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    11 year old with enlarged thyroid
    smr112600 posted:
    My 11 year old daughter had to have an ultrasound of her thyroid because her dr noticed her neck look rather large. We did the ultrasound and found that her thyroid is enlarged and also had a few nodules. When talking to the dr she mentioned something in the report about her "parathyroid". I have never heard of that. She referred us to a pediatric endocrinologist which we see on Thursday. Thyroid disease runs in my family. (my mother and sister) I am really scared. Is this common in children?
    An_253943 responded:
    Am in London, there are children and even new borns here. They a just to it well but it doesn't make it any easier .xx she bee fine.xx
    Tinag651 responded:
    Watch her diet, see a nutritionist.
    Things she eats can trigger her hormones.
    EXample: Sugar, soy (blocks mineral absortion), glutein, splenda, Raw Goritius vegtagles(Raw peanuts, jowar, walnuts spinach turnuips, cauliflower, cabbage) Cooking takes most of the hormone triggering chemical out.
    thegidget responded:
    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 21 and had a nodule. After a biopsy the nodule was benign.
    Most of them turn out to be, as for her thyroid being enlarged it could be a side effect due to a disease, a goiter.

    I realize you posted this 12 months ago and the issues hopefully and probably are resolved now. But I find the endocrine system fascinating and I am going to pretend to be smart and read off my school notes.

    TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) stimulates the thyroid gland to produce T4 and T3 (which I happen to be low in).

    The Parathyroid which I believe is behind the thyroid gland....anyways, the hormone helps increase the calcium levels. Calcium is very important in the body systems and so because the doctor mentioned her Parathyroid maybe shes not absorbing enough calcium or maybe too much.

    I hope you`re not scared anymore and that your daughter is doing well, I thought I was young to have a thyroid disease, so I was surprised to hear your 11 year old could have one!

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