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    Thyroid removal for chronic cough??
    matrix12 posted:
    I am a 33 year old male that has probably had a chronic cough for nearly 10 years. There is a tickle near my thyroid (Lower throat, almost feels like a nasal drip) and I have had tests done and levels of thyroid seem according to Dr. are good but my father had his removed and there are genetics. The specialist is indicating it is most likely the thyroid still.

    It is hard to do anything active without coughing or feeling like it is asthma which I tried treatment for that too but doesnt seem to do anything. I would like to see if anyone has had similar and then removed the thyroid and felt like a new person with cough gone and been able to feel active again. I have been avoiding removing it but I need to do something. Appreciate any and all feedback that relates. Just would be nice to see if someone has had the chronic cough and have some felt like they can't ride a bike without coughing or being short of breathe and had the surgery and it fixed the problems.
    mamaangel10 responded:
    You have described my symptoms to a tee! i have been on multiple medications for my chronic cough including asthma inhalers, different antibiotics, cough medicines, etc...nothing works! I had the left side of my thyroid removed about 9 years ago due to an enlarged nodule. On a follow up ultra sound about 2 years ago they found 2 more nodules on my right side. They are just watching them to see if they grow....and like you my thyroid test come back normal. The ONLY relief i get is when im cough does not interfere with my sleep. I have a dr's appt in 2 weeks and will bring up the thryoid possibility to my doctor.
    vaughn01 responded:

    I absolutely can identify with what you are saying. I too, have had a chronic cough for several months now. Just recently my doctor found a goiter on my thyroid, and the ultrasound confirmed that my thyroid will have to be removed. I will have to let you know if this cures the problem. Because of the large size of the goiter I feel that it is producing this cough. I meet with the surgeon today, and will get back with you after the surgery. I am hopeful though..
    mamaangel10 responded:
    Vaughn01 does the cough interupt your sleep? I cough all day but i sleep just fine. I do not wake up coughing. Just curious...
    Wagon55 responded:
    I have been coughing for 2 years. I had very large goiters on my neck. I had my thyroid removed and stopped coughing for 10 days only. Then I had thyroid cancer and took the radiation pill. I stopped coughing for mabe 7 days. I am still coughing to date and nobody can figure it out.
    Hope this helps.
    Susansugy responded:
    Hi I have the same problem with coughing once I start i'm nearly sick and it wakes me in the night too, the last time I saw my doctor he was going down the asthma line but I know its not that, i've said all along I think its something to do with my thyroid illness, am glad I have seen these as I can now go back to my doctor and tell him what I have found out and hopefully he will refer me to a specialist. It took me over 20 years to get my doctor to admit I had Hashimoto's not looking forward to another op tho, can anyone tell me how they do the op and how bad it is after.
    N8chrgirl1 replied to mamaangel10's response:
    I have the EXACT same thing. I've been coughing for more than 6 years. I have 2 "small" nodules on my thyroid but the Endocrinologist says it's not the cause of my cough. Have you found any relief?

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