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    My husband uses Suboxone recreation
    luckygirl97 posted:
    He "occasionally" takes a piece of a suboxone 8 mg - so maybe 2 mg a day or every other day in the morning and occassionally takes a xanax or lorazepam. Well, he always seems to be in a daze, forgets things all over the place, always tired/sleep but has insomia, is irritable, as well as low/no sex drive. Could all of this be caused by taking a low dose occassional suboxone on a long term basis? Would the effects of the 2 mg taken in the morning last into the night - like a pill hangover? Please help. Just need info or if I should look into some other health problem causing these symptoms. Personal experience would be helpful, i googled it but not much on recreational use.
    Taximan283 responded:
    Hi Girl,

    There's no such thing as recreational use of Subox. Why? Because it doesn't cause a high. So it doesn't make sense to say he's using it recreationally. Now what he might be doing is using some other opiate, recreationally, and then using Subox to avoid or fight the crash, until he decides to use the other opiate again. I can see that. Subox lasts so long in the body that it is possible to use it only once every other day. But if it were being used that way I would think a person would need more than 2 mg every other day. Unless he was weaning off it and he was in the last few stages of the wean. But it's still possible.

    However, my guess is your husband is using anything from Lortabs to Heroin, every 2 or 3 days, and then using Subox on the days he doesn't use the other opiate that makes him high.

    I also want to say that if he only takes 2 mg on the days he doesn't use the other drug that then I doubt he's using Heroin. It would take more than 2 mg of Subox to fight off a Heroin crash. He's probably taking Lortabs, Vicodin, or Percocet and OxyContin. I can see where taking Percs for 1 or 2 days, and then Subox 1 or 2 days, only to then go back to Percs would make him very irritable, grumpy, and since he's probably doing it this way to trick you, he wouldn't want sex with you. I can see that.

    Xanax and Ativan also fight off the opiate crash. And any and all opiates can ruin the sex drive, but not a mere 2 mg of Subox every 2 days. I think he's taking something else.

    And doing opiates, and crashing from them, then doing them and crashing again plays havoc with our sleep. You need to do much more investigation into what he's doing. Maybe he thinks you're stupid, and you can't see what he's doing. But apparently you do see something.

    I just know how we addicts are. We lie through our teeth and we're all slippery as eels. You have a lot more investigational work to do, before you're going to get to the bottom of this.
    gailb54 responded:
    Hi luckygirl97,

    I'm sorry you're having to go through this. I don't know the answers, but what you're saying makes me feel like Jack could be very right that something else is going on here. This just doesn't add up and I can't see why he would take suboxone unless it has to do with what Jack described. Also, the mental and physical problems just seem to point to something else. I sure hope I'm wrong and wish you all the best. Let us know what you find out or if you have any other questions.

    Take care, gail
    GADZolpidemParoxetine responded:
    Actually, Buprenorphine (or Suboxone) does induce euphoria, and can have recreational use. The drug is supposed to be used for combating opioid addiction. But when Buprenorphine is used illegally (in high doses and/or mixed with other ingredients) it can caused a very intense "high".

    Best Matt
    Taximan283 responded:
    Hey Matt,

    Have you ever tried that, or did you read it? Subox does not cause a very intense high. You're just wrong on this one. Besides, she said her dh is talking 2 mg a day.

    I took very high doses of Subox, and if you want to call that a high then if you let someone pound you in the head with a Boxing glove, that would also be an intense high. What happens with Subox is the Naloxone in it causes you to feel wds that make you take more Subox, which causes more weird wds, and so you take more Subox which causes more weird wds, and so you take more Subox. Finally you hit 32 mg and you better not exceed that. At this point you're so out of it you can barely sit in a chair. You nod and you fall out of a chair. You can't sleep so you take more Subox. It's hellish. It's not a very intense high. I can go on and on, but I've had arguments with you before and I know I'll never convince you. I suppose you're practicing for your law career. But you're wrong Matt. Try it, and then come back and tell me about it. I've done it.
    GADZolpidemParoxetine responded:
    The last thing I want to do is argue about it with someone who has experienced it. I was watching a BBC documentary about recreational drugs and it mentioned Buprenorphine, along with Methodone, as addictive and sometimes used recreationally.

    I do not practice Law.

    Best Matt
    mamuffin responded:
    I know of people using suboxone for recreational use, they would smoke it on foil like meth, I seen a show on MTV, some kids, well some 20 yr old were doing the same thing. Some people call getting high when they nod off and on, like for example a heroin user, and taking xanax would really intensive that nodding out affect. Some people call getting high so out of it they could not sit up in a chair. All peoples definition of high is different. Addicts use what ever they can get there hands on, and maybe this guy can get suboxone easier than getting another kind of narcotic.

    Just my opinion,

    Taximan283 responded:
    Well I suppose someone could use Subox just to change their state of consciousness. Especially someone young. But to call that a High is really stretching the definition of High, in my book. I think that if someone is doing this, with Subox, that the person is very likely to use different and better drugs not too far down the road. I would also think that such a person has a serious case of the addiction disease. Meaning that the bad feelings that come with this illness are very strong in this individual. I have always said that someone with an extreme case, would be willing to do almost anything to make the bad feelings go away. I just really didn't think that using Subox would be a suitable choice. But if you saw this on a factual TV show, then I guess it's being done.

    At least Subox has a built in safety factor. If a person uses too much, that person will get very sick. The legs can swell up and other things can happen too.

    So I stand corrected. But to me, this is not a drug you can get high on. Not what I call a High.
    dan4453 replied to Taximan283's response:
    First time user of Subox and I am telling you it gives you a high. I see you all arguing back and forth but from personal experience I felt high on it. Never done illegal drugs so maybe thats why. A friend said to try it and I probably took about 2 mg.
    fffan1088 responded:
    I have a lot of personal experience to offer on this subject. I don't think the suboxones are to blame at all for why he is acting the way he is. A person who has never done drugs and has no opiate tolerance at all could get a buzz from 2 mg of suboxone, but the particular kind of buzz felt by that wouldn't make him all sleepy and hazy. It is much more likely the benzodiazapines causing him to act like that. I know what I say next can be hard to digest and you won't want to believe me, but please understand I am suggesting this because I have been there and it took me 8 years to see it and finally admit to myself it was really happening. Here it goes: There is a very strong possibility that on the days you don't see him take any suboxone, he is using other opiates and not telling you. Opiate abuse would explain everything you said, and why he would even feel the need to take one every other day. Maybe he isn't doing other drugs, but he has recently quit them? If he really wants to get over this problem with opiate and benzodiazapine addiction, he needs to accept help from one of the many places offering it. Those are the two most HARD CORE drugs to be addicted to and almost impossible to quit. He has to make up his mind to quit and QUIT COMPLETELY. Suboxone saved my life, but only after I made up my mind to get it prescribed to me and take it exactly as directed and nothing else.
    fffan1088 replied to dan4453's response:
    to dan4453: I have a hard time believing you have never done illegal drugs but when a friend told you to try suboxone you did. Why did you all of a sudden decide to try drugs?
    oliviapostal responded:
    An_253849 replied to oliviapostal's response:
    Exactly! That's why it's sold on the streets! And yes 2mg can get you high if you have no tolerance. I can't believe someone would actually tell someone it does not make you high unless his Dr. comes here and he doesn't want his doctor to know he gets high off suboxone.
    misstashababi replied to Taximan283's response:
    I know this is old but there is a such thing as recreational suboxone use because that's how I became addicted by using it on the weekends taking about 2mg and stayed high as hell because I never used any hard drugs for a person that doesn't use suboxone it will make u high. I relied on it when I was going thru some tough times and became dependent . And I know several young adults that do bite off it to get high. For and opiate abuser it works different over time the high faded little by little before I knew I was addicted.
    misstashababi replied to GADZolpidemParoxetine's response:
    You are right I think he's the one who needs to look it up. Do some homework because suboxone is a powerful drug for anyone that has never been a drug addict or used herion or perks I'm trying my hardest to kick my suboxone addiction. I started off three years ago taking little tiny peices 1 sub could last me for a month because it would get me so HIGH 3 years later I'm taking 16mg day and struggling to get off It doesn't make me high at all anymore. I been web searching all day on here looking to find more people like myself who started using it recreational. But there are very few who shares the same story.

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