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    Normal TSH with Hypo symptoms
    mom2littlemen posted:
    My TSH is normal.. .46 last time I had it checked.
    I take .075 MG of Thyroxin

    My symptoms are worsening..
    Could it still be thyroid related even with normal TSH?

    I have:
    Depression, Anxiety, dry skin, brittle nails, memory loss, trouble focusing, tired all the time, lack of energy, hair loss, cold/numb/tingling toes...

    That's all I can think of right now, but it seems like I could go on and on...

    Amylee55 responded:
    Hi mom2littlemen:
    I was recently told by endocrinologist that I am somewhat hypothyroid...she went on maternity leave immed after testing me,so I know very little. Like you, I have normal TSH but low Ft4 and T4,whatever that means. Have appt in a few wks but they tell you so little!
    I have a lot of depression and trouble focusing and I sleep way too much.
    It would help me so much if you know any natural remedies(food supplements,herbs,etc) that could supplement the medicine.
    I'm also having amazing trouble taking the med's on an empty stomach,so much so that I just gave up taking them but I'm going to start again.How long does one REALLY have to wait to eat/drink anything?
    Thank you for please getting back to me,it would mean so much to me.
    Happy Thanksgiving, very belated.
    blsdnsvdd responded:
    Most Endos swear by the TSH test and as long as it is in range, you will be sent on your way. It took me a long time to learn that as a patient, you have to educate yourself and do not settle for what the docs say, if you are still having hypo symptoms. There are other tests to look at that are more of an importance than the TSH Test and they are the FT4 and FT3. If both are in the upper range, most patients will have relief of hypo symptoms but if not, oh boy. My FT3 range is always in low range even though my TSH level is okay. I have many hypo symptoms and can barely function because of them. It's tough to find a doc that will treat the patient based on their symptoms verses the TSH results but they are out there although it's like finding a needle in a hay stack.
    thyroidmomma5 replied to blsdnsvdd's response:
    Hi mom2littlemen,
    just so you know your not alone!!!!
    blsdnsvdd you are correct TSH is not very important beyond getting the original dx of the thyroid disorder the FT3 and FT4 is what needs to be tested and watched closely beings they are in fact what are causing the symptoms TSH levels do not cause the symptoms therefore if your t4 an t3 levels are off you should be having some sort of medication def. sound like she is having hypo symptoms to me though! You are also correct in telling mom2littlemen you have to educate yourself because Dr. willing to explain and just do certain test and procedures on their own are few and far between and yes most docs will strictly use TSH levels to work off of if you do not request different I have learned all this the hard way! I have been dealing with thyroid issues for almost 10 yrs now first dx with hyper due to nodules had nodules biopsy radio iodine to watch the thyroid function then did the radiation which brought me to hypo. nodules are still there just found out a few days ago and now getting larger which is why I have had all of the horrible symptoms lately (thyroid is not functioning right) off and on meds within the last few yrs levels up and down and all around ugh it sure is horrible and makes functioning as a "normal"person is tough at times! Just educate yourself as much as possible and ask as many questions as you can think of, never a dumb question right
    Best wishes,
    blsdnsvdd replied to thyroidmomma5's response:
    It is very frustrating dealing with a thyroid disease regardless of how we got there. It is even more frustrating when you have to fire the "wrong" endos and try to find one that actually listens to you. I haven't found one as of yet but still searching. There are a few but do not except insurance at all, go figure. I have multiple issues thanks to being hypo but if i listen to the docs, they aren't related to my thyroid but thank god, I know better. So, I am assuming that the radiation did not destroy the thyroid fuction??? I was under the impression that once you have radiation to the thyroid, the thyroid is there but not funtioning, in that case, did you consider having it removed since it's not producing any hormone?? I'm just curious. I had my removed due to an enlarged goiter with multi-nodules and I regret it wholeheartedly.
    beanie_gene replied to blsdnsvdd's response:
    I finally made an appointment with an endo after years of going in blindly just taking what my doctor gives me for my prescription. I had a total thyroid ectomy in 1996, and am still learning about what I am supposed to do or not to do. I was never educated on thryoid disorders, or what happens to my body when it was removed, or what happens if I don't take my medicine properly. I have never even seen my blood work results. All I know is that my doctor orders a t4, t3, and tsh.
    Bonndy replied to blsdnsvdd's response:
    I'm new at this . . I was looking for information on hyperthyroidism. . .and came across your blod. Mind if I ask why you are sorry your goiter and nodules removed. My Dr said it was up to me if I Wanted to have mine removed. I'm up inthe ait about it. My tests show hyperthyroidism. . .but it could possibly be caused by a heart rhythm medication I am on. (amioderone). I'm feeling so bad. . and don't know where to turn. Seeing an endo in two weeks. . .hope I can hang in there that long.

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