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    I need some help understanding
    rarred429 posted:
    In June, I had a FNA done for a "well-circumscribed solid lesion lesion containing calcification's measuring 1.2 x 0.8 x 0.9 cm in right lobe". A 5 mm nodule was seen on the left lobe. The right lobe is measuring 4.4 x 2.8 x 2 cm and the left lobe is measuring 3.7 x 2.7 x 1.5 cm. The isthmus is thickened up to 5 mm depth. [br>[br>This US was a 6 month follow up to one that was done in Nov, 2014. At that time, there was only the nodule in the right lobe, it was under 1 cm (hence the 6 month follow up US) and there was nothing present in the left lobe. I know the growth, the calcification, and the fact that the left lobe now has two nodule's can be troublesome. [br>[br>The FNA findings are as follows: Benign. Risk of malignancy: 0-3[br>[br>Bethesda Category II: With features of benign thyroid nodule. [br>[br>Comment: The radiographic finding of 1.2 cm calcified right circumscribed nodule is noted. Smears and cell blocks show follicular cells with benign nuclear features with some free colloid and granular debris. [br>[br>Since the nodules do bother me, the Endocrinologist referred me to a surgeon even though she felt it "wasn't necessary since lots of people walk around with nodules and goiters bigger than mine just fine". After waiting three weeks for a call, I called the surgeon myself for an appointment. I was told they never received my information about the referral. [br>[br>On July 30th, I had my consultation with the Surgeon. He asked if I had a Thyroid panel done, and I hadn't. He asked why, I told him to ask the Endocrinologist. He said he'd order one to be done that day. He examined my Thyroid for all of two seconds, and said I had a Multinodular Goiter on my Thyroid. Explained that Synthroid would help shrink the nodules on their own. Told me that I didn't need surgery to remove the nodules/Thyroid. At this time, I felt relief because I felt like I had an answer. I felt like someone had finally figured it out. Since no one previously had ordered a full Thyroid panel, I had hoped something would pop up and explain WHY. He said not to start the medicine until the results were back. [br>[br>I called on Tuesday for the results, he said to start the medicine. I asked for my results to be uploaded onto the Patient Portal they use, and they weren't. I went the following morning for a copy. My results are 'normal' across the board. They are as follows:[br>[br>TSH: 1.709 Range: 0.350-5.500[br>T-3 Free: 2.65 Range: 2.50-3.90[br>T-3 Total (True): 141 Range: 87-178[br>T-4 Free: 1.15 Range: 0.89-1.76[br>-T-7 Index: [br>T-4 Total: 11.4 Range: 4.5-12.0 [br>T-3 Uptake: 23.3 Range: 23.0-36.0 [br>-T-7 Index: 2.66 Range: 1.04-4.32[br>[br>So I do see that some are borderline low, some are borderline high. From what research I've done, I don't believe synthetic Thyroid hormone's will help the nodules, rather do more harm to me as a whole because of the side effects. [br>[br>Should I follow up with a different Endocrinologist, or a different surgeon? Or wait until October when I return to my PCP for a follow up US for the nodules to check for more growth? [br>[br>The nodules bother me, are painful from time to time within my neck. It's hard to explain. It just feels as though no one is listening.

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