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    On SUBOXONE for 8 Years!HELP??????Anyone else on it for this long????
    unilism posted:
    Hi my name is michele and I have been on suboxone for 8 years now!I am on 5-6 mg a day and it has slowly sucked the life out of me and for a fact,repeat fact suboxone does slowly causes brain damage.I can tell you this for a fact!I have never done anything but vicoden before and no street drugs.So I got on this suboxone for the fact I was taking 40 vicoden a day!I was a headroom mother at school,out going,fun and attractive!But suboxone will slowly change that away from everyone!You shall see.I am not saying it is bad just sit back and watch!If you are reading this sit back and watch it has happened to all long term suboxone patients.Anyone else been on this for this long and how do I get off??Please help!Thanks!
    choclab88 responded:
    My suggestion and what worked for me (I was hooked on methadone, not suboxone) is run to a detox and find a 12-step program if interested. It is going to be a hard, long withdrawal but, at the end, you will be so much better off.
    Taximan283 responded:
    Hi Michelle,

    I was on Subutex for 5 years, which you probably know is Suboxone without the Naloxone in it. I'm off it now because of severe back pains. I'm now on pain killers again. And I did have a hard time switching back to the pain killers. I needed massive doses, and still do. In terms of brain damage, I had noticed my memory was getting worse on it. I have also found that I can no longer feel high on anything. I don't really care about that. But I think that qualifies as brain damage. Exactly what do you think it did to you?

    Search for my post called "How to Get Off Suboxone". There may be a link at the right of this page. If not, do a WebMD search. In it is a tried and true method to get off Sub. I never did it, but I knew several other people who did. I didn't write the whole post. Some of it was written by someone else, but I endorse it. Like I said, I know of several people who did it that way. It will probably take about 1 year. You can try and do it quicker, but then you will suffer bad wds. By doing it slowly the wds are reported to be not so bad. I know even from switching back to pain killers that the wds last for months and months. It's not like the regular pain killers where you get through the worst of the wds in a matter of days. This is because Sub has that 48 hour half life. Which Mdone does too.

    Btw, I was also on about 6 mg a day. It's amazing how that seems to be the best dose for everyone. I was also like you in that I wasn't a Heroin addict. I'm a pain victim and I became hooked on Vicodin also for pain. But also like you, I had lost control of them after 2.5 years. That was how I wound up on Sub.

    If you do the detox nice and slow, like in the post I made, you shouldn't have severe wds. But if you get the shakes badly, Baclofen can really help with them. I took Baclofen and it's a non addictive muscle relaxer that really does stop the shakes from wds. I wish I had known about that in 1997 which was the last time I had to do a full blown detox.

    Let me know if you can't find the post I'm telling you to read. And let me know how you do. Personally, I wish I never even took a pain pill.

    An_227079 responded:

    pressingtheissue responded:
    Hello Michele, I was addicted to large amounts of heroin/cocaine off and on for about 13 years. I finally got clean the slow and easy way by using suboxone and going to regular therapy. I was only on it for 2 1/2 years, and slowly tapered my dosage. I went from 16 mg/day then 14,12,10,8,6,4,3,2,1, then done! I stayed at 16 for 1 1/2 years, and then tapered down the following year. I have also been taking Celexa for my depression and anxiety disorder. I have to say it has worked well. My tapered usage of Suboxone was easy and painless. I'm interested in your claim of brain damage and memory loss. I have memory problems as well, but assumed that it was from my extreme intoxication (I was an alcoholic as well.) over a long period of time. I believe that the addiction care that I received worked great for me however, I've found that everyone responds in different ways to a variety of methods.
    Stay strong, and keep fighting for sobriety. It only gets easier as time goes by, -Mike
    unilism replied to pressingtheissue's response:
    Sorry to get back to you so late.Well as I have said I have had severe memory loss since being on suboxne some examples would be like forgetting the stove is on others would be like forgetting recent events or current events that may happen that day or tha tweek and have severe memory loss of past events.It has also made my once out going personality drab,dull,emotionless ect...I use to be real fun and normal and ths has slowly ruined my life and the sad thing is I have known it and could feel it it my head at times and still did not quite suboxne.I promise to anyone who reads this and is on suboxne for almost nine years now, you too shall have this happen to you. And I know it does help some but there are severe side effects to pay for this.Thanks Michele
    unilism replied to Taximan283's response:
    Hey jack sorry in getting back to you so late.And thanks for all the great information.And I can promise anyone who has been on suboxne as long as me shall also experince long and short term memory loss.Some examples would be forgetting the stove is on.And almost all memories of past.As well as severe memory loss of current events and have a really hard time being ble to memorize anything.It has taken my once outgoing,fun full of life personality and slowly made me drab emotionless and have no joy for life slowly.And the sad partis I could fell it actually in my head almost like a narcotic buzz.And I still did not stop using it.I can promise there will be mass numbers soon with this same problems.And I am not putting the drug down I am simply trying to help educate people who want to take this long term.It does have precautions.Thanks again for all of your input to the subject.Thanks MIchele
    unilism replied to choclab88's response:
    Sorry so late responding.Thank you so much for the information.Michele
    larsy1566 responded:
    Wow, this is so depressing. I've been on it for over 4 years now and it was the BIGGEST mistake I've ever made. I'm missing out on life. I never feel well and all I can think about is my two beautiful grown daughters. I was put on this medication for depression but never really knew how bad depression could be until now. I want to get off of this but fear that I will never feel or be the same. I can't even believe this has happened. My whole life is ruined. No one really knows for sure if the damage is forever because there are no studies. I'm just so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I can't even find the words I want to write. I'm just tired and have really bad brain fog. I wish there was something I could enjoy but there really isn't and that is the complete opposite of who I was before. I wonder if you ever got off of this medication? If anyone sees this and wants to reply I would greatly love to hear from you. Sincerely, Larsy
    Lifeless replied to larsy1566's response:
    "I wish there was something I could enjoy but there really isn't"
    That sums up my life. I've been on subutex for exactly 3 years. It was a miracle for my addiction, at first. It actually made my life better for quite some time. It's awful that I feel like this after 2 1/2 years. I had a really stressful incident occur recently and ever since, I've become so severely depressed, it is not even comparable to the way I felt when addicted to pain med's. At least then, I knew I would feel better as soon as I found some pills. Now, it's bleak. I have the subutex, can take it whenever, but it is not helping at all. I hate my doctor. I feel like he doesn't care how I feel, as long as he gets his money. And he's a psychiatrist. I have 3 sons that need their old mom back, but I do not know how to make that happen. No joy from all the things that used to cheer me up. Exercise now seems like a chore rather than fun. Reading, my favorite thing in the world, I could care less now. I am also losing my faith in God. I wish I did not even have to say that, but I am being honest. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I know it's not much comfort, but I am sitting here feeling the same as you.
    azumpire responded:
    Hello Michele, I hope you are better now. My name is Mark, and Ive been on suboxone for 8 straight years, about 6mg per day. And I am told its not the amount that you take, but rather how long you have been taking it. Today is day 20 of being clean, but I did it the wrong way. Instead of using a taper down program, I quit cold turkey, and it put me in the hospital for 4 days. Anyways, the worst part for me, to this date, is not able to get any sleep without taking trazadone. And restless leg. I mean, I am 20 days clean, and I am having PAWS like none other. Its awful. I mean, I am in good shape, 6ft2 and 185lbs. My appetite is very good, I eat at least 4 times a day. But I cannot seem to shake these PAWS. I do know that it takes some time for the neuro adrenaline to get back to normal, after trying to keep up with outside opiates for 8 years (suboxone). Just tired of the PAWS
    notthemaniusedtobe replied to azumpire's response:
    Mark. God be with you brother. You are where I would love to be.

    I have been on Suboxone (Buprenorphine) 8 years. Started September 2006. And right now my wife and I are under some serious distress. I have been taking 8 MGS a day for as long as I have been on them give or take a few months where I took more and then this past summer where I got down to 4 mgs till october and then back up to 8 mgs. Very discouraged with not alot of hope out their online from fellow suffering victims of this nightmare of a drug. (i know for many its the answer to keep them sober, but not for me). Suboxone has taken the ocean from my surfboard, the love from my wife, distanced me from myself and my family. Full of anger, anxiety, depression and so on. We have an appointment with a detox center Monday coming up December 9th 2013 and the plan is to go cold turkey. I am scared and I will tell you why. April, 2012 I entered detox at Hoag and they tapered me from 8mgs to nothing in 4 days and then I was released on day 8. Went home to my wife thinking wow we did it, its over....boy were we wrong for thinking this. 1st night home started the downhill for us...I didnt sleep for about 5-6 days not exact on that but minimum 5 days. Drank 12 waters a day and was taking Neuroton (which did nothing). After day 6 of no sleep and insanity 31 hot showers not being able to sit still at all...I wanted to end we figured shoot, somethings wrong and we went to Hoags ER and they said I was dehydrated (keep in mind, drank 12 waters a day) stuck a couple banana bags in me to hydrate me. And I asked please can you get me back into detox you obviously let me out too early and they said if you have 10 grand we will. And my wife and I didnt have a grand to our name so they gave me a heavy tranquilizer through IV and sent me home. (still sober from suboxone) they said I should sleep from the injection. After about 6 hours of the same insanity I called up my good ol buddy Dr. Suboxone who got me back on it, and now here we are again, ready to go to detox Im at 8 mgs a day, and I am scared. Being on it as long as I have like you, I just want to make it through the tough part. Any advice anyone?? We arent sure if we should try and taper down again before I enter the rehab or if I should just go in. I have made an agreement with the detox center I am going to that I will not be tapering down in there, that if they even think of giving my suboxone at all I will not be going to there facility and they assured me of this. SO I am going from 8mgs to nothing and have about 16 days of detox insurance and money we can pay. No more than 16 days though. I believe in God, and I know he would watch over me, however I am human, so my wife and I have our fears and doubts and I am sure you can see why after reading this. Please HELP if you can. Thank you all for sharing the truth in your stories, it makes the difference.
    God be with us,
    suzan762 replied to notthemaniusedtobe's response:
    I would so like to hear the rest of your story, I feel your pain. I take 2mg twice a day. I started on the 8 mg in July 09. Stayed on 8mg for first three years. I did go cold turkey to get off that does, but you need to know, it Really takes five to seven days before you get the real effects of withdrawal, this med stays in your system for a long time. That is why when you returned home the hell began for you. I stayed off for about ten days and could not handle sleeping or daily life, so I to had to call my Dr. Suboxen. But I got on the 2mg twice a day then and I'm still on it. I feel controlled by this med and afraid if I'll be ok without it. My Dr did admit that she is finding that the withdrawals are far worse then she expected when she took on this roll of dispensing this med. Good Luck! Enjoyed reading your post! Need to start a new support group for suboxen users! I have suggested this to my Dr.
    suzan762 responded:
    That dr. Was so off base giving u suboxone. The Vicodin withdrawal may have been about 14 days and you would have recovered. Except you may have needed support not abuse pain meds again. So Sorry suboxone is a powerful med life long effects, so sorry.

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