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    Update & Trigs
    ilovespeech posted:
    Trigs Below: 1. S/A results are back. Morphology improved from 10% to 29%. Everything else was WNL. Trigs---- 2. I got a + HPT!!!!!! I thought I had evap. lines on Monday and Tuesday because I read it after I was supposed to, so I to get peace of mind, I took a digital today and it was for sure. I also used an OPK and it was + too. I went in for my 1st Beta, so I am sure I will have those numbers tomorrow! I will have the whole story on my blog (if you are even remotely interested) sometime tomorrow I guess. I hope that all of you can move off with me! Thank you all for all of your support and kindness since I have moved on here. Being on here and making new friends has meant alot to me. You all understood and were so supportive. I am praying that the little green bean sticks and I will keep praying for each and one of you! :sad: :sad: :grin: :grin: :grin:
    ShadowButtersJetta responded:
    Wow! That is terrific! I am so happy for you! I will read your blog.
    kitvond responded:
    Holy cow Katie!!! I just got the chills (in a good way) :smile: Congratulations!! I'll be checking your blog too!
    4maddison responded:
    Oh katie! I am so excited for you! Ovi Worked!!!! Cant wait to read the details in your blog!! Congrats!!!
    booklvr04 responded:
    Katie! I am crying reading your post! I am SO happy for you! You were one of the first people to welcome me over on the 6+ board, and then we moved over to the 12+ board together! I am so glad that this happened for you! I actually stalked your chart today and wondered if you were thinking about testing, but I didn't want to bring it up! Please keep me posted on how you are doing, and let us know the numbers from your beta!!!! Congratulations! Thoughts and prayers to you and DH! :sillygrin: :sillygrin: :sillygrin:
    NervousBride responded:
    Lurking... KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy for you!!!! Like Emily I have tears rolling down my face - this is the best news ever girl!! GL and please keep us posted on how you are doing!!! Love Jen
    westsidebee responded:
    :grin: :sad: :sillygrin: :sillygrin: :grin: :sad: :sillygrin: KATIE!!!! I am SO happy for you! Like Emily said, you were one of the first people I met on the 6 month board. I was so, so sorry to see you move up to the 12 month board, and we have missed you!!! I have been stalking your chart and reading your blog, and I am SO SO SO SO happy to see this good news!!!!!!! My heart jumped so hard when I saw Jen's post on the 6 month board passing on the news. I actually gasped out loud and then teared up a little. You deserve this so much! I am sending you massive sticky vibes!! :sheepish:
    mariegal responded:
    Congratulations! That is absolutely wonderful! Good luck! PS What did you do to improve morphology?
    maybeimnext responded:
    Hooray Hooray! You're pregnant! Congrats to you. Me (37) DH (42) TTC#1 C8
    MeganAF82 responded:
    lurking... Congrats, Katie!!! :grin: Not sure if you remember me, but you were ending your time on the 6-mo board right when I was getting there! I'll be checking back to read your details about using the OV watch--sounds like it worked!!! :grin:
    michigan29 responded:
    Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! This made my day, even though I am PMS'ing to the point of rage and tears. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! You've been on the boards as long as I have, first 6 mos then here, and this couldn't happen to a nicer person. Please take good care of yourself and let us know how your Beta goes. STICKY DUST AND JUST OVERALL HAPPY VIBES!!!! :smile: :grin: :smile:
    Allison33438 responded:
    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! I'm SO happy for you, Katie!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Have a TERRIFIC 9 mo!!! :sillygrin: :sillygrin: :sillygrin:
    rockgrrl responded:
    Yay, Katie!!!!! I'm SO happy for you!! Wishing you super sticky vibes!
    tiajenn responded:
    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! i CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. Wow this is so great!!! I will miss you terribly I felt a great connection with you. We have been in this together for a while now. Wow that is such great news!! I will have to add your blogspot to my daily routine for sure now. I want to know everything that is going on. Such great news. :sillygrin: I just woke up so this will start my day great! :sillygrin: I wish you the best enjoy it all sweetie! (((((((MAJOR STICKY VIBES)))))) well take care and i'll talk to you soon. I feel like jumping in the air for you lol. :sillygrin: :goofy:
    Longing4_babies responded:
    WooHoo Congrats!! :sillygrin: I can't wait for you blog update, ps Ooh so that means Ovi really did work. Where did you buy it & how much was she? So happy for you Katie :sillygrin: :sillygrin: :sillygrin:

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