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    Levoxyl being discontinued- replacement?
    An_251249 posted:
    Hello. My girlfriend had her thyroid removed and has taken 150 MCG of Levoxyl daily the past several years. She tried a generic version a year ago and suffered severe reactions (facial and throat swelling, body rashes, etc.) before switching back to Levoxyl. She recently learned that Pfizer is discontinuing Levoxyl. Has anyone out there had a similar experience with the generic form of Levoxyl? Are there supplements she can take to avoid the reactions she had using the generic form of Levoxyl? Please, any information regarding Levoxyl replacement will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    An_250567 responded:
    There are other options, some without fillers that cause reactions. Has your gf asked her doc for advice on switching brands?
    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:
    There not discontinuing it. There was an issue with the stange smell in the bottles that are sent to the pharmacy. There was a Voluntary recall and the stock should be back up and running by 2014.

    Being it was a VOLUNTARY recall, not everyone returned there stock. Call around to EVERY pharmacy in your town and find out who is still stocking it. Transfer your script there.

    You can also see if there there carrying the 88 mcg and combine to get as close to 150 as you can if your doc will write the script that way.

    I understand her concerns and fears. I am facing this issue as well.

    Peace be the journey
    mountainmom48 replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
    Oh, good advice!
    Momma3x replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
    Thanks so much for this advice. I was freaking out because I have been taking Levoxyl for 11 years and the only time I was switched, it took 3 months and lots of money to get my blood work back to normal. I called around and finally found a pharmacy that did not have to recall their Levoxyl. Their manufacturer is Mylan and I hear that they are the most reliable manufacturer of both generic and brand-name thyroid medication. Whoohoo! Thanks again!
    Momma3x responded:
    I don't know if it is too late but DOGDANCING_TCOS 's helped me tremendously. I didn't realize that not all pharmacies were part of the recall. Hope this helps.
    tjh1959 replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
    According to Pfizer and King Pharmaceuticals, there is no estimated end date on manufacture of Levoxyl. Also, the FDA website has the same info. Plan on no more Levoxyl for forseeable future. I have been on Levoxyl for 20 years. I changed once and it was awful. Be very aware of your reaction to any new thyroid meds. They are not created equally.
    Good luck!
    Max476 responded:
    I have Experienced the same problems with Synthroid and the generic, I would suggest That your girlfriend Get in touch with a compound pharmacy They can give her a name of a doctor That uses compound medicine For thyroid or find a functional doctor that uses compound medicine
    vfoxhenderson responded:
    Hi, I had to respond to your question as I have had this problem, myself. I have had Hypo Thyroid for 18 years. When I first started taking Thyroid meds, Synthroid, I had lots of anxiety attacks. DIfferent pharmacies and insurance would change me from the brand to the generic. I had SO many problems! I had rashes, swelling and heart palipitations. Long story short, I starting taking Levoxyl 7 years agp and now insist that the pharmacy only give me the brand, no generics. Finally, I have gotten my Thyroid disease under control. I am now having anxiety from the thought of taking something else and am very concerned about this recall on Levoxyl that I will relapse with low Thyroid again or have other symptoms. Hopefully, they will get this resolved, quickly! Hope this helps.

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