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    Includes Expert Content
    I'm off Fioricet
    mysterious_one posted:
    It's a long story what led up to it, but I am off the Fioricet. It was taken away from me, and I had to withdraw cold-turkey. I let the people who took the medication from me know that it's dangerous to stop it like that. Thank G-d, the only withdrawal symptoms I had were major headaches, the runs, and shakiness. The sick part of it is my regular doc, who wasn't even the one who prescribed the Fioricet to me, told the people who took the Fioricet away that it wasn't addicting. They believed the doc over me just because he's a doctor- the same doctor the kept giving me the Vicodin. I'm done with him.

    What counts is I'm clean and I didn't have severe withdrawal symptoms.

    Someone asked me my age. I'm 27, and this is the first time I ever got addicted to any kind of drug, other than caffeine and cigarettes.

    Taximan283 responded:

    Congratulations on getting off that nasty pill. I asked you your age but since you're off it I don't need it. The reason I always ask for age is because with an older person a heart problem is much more likely to occur than with a younger person. Especially when you get idiot docs who think addictive drugs aren't so. How any doctor can be so naive as to not know Barbiturates are addicting is beyond me. I've know Barbiturates are addicting since I was 18. I'm also astounded when docs think Ultram aka Tramadol isn't addicting. Last winter almost everyone who came to me for help was hooked on Trams. It simply boggles the imagination that docs are so dumb. It makes me really wish I had become a MD or at least gotten my PhD. But as I've said before. Had I done that I wouldn't have time to be on this board to help people and to help people via email.

    But I would have been able to write and publish papers in professional journals and try to get other professionals to understand what's going on.

    Well, I'm glad you're off that pill. Do yourself a favor, and don't ever take that pill again. Do yourself another favor. Learn how to look up a med before you take it. I've been doing this for close to 30 years. And before the Internet became what it is today, that meant going to a Collage library and reading up on the drug. It sometimes took me 6 hours. But I did it for myself and my loved ones. Nowadays it's easy. You go to Google, or whatever search engine you prefer, type in the drug name, and in seconds you have more information on the drug than you can read. This is a good thing. So always do that. Everyone. Always read up on a drug a doc gives you. Check what you've been told to make sure the doc is correct. And if you still have questions make a post.

    I can understand that no doc can be up to date on every med on the market, there's way too many. But Barbiturates have been around longer than me.

    And that's a long time.
    clsrity responded:
    I've been on fiourecet fiori about 15 years and taking in last few years 6 to 8 mostly a day but sometimes more or less depending in how bad headaches are which are worse then ever due to huge stress going on. I went to a rehab place once because I was also tsking Xanax extend anxiety after losing my mom and norco got bk pain. I do have severe pain where needed and have days where back isn't so bad so font take the pain med. But my biggest concern is the fiourecet and Xanax. When I was there I only lasted a week n a half because the bk pain with nothing was to much to handle . And also without the fiourecet I. Just was having the worst headaches of my life I wanted to crawl under a rock. What I really need to know is are there any tips out there that can help fight those headaches off. I have 8 yr old twin girls so I need to be functionable . I can't take the way I feel anymore bring on those and Xanax but want to ween off both. I've started walking to help with anxiety but I've just started. Bu I can't take much Advil or antiinflammatories due to real low iron issues but am desperately searching for a way or any tips on how any of you helped to get thru the headaches. Was there snything you were able to take to help lessen them. Sorry for the typos. But I really need input and ideas how did you get through them and how long did they last? Would it be much easier on me if I just reall weaned down? Instead of automatically taking 2 maybe take 1 with xtra Tylenol. Rt. now I have only 14 left and don't think I can even get them filled again for another few weeks because I took to many. It's the headaches I'm scared to death of. Are the oh it's 12 I actually have. Is that enough to just wean off what can I take with just one to help headache till there gone and then after gone how do I get rid of the rebound headaches? Maybe won't get rid of them but there's got to be something to help them. Please I need advise .
    Betty Ford Center
    Anthony Tornay, MD replied to clsrity's response:
    Fioricet and Xanax are both in the same class of drugs (sedative-hypnotic) and act in the same place in the brain. They should not be stopped suddenly as serious events can occur.
    Your use pattern would suggest dependency, which can be treated by a professional program with tapering or switching to other medications which might also help the headaches.

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