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    HELP! Just Diagnosed with Hypothyroid AND PCOS. Have questions!!:(
    An_226834 posted:
    Ok, just diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) and Hypothyroidism yesterday. I just had twins 7mo's ago(without meds for the pcos..i know, weird huh!?). I also have adult ADD and was on Concerta pre preg, quit once preg, started it up again when stopped breastfeeding 2mo's ago.
    I know on here it says that Its rare for pregnancy to spur on the hypothyriodism.,..Im thinking ivehad it for years..according to the symptoms... Ive also had the symptoms of the pcos for years... A couple questions...Why didnt it show up on the test at my postpartum appt w/ my OB when she had me tested for hypothy when she noticed i was puffy and GAINING weight after my preg instead of losing...have ended up now being bigger than I was 7mo's ago at 9mos preg!! And I was BIG! Put it this way, I delivered(csec) a 6lbs 2oz baby and her twin was 8lbs! So, over 14lbs of JUST babies alone... If it helps any, I also have an iud that was put in at my postpartum appt at 10wks after the preg.. (mirena)
    So if anyone can help with questions that would be great!! I havent been able to get a hold of my dr to talk with her about all of this..I knew about the pcos diagnosis-she told me at my appt yesterday, but the hypothyroid came out of the blue!! She said that she had to do some blood work to first see if I could even take the meds for the pcos and would call me back later in the day with the results (which i was given the impression that it would be fine) and then she's just fax my pharm the script for my new meds...BUT, when she called back I missed the call and so she left me a message on my voicemail...that was at 5:20pm..I listened to it at 5:25pm and THAT is where she told me I tested positive for the hypothyriodism! On my voicemail?? I tried to call back but they closed at 5:30!! Are you kidding me?? and now they are not calling me back!! its now 11am the following day!! I am completely in the dark on this and no one to answer any of my questions!! It completely blindsided me!! And due to my ins i cant just try another dr! Please help me!!??
    momof2crazykids responded:
    I believe that I have a thyroid problem or hormones that started after my daughter was born. While all my friends lost weight while breastfeeding, I gained another 25 pounds on top of the 30 I gained while prego. I have been suffering for years now with depression, insomnia, I can't lose the weight and new symptoms like irregular periods and dropping things have started. I have bounced from doctor to doctor. One told me that I was a overweight and needed to stop eating - duh - I know. That's why I'm here cause I can't lose weight. I excercise 3x a week and working with a personal trainer and he's scratching his head cause I doesn't understand why I don't feel any better. Just keep fighting, at least you have a diagnosis. You can go anywhere with those lab results - a gyno, a regular doc or a endocronologist can treat you.
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Anon_9963,

    I want to invite you to visit our Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Exchange to discusses this condition with fellow community members as well as use the WebMD search engine to read about hypothyroidism .

    Good luck!

    - Annie
    forgetful88 responded:
    Testing hypo is NOT a death sentence. You will be put on medication & do more lab work to get your thyroid level where it needs to be.
    Marcela28 responded:
    I read that it is not uncommon for women to present with thyroid abnormalities after giving birth and that symptoms usually reside after several weeks, which may include upto 14wks post partum. The main thing is to consult ur doctor and ask all the questions you can..... good luck
    SHERISHA replied to momof2crazykids's response:
    I know how u feel, i had a baby that weighed almost 10lbs about 16 months ago i lost weight and then about 6 months passed and i became really ill, very tired, hardly ate but gained alot of weight more than i have ever weighed in my life..had thyroid tests and they showed nothing...went to one endocrine doctor he said i needed to change my diet and excercise...already had joined a gym and couldnt loose any weight no matter what i did and i had a personal trainer!!! Changed endocrine docs a month later and i was diagnosed with hypothyroid and having a nodule on my thyroid he started me on 50mg of Synthroid i have only been on it for about 2 weeks wanted to know if you ever had the sensitivity to cold??? i get so cold at night that my teeth shatter together its like im having a seizure...and my throat gets so dry its like its closing up but really its my tongue swelling up..any of this? i jus wonder if i will ever feel better...its depressing to be sick everyday..
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Moms,

    This great article, Fatigued or Full Throttle: Is your Thyroid to Blame? , answers many of your concerns on this thread. It addresses; hypo diagnosed after pregnancy, sensitivity to cold, when you will feel better and when symptoms will go away.

    I also like the forms included in this resource, Making the Most of Your Appointment to organize your thoughts and questions for your doctor appointments. I know I sometimes get flustered or feel rushed at an appointment (especially if I have my daughter with me) and don't get all my questions answered or addressed.

    Let me know if this is helpful,
    maggie49az responded:
    Chill out a little dear!! Hypothroidism is a piece of cake. You want to keep your level manageable and they tell me it takes 6-8 weeks for that to happen but when on the meds you will feel better in a couple weeks. BUT I'm past 60, a young 60!! Not to worry so much - take care of the babies and go about your day - the tsh will take care of itself!! I understand the doctor think, I work in that arena myself and it is not fun when they take control of YOUR life. I'm ready to shoot one myself. They let my tsh go down to .06 and told me I was fine, until I ended up in the hospital-that doctor is FIRED!! Just get tough with them and take care of yourself - they are not gonna do it for you!!
    maggie49az replied to SHERISHA's response:
    Tell you doctor about your symptoms and INSIST he do something about it. You should not feel like that. Sensitivity to cold is hypothyroidism and is one of the main symptoms of it.
    It should go away when you level approaches normal. Take Care.

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