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    From Very Low to Very High TSH, Low Free T4, High ReverseT3 and Free T3????
    TracyW__ posted:
    Diagnosed with Toxic Multinodular Goiter and Hyperthyroidism 1 year ago. (some Labs below) RAI was recommended but I wanted to do more research. Have been on methimazole 5mg 3x day for 6 months. Recently started having intense symptoms--Heart rate 100-130 bpm with little or no activity, wicked hot flashes-- 20-40 a day (about ten of these are all night long) along with waves of nausea, mental confusion and crs (can't remember sh*#) and 3 missed periods. There are more symptoms but these are the ones that are most concerning. Also, I swear the goiter is smaller than it was last year which is hard to believe. My first endo said they don't go away without treatment so maybe I am imagining it. After most recent blood test (tsh 31.95) I stopped taking the Methimazole because from what I understand, it's job is to help raise tsh. Lately I feel like crap most of the time and drag myself through each day and hope that I'm not forgetting something important in my foggy brain that will get me fired from my job. What do these results mean? Coiuld it be pituitary or adrenal or something else? Should I start Methimazole again? I have an appointment with a new Endo but first opening isn't for 2 months. Has anyone had this kind of experience or can anyone give me any advice on what direction to go from here? I would appreciate any guidance or advice.

    1 Year Ago 6 Months Ago Now

    TSH 0.01 (.4-4.5) 0.01 (.4-4.5) 31.95 (.4-4.5)
    Free T4 0.96 (.8-1. 1.2 (.8-1. 0.4 (.8-1.
    Free T3 ----- 4.1 (2.3-4.2) -----
    Reverse T3 ---- 35 (11-32) ------
    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:
    You: Should I start Methimazole again?


    When they ran the last lab why didn't the doctor take you off?? And/or order thyroid replacement till your back in the "feel like a human range"?

    If you can't get into endo for 2 months make an appt with your PCP and be seen, the hear issues and a tsh that low are nothing to mess around with. There is no reason to suffer from the hypothyroid effects you are being tortured with.
    TracyW__ replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
    It wasn't my regular doc-- his assistant just called and said your tsh is off--go see an endo. I had no idea until I got the copy of labs in the mail that it had gone so high. I'm dropping off all my records to the new doc today and will ask if they can see me any sooner or at least call me to tell me what to do until my appointment. Will see my pcp if that doesn't get me anywhere.
    Thank you so much for responding.
    hewitt58 responded:
    A year ago I was Hyper thy I was that way for over 28 years, never had too many problem, but then a year or so ago I went thru a thyroid storm, most likely due to my eating too many seaweed wraps, but anyways while I was going thru this I read on line to drink carrot juice, which really alleviated my problem, also broccoli and cauliflower will lower your thyroid, theres other vegies that will lower your thyroid, I wish I would have looked into the lowering effect vegitables have on your thyroid, but the thyroid storm scared me, so I took the RAI and now I'm on thyroid meds Levoxyl, and I hate it, more problems, so really investigate your allternitives, drink carrot juice it really helps, sounds like you went thru a thyroid storm, very seriouse, you might even want to check into a natural path, that's what I'm going to do next. well good luck

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