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    Just had surgery for TN breast cancer
    An_226819 posted:
    Hi, I have grade 3 Stage 2 A Triple Negative Breast Cancer with 1 lymph node involved. I had a lumpectomy and 16 lymph nodes removed in surgery 3 weeks ago. My oncologist want to give me 4 cycles of A/C and 4 cycles of Taxotrete. Then I must have 6 1/2 weeks of radiation. Does this sound like anyone else?
    Lois9637 responded:
    I too had surgery at about the same time. First surgery on 9.15 and wide excision on 9.29. Starting chemotherapy on 10.21. Calcifications on mammogram in August.....kind of feels like a whirlwind ever sense. Ciagnosed with Stage 1, grade 3, triple negative. I knew nothing about triple negative breast cancer until my diagnosis. I seem to read a lot of conflicting information regarding I am trusting in my faith and treatment. My chemotherapy regimen is Cytoxin and Taxere .. 4 treatments ...1 every 3 weeks. It sounds quite similar to yours. I too will have radiation for 30 treatments.
    I wish you the very best of success with your treatment.
    God Bless.
    harriethorp replied to Lois9637's response:
    Thank you for answering. When I went for my first chemo treatment on Tues (Oct. 19) they changed me to Cytoxon and Taxotere...1 every 3 weeks for 3 more times. Then I will get the Adramycin. One nurse told me that her patients who take it call it "the red devil" or "red demon" because it makes them feel so bad. I won't have to face it until the new year. So far I had just one night of nausea. I feel ok. Hope it continues.
    Good Luck to you. I wish the same for you.
    God Bless.
    SuellenGermani responded:

    I'm a six year survivor... (seven years in December ) of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed at age 38 with Stage 1 DCIS with no node involvement following a sentinal node biopsy. I had a lumpectomy followed by 3 rounds of Cytoxin and Taxotere and 30 rads treatments. Your protocol sounds very similar to other gals I've talked to in your same situation.

    I hope your treatment yields minimal side effects. Be sure to take care of yourself and rest when you need to. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Be gentle with yourself right now.
    jacimae replied to SuellenGermani's response:
    Thank you for your post! I have just had a lumpectomy and found that I have triple negative breast cancer. Your response was very encouraging. How did you cope? Congratulations for seven years and counting!
    utahbunny replied to jacimae's response:
    I have been in remission for triple negative for 1 1/2 years now. My story is a little bit different from most. First off I had micromets in 1 lymph node which basically no one really knows what that means. I was diagnosed with grade 3, between stage I and stage IIa in whether you count the micromets or not as positive. After my meetings with the oncologists another lump surfaced and that one although small had microscoptic cells at the margin. I believe in natural medicine so flew to arizona for some consultations and possible treatment with some naturopaths out there. My surgeon recommeded a mastectomy but I elected to have a third surgery just to see if there was more there. The third surgery showed no cancer. Now, I was on a natural protocol including diet, vitamin c infusions, supplements during this time and I feel that did make a difference. Decided against chemo and elected to have radiation with my naturopathic protocol. Sailed thru that (6 weeks) and never felt better. No fatigue, and plenty of energy. Am still on my protocol but all my stats are good and I have never felt better in my life. I don't get sick because of the vit c infusions and in general am in good health. I know I am in the minority here but I just want to let people know about different treatments for triple negative-it is personal choice and of course up to the person how they want to attack this cancer. I wish everyone the best of health and good luck in whatever treatment they decide is the best for them.
    chrmak responded:
    Hi,my sister,age 50, had exactly the same situation and followed the same treatment. She is cancer free for 3 years now and counting. There is no doubt you will make it. Ask your onc about the new cutting edge drug "Iniparib". I am sure that everything will work out just fine for both of you.
    empress_e replied to utahbunny's response:
    Thank you all for sharing your stories.
    I am also in the minority here as I am opting out of chemo and radiation.
    I am 37, had my lumpectomy in Nov10 for TN invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 2, grade 3, no lymph node, no family history and BRCA negative. Surgery went very well with clear margin and I feel really good physically. So far no one is sure if I am cured at this point but all 3 oncologists recommend chemo and radiation to reduce the chance of recurrence. I am opting out of adjuvant treatment at this point - as I am otherwise in good health and have always eat well - organic, anti cancer diet. I'm in grad school for chinese medicine (6 months away from graduating!) and I am taking herbs, supplements, reducing my school load, exercising more and getting Ayurvedic massage weekly.
    I believe I can support my body and mind with natural remedies - will meet with an integrative oncologist tomorrow to discuss how best to monitor my situation. I am hopeful for myself and for all of us here - good luck everyone!

    I'd like more information about your ND and naturopathic protocol when you get a chance. Thank you.
    utahbunny replied to empress_e's response:
    Your situation sounds very much like my own. My naturopathic oncologist is out of scottsdale, arizona-he also happens to teach at the naturopathic college there. Nutrition is key here and eating more plant foods, juicing, and reducing stress and of course sugar is key for naturopathic treatment. I take many naturopathic immune boosters and supplements. According to how I am doing it changes from time to time. I also juice-red cabbage is my friend and I juice with it and eat it on salads alot. so is raw garlic. For example a few of my supplements are curacel, imm-kine, and AHCC. There are others and some I take in the morning and others I take in the evening. I am doing extremely well-in fact my doctor said to me that I was doing the best of all of his triple negative bc patients. I work out alot and meditate to reduce stress. My levels and now my natural killer cell test are all normal. Vit D is normal and I am still a little low in magnesium so am currently still taking that. My mammogram is normal and my radiation oncologist just gave me a clean bill of health after 1 year from radiation. I used integrative medicine while going thru that and highly recommend that. I have never felt better or stronger than I do at this moment. I used acupunture while going thru this and still go once a month for treatment. Congrats on learning chinese medicine-that can only help you and others. I also did not utilize chemo and don't intend to -that is just a personal choice of mine. Good luck to everyone in whatever treatment you go thru-
    marj10 replied to empress_e's response:
    Dear Empress, kudos to you for making your decisions. I had surgery 12/1 for the same diagnosis and was encouraged to do chemo and radiation. I immediately elected out of chemo and have been agonizing over starting radiation. I am seeing a wonderful chinese medicine doctor who says "whatever my decision" he will be able to help me with the side affects. He says both chemo and radiation are "poison" going into your body. I spoke to my surgeon and she really reiterated the invasive nature of this cancer and encouraged me to do radiation. So....I'm going to Mexico this week to meditate and walk on the beach, and when I return I will start the treatment. I am 68, and in good health otherwise (although , how can you be in good health when you have cancer?). I have totally turned my wellness over to my chinese doctor....I have very little faith in western medicine. I must say, my friends have been very supportive of my decisions and even my daughter has not put in her 2 cents. However, when I told her my decision yesterday, she said she was glad I was going to do it! Did you know that America is the #1 country for the most aggressive cancer treatment.....I call it "big corporate cancer". They are raking in millions.
    utahbunny replied to marj10's response:
    For the people going more natural route one thing about radiation if you are thinking integrative. I have discovered several sites that link radiation of any kind to significant bone loss (osteopenia & osteoporosis). If you do decide on this route be sure to do everything that benefits bone growth during this process. You can go on and ralph moss has an article on this and the connection. You would be surprised how many bc survivors are now diagnosed with osteoporosis.
    littlelammy responded:
    Yes, exactly like mine. I opted out of treatment, just had the lumpectomy. What did you decide and how have things gone?
    littlelammy replied to empress_e's response:
    Yours is exactly like my situation except I had one microscopic lymph node cell and they took 18 nodes. I opted out of treatment except for the surgery. This was 11/2010. Always wanted to find a TN person that did not do treatment to run things past. Could you reply to me? I am feeling some discomfort in my torso area. They have run scans and MRI and haven't found anything thanks to God. They want to do a full body bone scan and another CT of my belly. This will be 3 CTs in 5 months. I think I'm opting out of that too. Do you ever feel twitching, or vibration in the area? Do you ever feel that feeling around where any of your lymph nodes are located? Could you please reply? Thank you
    notdoinit replied to littlelammy's response:
    I also opted out of chemo and radiation. invasive carcinoma insitu, er pr- her2 positive. I am seeing Dr. James Forsythe in Reno Nevada. He is an integrative Oncologist and aalso does nutrition, supplement, heavy metal testing, circulating tumor cell test. He stresses relaxation, moderate exercise. I am very happy with my choice, although my traditional onc. is not. I was told not to do ant pet scans or ct scans, due to radiation hazard. I can however have an mri He wrote a great book called the Compassionate Oncologist. I do have some funny felling in the node area (had 5 removed). Dr. Forsythe told me he didn't think I would die of breast cancer but would most likley had issues with the chemo had I done it. I just finished another great book Natural Straigies for cancer patients by Russell Blaylock, I highly recommend it. hug to all
    An_246788 replied to utahbunny's response:
    HI I am so happy to finally read about someone who treated naturally. I had a bilateral mastectomy in Dec 2011 and then treated alternativly for the last 7 months now. Unfortunately I now have 3 swollen lymph node that after a biopsy show some signs of cancer cells. I am faced with the chemo decision again. I treated in NH but live in Miami FLorida and just recently returned to NH. I can not find doctors here that can assist with my protocols. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated

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