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    life with graves
    An_243876 posted:
    know what it is like to have graves... about 6 months ago i got dianosed with graves 1 yr after having my son... prior to that i had always had a normal thyroid reading... even when they ran all my tests at the start of my pregnancy... i had a normal pregnancy, actually a really easy one... delivery on the other hand wasn't so easy...

    I have had my ups and downs with my graves... I started out with a TSH level of less than .01 and free t4 level of 2.9. mind you the normal levels for my lab for TSH is .27-4.20 and the free t4 range is 0.9 to 1.7... as you can see my levels were quite out of whack... my doctor wasted no time getting me into an endocrinologist. despite i don't like my endocrinnologist, i did alot of research on graves and the treatment on it... i decided to take the treatment of anti-thyroids, i felt this was the best option for me and the most non permanent method. I take tapazole each day... i usually take it at bedtime, it is the most convient time for me... however in the last 6 months i have had alot of ups and downs... i have mad the choice to have my thyroid tested every 4 weeks to make sure they had me on the right dose of antithyroids... they wanted it done every 3 months but i pushed for every month so they could adjust accordingly... for the first 4 months my TSH didn't change, but my free T4s were slowly coming down the to the normal range... when i went in feb 1... my tsh was finally down to 2.24 which is a huge drop from .02 the month before... and my free t4 went down a lil to .08 which was still normal but a lil low... but the doc was thrilled to see my tsh level... so now we decided to try and go 10 weeks before i get my thyroid tested again...

    i have been very adament on testing every 4 weeks till i tested normal... once i tested normal i agreed to 10 weeks... i maybe should of gone 6 or 8 weeks but i was feeling good... the best i had felt in 6 months... so i will give it a try... if you have graves... you need to be adament on what you are doing... and for the record if you consider pregancy with graves... it is totally plausable... just switch to PTU, and make sure you see your OB and ENDO routinely... so they can manage your condition properly and promptly... also don't let the doc tell you, you need to take the RAI to get prego, cause you don't... you are then destroying yoru antibodies and can then pass on graves to your child... by keeping graves... and treating it with meds... you are passing on your antibodies and they are less likely to have it... not saying they can't get it... but it is a less likely hood caue they got your antibodies... you know everything passes over the placenta...

    in the mean time i suggest... finding a birth control method you are comfortable with and your hubby... get this thyroid under control... once it has been udner control for they will say 6-12 months... usually that is the standard... they told me not to try to get prego till i had 6-12 months of consistent tests of normal readings... i don't plan on trying to get prego due to my complications during delivery anytime soon... but that aint my point... once everything is good... adn ocnsistant... i urge you to try and get prego... and i wish you all the luck and hope you ahve a great pregnancy.
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    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:
    Fellow Gravers here. (two successful hyperthyroid pregnancies also)

    Just wanted to point out, Thyroid issues are hereditary. No matter what treatment you opt for your children have a higher risk for thyroid issues.

    It's hit and miss in my family. After g-g-grandma, grandfather, mother, me having it my kids run a higher chance. But with that same linage of hypo/hyper thyroidism....I am one of 9 kids in that mix and I am the only one to inherit it. (IE 8 normal siblings, with only 1 showing thyroid issues)

    With Graves, no matter what treatment you opt for the message is GET IT TREATED.

    Glad the treatment is working for you, and you're feeling better.

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    life with graves
    know what it is like to have graves... about 6 months ago i got dianosed with graves 1 yr after having my son... prior to that i had ... More
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