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    New Here
    Bellisima09 posted:
    Hi Ladies -

    I'm moving up from the TTC 6 mos board. I just started Cycle 14. Here is my story:

    I got my copper IUD removed last May and DH and I started TTC for #1 right away. I got PG in September but MCed at 5 weeks. We started trying the very next cycle but have had no luck. I started seeing an RE last month and have done all the standard testing. Ovaries look good, tubes aren't blocked, FSH is great, DH's SA is great. I use a fertility monitor to time intercourse and ovulate pretty consistently every cycle. So, the next step is clomid/IUI. We're trying this one last cycle naturally before we move on to that.

    I've been lurking on here and am amazed and impressed by this group of women. I would say for the most part DH and I have been very positive about this journey until a couple months ago it just hit us how hard it is to keep trying over and over again with no results while everyone around us gets pregnant. I'm trying so hard to be a "big girl" about everything, but I feel like I'm failing miserably.

    Thanks for listening and I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

    brookelovettc responded:
    Hi dear! Nice to meet you! I'm sorry we had to meet here, but the support is amazing. Good luck to you this cycle! We also are going to try about 3 rounds of Clomid & some natural baby makin love before we do IUI. I'm on my first round of 100mg Clomid right now... The headaches are getting better but the hot flashes are getting worse! I woke up in a huge puddle of sweat last night. The things we do! :)

    Welcome, and keep us updated! :)
    2yrsNcounting replied to brookelovettc's response:
    Welcome to our board.... I'm sorry that it's taking you so long, but I promise that it does get better!

    Good luck with this cycle! :smile:
    hppyTurtle responded:
    Hi Jess! Welcome to the board; I hope your stay here is short! Seems like you're definitely on the right track with your testing and whatnot, so now it's just to keep on baby-makin'! I so agree that it's tough to just keep going, and I feel like stomaching the disappointment each month is even harder :frown: But, it will all be worth it in the end!!!

    Best of luck!
    mfregoso responded:
    Hi Jess,

    Welcome to the board. I hope that your stay here will be short.
    Bellisima09 responded:
    Thanks so much for the welcome, ladies! Brooke, thanks for your experience with clomid. I am nervous to start taking it and hope it doesn't come to that but if that's what I have to do then so be it! 2yrs, I love your profile pic, I am such a dog lover. I hope I am half as good as a "human" mom as I am a "dog" mom. LOL!

    hppyTurtle replied to Bellisima09's response:
    Don't be nervous about the Clomid... if that's all it takes, it's nothing! And it's really not that bad. This was my third C on it, and my side effects have really been more annoying than anything else. Can't be any worse than the s/e's of pregnancy, right?!
    joellelewis replied to hppyTurtle's response:
    Hi Jess! Nice to still see you here :-)
    Bellisima09 replied to hppyTurtle's response:
    Turtle, you're absolutely right. Bring on the clomid!!! LOL.


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