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    Hyperthyroidism with weight gain??
    An_249186 posted:
    Hello! I am a 24 yo female and was just given an ultra sound of my thyroid to be evaluated for hyperthyroidsim. With in 2 weeks I gained 17 lbs!! I feel like some one is choking me constantly, and I can barely swallow! My thyroid symptoms have been going on for about 2 years now, but have suddenly taken a huge turn for the worst! I am fatigued, my joints and muscles ache, feel like I have no strength, my eyes are killing me, my bowel movements have increased drastically, and I am scared to death!! But my question is why am I gaining weight? I thought with hyperthyroid you lose weight and with hypo you gain? Will I lose the weight Ive gained once I get all this fixed? Also Im terrified of the radiation treatment, if that is even an option for me as my neck looks like a cartoon character. My grandpa was killed by radiation So I realy do not want to go that route, but I am also scared of surgery too. I have a 2 yr old son and a husband, I just lost my father and I am so scared! Can someone please give me some peace in all this? Thank you so much!
    An_250037 responded:
    Hello An,

    I feel your pain. When I had Graves Disease I lost a lot a weight. A few years later, I started gaining a lot of weight, so I had my levels tested. I was still hyperthyroid, so why was I gaining weight? Well, my Endo told me that 10% of patients with thyroid diseases/conditions have reverse symptoms. So it is entirely possible for you to gain weight while being hyperthyroid.

    Because I was hyperthyroid with skyrocketing anti-thyroid antibodies, I decided to have the RAI treatment. I had a huge, scary goiter and I was terrified of getting RAI. In all honesty though, it wasn't bad. They gave me a pill filled with radioactive iodine and within 48 hours, the goiter shrunk and I could breathe again. My neck was sore for a few days and when they tested me eight weeks later I was hypothyroid.

    The ups and downs of having a thyroid disease/condition are very hard to deal with. Why not sit down with your Endo to go over all of your concerns?

    You may lose weight when you have the RAI done or you may not. Nobody can tell you will for sure because everybody's body seems to respond differently to thyroid diseases/conditions and medication.

    Just a thought, but have you ever been tested for other metabolic issues? I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance and if you have either of these, it is very hard to lose any weight and may cause weight gain.

    Good luck!
    jackie_staf responded:
    You souund just like I did before having my thyroid removed. I was diagnosed in April of 2010 with Hyperthyroidism and Graves disease. Even though I was Hyper before surgery I gained weight at a steady pace and my Endo. stated that this is sometimes normal. Have you been tested for Graves Disease? Are you a smoker? Graves Disease is the only thyroid problem that I know of that will mess with your eyes and 9 times out of 10 it is caused from smoking. My Endo had me stop smoking and my eyes slowly made a turn for the better. Many people believe that Graves Disease is cured after having your thyroid removed but it is not. I see a doctor at Mary Birds Perkins Cancer center that specializes in Graves Disease and he has told me over and over that there is no cure, it only goes in to what they call remission but will reappear in a smoker again if they pick up the habit.

    When it came time for my surgery I was terrified! Luckily I had a doctor that was able to put me at ease and I have to admit the mini vacation was great. Everything was explained before about my options but with 2 boys I had no chance of radiation and since I do not have insurance (state medicaid covered cost of treatment and surgery for me) surgery was my only route.

    This is something that you need to speak with about your doctor and decide a course of action together. Make sure you have a support group since any route you take you will need the help not just for you and your husband but also your son.

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