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    Detoxing off methadone
    sunnwayne posted:
    I've been on methadone for 7 years and tried to detox off of it 22 times. The ammusing thing is the nurses at the methadone clincs have the balls to say there are no side effects from taking it. it's just in my head. well first of all methadone side effects for me are, I'm very angry while on it even irratable. Costipation, weight gain 70 pounds thanks! Sleep all the time you become a home body and lazy oh ya and no SEX! you have no sex drive. And you can't detox off of it unless your willing to contiplate suicide. Crazy? No? not accourding to these idiots who think its great. ya rite one day you'll wake up and say god I want to feel normal. then try to detox off of it. and anyone who has or attempted to will tell you its truely hell. no Joke. after 22 times I finally did it. With the help of a police officer who refused to give in to my head games while detoxing and pushed me the whole way. My boyfriend who was patient hard but patient. I left my husband after 10 years Then i realized god intended for me to be with my new boyfriend of 10 months, who i was honest with and told him from the beginning about my addiction and he waited patiently for me to set a goal and detox cold turkey so I could accomplish something I could'nt do on my own. I went from 200mg to 60 and then cold turkey. The withdrawls are NO sleep for 16 days No appetite for 13 days and everything including my skin smelt chemically like bleach and ammonia mixed, sneezing uncontrollably, crying non stop, horrible thoughts the first month including suicide thoughts leg cramps, loose bowels severs migraines, twitching, shakes, cant walk , no energy for 3 months and you cry to even get up to pee. You dont even have the energy to hold a phone. anxiety over someone getting up. I couldnt even get up to take care of my 8 year old son i had to send him to his father because getting him up making his breakfast and getting him off to school made me want to attemp suicide because I just couldnt do it. But ask the proffesionals or the patioents who are still getting high offf of it and using the excuse oh I use it for pain management. Wake up. Your killing and making us your patients and fellow friends addicts. Its ruined hundred of thousands of lives and you think its great. ITS NOT. YEs it will be harder than ever give your self three months of NO responsibilitys no work and no kids to make it if you dont. It wont be a succesful detox and don't give in to the head games be strong look to the lord, gaurdian angel as I did or a true friend who will let it take its course. Dont be around ANYONE who pops pills of any kind because your brain plays tricks to get any drug to releive its withdrawls. Just suffer do it and pray. You can make it and my goal is to shut these clinics down and one day I will.
    choclab88 responded:
    Thank you so much for this! I was at the clinic for years! I am now 32 years old, just picked up 3 years sober and I am so against methadone. I had to go to detox to get off it, and ever there, I suffered horrible, horrible withdrawals. I feel the same way about Cyboxin. I have never taken it, but it is a crutch drug. Life is so good for me now. Of course I have bad days. That is life! Thank you again for posting this and I am so proud of you for getting of it. I have a 4 year old daughter and I couldn't imagine being on it again!
    sunnwayne replied to choclab88's response:
    Thanks. noone in my family realizes what i am going through. And I hate that because when you say you have no energy they look at you like your just lazy. But tell me how long were your withdrawls? My immune system is so shot, my hair is breaking and falling out, then i grew a mass on my hip that had to be drained, worst pain ever, then the following week i got a sever tooth ache went to the hospital and came home 3 hours later my face was so swollen i had black eyes and my lip had cracked and was bleeding, i went back to the hospital and they said I had cellulitis in my face. now I have chest pains all the time and i constantly have to remind my self that this is the methedone playing tricks. i feel my heart skip a beat every so often and my blood pressure keeps rising 163/110 and 111 beats a minute. And my skin is so blotchy from no iron. i eat fairly healthy wheat bread, low fat fruit and veggies whats next/ and is this normal four the withdrawls?
    Taximan283 replied to sunnwayne's response:
    Hi Sunn,

    I wish I knew your age? Regardless of your age, you need to see a doc, asap, and I'll tell you why. I know about Blood Pressure since mine has been high the last 10 years. The rule of thumb is this. If the top # goes over 200, or if the bottom # goes over 100, you go straight to an ER. That's when a heart attack becomes a real danger. Either a heart attack or a stroke. The older you are the more the danger. But even if you're 25 you need a doc asap. It's an easy matter for them to lower your BP. You may not need BP meds forever, but right now they need to lower your BP. So little good it will do you to be clean if you die or become paralyzed from a stroke. So go, today.

    It's actually amazing you that you survived a CT detox from 60 mg a day of Mdone. That's still a real lot. When we've been on opiates a long time, and you take them away, the heart rebels. Your heart is rebelling. My guess is you'll be put on 2 types of heart meds. One to lower your BP, and the other to control the rhythm. Again, this is not a big deal for the docs, but for you it can be the difference between life and death.

    My heart was behaving erratically since I was 38. But they could never catch it doing so on an EKG, and so I wasn't on meds. When I was 43 I became hooked on opiates the 1st time. One year later I too did a CT detox. It was hell, as you said. Now after I was all detoxed, and clean for 2 or 3 weeks, one afternoon my heart started to beat too rapidly. I was at 120 bpm. But even 111 is too fast. This is called Tachycardia. But in addition to this, my heart went into Atrial Fibrillations. I went straight to the ER. The biggest danger with A Fibs is a stroke. Now I don't know if your heart is also in A Fibs and the only way to be certain is an EKG or a heart monitor. A home BP monitor can't tell you this. But it's urgent that you go find out. Unless you're going to go today, as I said you should, you can help yourself by starting to take 80 mg of Asprin today. This can help prevent a stroke or a heart attack. This isn't something to play with, Sunn, you need an ER.

    I know you feel none too good about docs right now. But they can save your life right now. So please Go.

    Let us know what happens.

    sunnwayne replied to Taximan283's response:
    hey Jack,

    I'm 31 years old and I had an Ekg test done, they told me you have high blood pressure and an enlarged heart which they said would explain the irregular heart or missing beats. I dont think there rite. but who nows. My father is really sick and having the same issuis with his heart he is 74yrs old he told me his blood pressure was just like mine all his life and now he surrcoming to it. my boyfriend is a police officer responds to dead calls of people who die from heart attacks, freaked when he looked at my ear a couple of nights ago because when people die from heart failure there is a diagonal line across the lobe of your ear and he says I have one now hes like jesus we have to do somethin i dont want to loose you. freaked me out and the doctors acting like hey its no big deal. BP yesterday was 146/110 heart rate of 51 so i dont know what my bodys doing? Could it be the methedone playing tricks? and why is my immune system so shot????? if you have any info i would appreciate it thanks, Misty
    choclab88 replied to sunnwayne's response:
    My withdrawals lasted weeks. My first ten or 12 days I was up straight (prob like an hour of sleep a night). I went into kind of a manic stage from no sleep and got a burst of speed for a day and my blood pressure had to be throught the roof...You can do it. Just get off of the crap, go to detox and my suggestion is join a 12-step group of your choice. If I can get off dope, anyone can. I firmly believe that.
    akashera responded:
    am so sorry to here how bad ur detox was is scares me i want to do it but im so scared i feel as if i do do it to do it in small amounts i hate the clinic their so fukd i been clean of other substances for for yrs and had a problem with the clinic and now they r having a power trip and playin the role of a drug dealer it kills me i thought after as long as it has been and my outstanding creditable record of all clean uas i earned a better treatment but its not the case my world is upside down and i lost all respect for the place im not sure wat to do if i be myself they want to make me suffer i feel like i have to lie and suck
    .... to get my medicine its been hard on my i want to make the right choice im a single mother with a young child i cant surrer with extreme withdrawal i have no choice but to take care of my kids and threw the punishment i am getting from the clinic now i am suffering and so are my children i toughtwen i asked for help
    4yrs ago i would never be that way again i am very proud you did wat you did i dont wish that on my worst enemy well maybe lol no really their has to be a way for it to not be so painful
    Frustratedmom responded:
    My husband just left in an ambulance and I looked up on here to see what Methadone withdrawls were like. He had been on Methadone for 10years unfortunately. Doctors don't care as long as they get something out of it. He finally said enough is enough I'm going to trust in God and started withdrawing. Finally flushed the medicine down in an argument we had the other day and we both got rid of our medicine. Tonight is our anniversary of the day we met 10 years ago and I couldn't even spend it in a romantic way with my husband. As I was laying there next to him trying to hold him he started going into convulsions and his blood pressure was through the roof. His face looked distorted and he kept crying"my chest it hurts so bad". He told me he was going numb in his left side of his face and started shaking real bad. He ended up calling an ambulance because I couldn't take him myself with 5 kids. I felt so bad. They asked if I was going to ride up and I told them I couldn't. Now as I sit here writing this to you, I'm left in the dark not knowing if my husband is dying and leaving me alone with 5 kids. I beg anyone suffering this please please trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Do it before it's too late and you don't have a husband or father for your kids. Luckily my kids are all in bed and didn't have to watch daddy suffer as I had to. My heart aches for my husband. I long to be with him and comfort him but I can't. Instead he is suffering in the Emergency Room on our anniversary. I'm so sorry to the people who had to go through all this. May God truly bless you all and change your life and not give you a heart attack from the withdrawls. I pray God shows justice to the doctors who don't have a clue as to what they are doing. Thanks for your stories and encouragement. If you've never taken drugs please don't start. If you don't do it for yourself do it for Jesus and your kids and the people that love you but also love yourself. Protect the temple God gave you. God had us dump those pills for a reason even though I feel guilty for encouraging my husband to flush them down the toilet. I feel I contributed to this trip to the hospital. He tells me it wasn't me but I can't help but feel guilty. I pray everything turns out fine and that he finds a new doctor that cares about his life. Peace be with all you.
    Frustratedmom replied to sunnwayne's response:
    I'm not sure if you read my story about my husband just leaving to the hospital just now but please read it under"frustratedmom".
    He could be dying and I wouldn't know. I am waiting to call. I have 5 kids and couldn't go. Anyway, he is withdrawling after 10years of being on Methadone. I had a real scare tonight. I'd get off those things before it's too late. Take his advice seriously. My husband looked like he was going to die tonight. If you've never seen it you don't want to especially in you. Please get off while you can.
    A person who cares
    HardTimed responded:
    I read some of this op post but have a hard time following it with only a single paragraph. My eyes are not so good.

    I agree with much of what you said. It is shameful how these clinics can just put people out without notice for various reasons as well.

    I have been on methadone since 2006 and it has ruined me. Finally though I'm at a dosage lower than 10 and I'm trying to wean off. I hate it.

    The only thing I take issue with is how you said God told you to leave your husband for your bf. Are you kidding? I am an atheist but just because you are a believer should not let you use a god as a reason or excuse for your choices.

    Good luck to you.. Anything you accomplished you did yourself. Be proud.
    HardTimed replied to Frustratedmom's response:
    I hope this turns out ok. Sorry things are so rough right now. Be strong!

    Going cold turkey is not the safest or best way to detox. Have him get back on it and wean off slowly over time.

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