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    Alcohol and it's effect on the brain and general health?
    anon10 posted:
    If you only consume a small amount will alcohol still damage the brain? Say, pouring wine into bolognese? If I am going out on nights out but only having the odd pint or shot, how will this affect me? I am sporty so I would rather be at optimum health.
    anon10 responded:
    Would the lost brain cells, if you can lose brain cells through alcohol, regenerate? Would the alcohol in bolognese vaporise through cooking?
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Alcohol used in cooking loses the alcohol content if sufficiently cooked.

    As for the weekends, it depends on how often those nights are and how much you drink. One pint--probably not an issue, one after another probably does do some damage...especially over a period of time.

    The exception to this is young people, where recent studies have shown that even minimal drinking has a negative effect on brain development.
    anon10 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I am age 20. Do I go above the young person's category? You say one after another. Do you mean that in the sense of two pints drunk without a pause in between or many drinks drunk one after another? I wan't to know if in moderation it's okay? What are the health effects of moderate drinking on sporty people?

    Kayap responded:
    The following article may help answer your questions concerning athletes and drinking. I take it this is what you mean by sporty? Also cooking does evaporate the alcohol so no worries there.
    Taximan283 replied to Kayap's response:
    It's nice to see you're actually concerned about this. Many folks say they are, but in reality, they aren't. For some reason I think you really are. What I know is this. Lon term alcohol use can harm every one of the main body systems. Not just the brain. But you'll notice I said long term use, and maybe I should have said long term abuse. Because used in moderation, almost anything is safe. And when I say moderation, I mean the low end of moderation. Some people think drinking in moderation means stopping just short of falling down or Blacking out. That's not moderation. To me moderation means stopping before you reach a point where you have to apologize for what you have done. It means enough alcohol to feel buzzed, but much less than enough to be slurring your words, or not being able to walk straight. If you really do keep it in moderation, you should be OK.

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