzed on my left side. After two months of rehab to learn walk and use my arm again, I had brain surgery. I had left foot problems again, three of my toes curled under the front of my foot so bad, that I'm constantly walking on them. I had surgery on that foot to try and correct the problem. My stroke doctor suggested to my Ortho doctor to lengthen my tendons to relax my toes, but instead my Ortho doctor cuts the tops of my toes and took a wedge of bone out of them and then fused them together so they would never bend again. That procedure only made my foot worse than ever! Although my toes cant technically bend anymore, the muscles and tendons still try to curl and so now it twists my whole foot. It twists it so bad that it feels that I'm walking on the side of my foot. The offset of this is affecting my walking, my knees, my back, and my entire right side. The pain from all of this is unbearable! So Ive thought of amputation. Im thinking the toes that are causing this would be better off removed completely. At this point it would be worth the relief. I would love to hear from anyone. All opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear 3BOYS211914,

    I am sorry to hear of your many health challenges. I would suggest asking your neuro for a recommendation for a different orthopedist. You might also want to ask for a referral to a pain management expert, too.

    I think speaking plainly to your doctors about the level of pain you're enduring, and that you re wondering if amputation would be a better option for you. This is a very important decision, so make sure you have a team of doctors who you have confidence in.

    Let us know how you're doing,

    handyhank responded:
    I have thought about the same thing, My left arm and leg just ache and the Dr. just thinks I want pain meds. I wish they could feel it for just one min so they knew what we go thru my Dr. said stroke victims don't have pain, what crap! it is almost to much to bare some days i wonder if it would help? to remove what hurts or if it would be worse? I am really not willing to find out I hold out hope for meds or a procedure that will make things better...someday? Lyrica helps kinda.
    aconcernedmom responded:
    Did you ever get any help. My son had a stroke and is in the same shape from a brain surgery. I am looking for any info I can get.
    aconcernedmom replied to handyhank's response:
    My son has same problems. Have you found anything that helps? I am very frustrated with doctors and we have been going through this since he had his brain surgery and stroke at the age of three and he is now 19 and in so much pain. He wants an amputation of the lower arm now.
    itmatsb replied to aconcernedmom's response:
    I'm assuming that your son must have had extensive physical therapy. If not, that is crucial. Also, is your son seeing a pain management doctor? Besides medications for his pain, one thing that I would ask about are Botox injections. These relax the muscles so that they are not tensing up. Or what about nerve block or trigger point injections? I get all of these injections to relax my neck and shoulders and head which greatly helps my severe migraines caused by my stroke. There have to be solutions for your son. Good luck.
    raine1200 responded:
    Hello I had a stroke caused by a heart defect. I have the very same left foot leg problems. Massage helps some and my podiatrist cut the tendons in the toes. One the pinkie toe is now under or over its neighbor, plus my big toe just spasms all night long I wish to have at least the small toe removed less recuperation time than the operation to correct their mistake. I have asked more than once nobody wants to do it. I did know a man that got one finger on his stroke ravaged hand removed. I am sitting here dreaming how wonderful it would be to not feel this constant pull. I only wonder if I would then have phantom discomfort.

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