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    My sons addiction
    trust1969 posted:
    does anyone know of rehab that is either free or has a scholarship typr of program or one that accepts payments. My son wrote a letter and advised if he did not get help for his addiction to Percocets he would be dead by the time he is 22 which is in a few months. Every place i have called has free 3 day programs but he admits he needs a more exstensive program suck as 3-6 months. He said also on the inside he is severly depressed and has suicidal thoughts which he claims he would never go through with because of the love of his family.
    Anon_3114 responded:
    Is he seeing a therapist for his depression?
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Trust,

    Keep looking for any and all help. If your son is in college, look for health services and in his community. Things may not be a perfect fit but any help may make a difference for both his addiction and his severe depression.

    What state is he in? Someone may have some ideas for you.

    And please provide him with crisis line numbers he can call when/if needed.

    It's a big step that he reached out to you. Keep in constant contact with him even if he tries sometimes to push you away.

    Are there any family and friends near him you could contact for further support?
    An_240941 responded:
    suicide prevention line: 1-800-273-8255.

    narcotics anonymous phone info:

    narcotics anonymous meeting search site:

    sites I found linking to other sites to locate free options for rehabs: (sorry this one you have to use copy & paste)

    Churches usually offer free services for drug dependency, even if you're not their religion or any religion, they still will help. Go to or call your local health dept. They usually have a resource guide with information on local resource including, but not limited to, income based rehab for drug dependency & counseling. Sometimes it's free, sometimes they ask for donations, and sometimes it's a reasonably affordable fee based on income.

    I hope that helps. I have dealt with addiction in my family members my whole life & it encouraged me to work on obtaining a degree in forensic psychology. These are just basic sites & info that may help save your son, the rest is up to you guys & him. Good luck. It's not an easy thing to face...& it's harder when you loose the ones you love to addiction/suicide. Take care of your son, I'm glad he reached out to you before it becomes to late.

    trust1969 replied to An_240941's response:
    Thanks i am making the appt for the counseling he said he needs to talk to someone and for the addicition i am still trying your advice will help.
    trust1969 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
    We are in OHIO-yes all my family is supportive but the men in my family are older and my brother who is ex military is very judgemental he loves him but he doesnt understand. I do stay and touch and call him daily. I am trying to get him an appt for counseling he said he needs that and i am glad he admits it. The rehab for the Percocet is what i really want. Thanks for your help.
    trust1969 replied to Anon_3114's response:
    Yes we are getting that all situated today.
    An_240941 replied to trust1969's response:
    I really think he should try Narcotic anonymous & you could always go to Al-Anon (for family members of addicts). I use to go because my parents are addicts (clean now), my uncle is too, my husband also (clean & sober, sober 1yr), & several other family members. I think I'm the only one in my family to never have tried a drug, but I can't handle pain pills with out getting seriously sick so I wouldn't dare even think of anything else (I think that's actually a blessing). Anyway, family members of people with addiction usually could use some help themselves (in coping) so it never hurts to check it out & it might help you support him more because it will give you a better understanding. Narcotics anonymous also has some open meetings, not just closed meetings, so you could always attend with him if he wants you to. I really truly wish luck. This isn't an easy thing to face & takes time & patience. Please keep us updated & let us know if you need anything else.
    mayas_momma replied to An_240941's response:
    St. Jude's (do a google search for St. Jude's substance abuse treatment) has a scholarship program. You have to write a letter, you will have to call them to get the information on the scholarship (it's not available on their website). They have long-term treatment though (3 months) sometimes the Catholic Archdiocese has rehab programs that are free/low cost/sliding scale, so I would call the closest one to your town. I went to one in st. louis (strictly for women) for 21 days. I always detoxed in the psych ward at a local hospital as well (so I could be comfortably medicated with anti-nausea, anti-diarrheal, and sleep medication to withdraw more smoothly. It also helps that you can't just walk out of a psych ward, you can walk out of rehab. Sometimes, those 1st few days, you can talk yourself into NEEDING to get high just 1 last time- which is never 1 last time.
    Also, think about looking into a sober living facility for when he gets out of rehab. A lot of them are free and help with job placement *they usually charge a small "sobriety deposit" when you are placed* they only charge you rent once you get a job. It's a great place to transition back into the "normal world" and the frequent drug testing along with not being in a place you used to get high in, helps keep the cravings at bay.
    If he goes to a substance abuse treatment center, they usually help with continued care (outpatient, transitional housing, etc) and hopefully he gets the most out of it!
    Good luck!! I know how hard it was for my mom when I was actively addicted.
    You're in my thoughts and prayers!
    mayas_momma replied to trust1969's response:
    Also, may want to try finding a suboxone doctor. It can be kind of expensive, but if your son can get money together to buy drugs, he can get money together to buy sobriety. This drug helps relieve most of the withdrawl symptoms and also contains an opiate blocker so even if he DOES want to get high, he can't.
    RoseLynn02 responded:
    We haven't heard anything back from you in a while and I was just curious to see how your son is doing and how you are doing? Would you mind giving an update?

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