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    Post Thyroid Removal Complications
    An_249799 posted:
    Seven months ago my Mom had her thyroid removed. Since the initial recovery she's had several symptoms with causes and resolutions that are unknown to her doctor. She is losing weight, has hair loss, cant sleep at night but sleeps during the day,inability to focus or complete thoughts,stomach trouble, feels like she has static in her skin or a crawly feeling, little to no appetite unless its sweets, cramping in hands and legs, withdrawn socially a bit. Her synthroid levels have been changed several times to try to fix this but to no avail. I am sure that all this cant be thyroid related but it is much more prevalant since the surgery. Does anyone know what could be going on? How she can be treated? What if anything as her family we can do to support her? Has this happened to anyone else? Help!!!
    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:
    Make sure she is on brand name medication only for thyroid replacement. She maybe allergic to the dye in the med (feels like she has static in her skin or a crawly feeling,) I beleive they make a dye free version.

    Check her vitamin D levels, her B-12 levels. A small dose of magnesium will help with the (cramping in hands and legs).

    Eliminate as much iodine from her diet as possible. Iodine is filtered/processed in the thyroid gland. Read lables its in everything. Simple is way to start is change salt to iodine-less.

    hewitt58 replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
    I Had the rai treatment, which was suppose to distroy my thyroid, instead it left I guess a portion of it left, which isn't working much at all. Anyways I too have been having pain in my hands, they get really hot and so do my feet. I didn't know you can't have iodine, I've been eating seaweed which I believe is full of iodine, I thought because I no longer have a thyroid I could now eat seaweed. I was on levothyroxin, and read about using brand names instead because of the fillers. I sure wish i would have gone to a natural path while my thyroid was still hyper to see if I could have saved it, i'm having more problems now then i ever had before, I sure hope this gets better for me and all of you. thanks

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