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    OMG, it's Trigs!
    Erin_Y posted:
    I've been mostly lurking on the board for the last couple of months, so please forgive me ladies if this post looks annoying to you. Personally, I felt very inspired and emotional every time I read a fellow board member's success story here. So I wish that mine would give hope and inspiration to somebody as well.

    DH and I (both 28) have been TTC for two years without any success. In the end of year one we went to fertility clinic for screening, which turned out normal for both of us. I was prescribed Clomid which I was taking for 2 consecutive months, 50 mg at first and then 100 mg. I responded to treatment well but failed to get a BFP. So I gave up Clomid to just TTC naturally. That was not easy because of my irregular periods, for which all ob/gyns blame my low weight. I am 170 cm high and weigh 49 kg.

    So, in May things got a bit different. My boobs got very sore in a couple of days after ovulation. I did some reading, but generally it is considered that 2 days after ovulation is impossibly early to feel any pregnancy signs. So I was cursing my hormone imbalance and waiting for AF. A couple of times I'd be so confident that my period is about to start, I'd stick a pad to my panties. But cramps always subsided without even light spotting. As you can understand, with irregular periods varying from 28 to 40 days, it was difficult to point out a "delayed period", and with so many BFNs behind I was not wishing to see yet another one. Besides, I had no morning sickness, no sharp sense of smell, no frequent urination - absolutely no early signs apart from, well, gorgeous boobs. ;) I purchased a pregnancy test only on the 42nd day.

    And man, was it a BFP! The test line was solid and appeared immediately, even earlier than a control line. It was the BFPest BFP I could imagine! Yay! I hope that a baby sticks, but I'm trying not to be overjoyed because it's still too early and I know from this board that anything can happen.

    But, since I am RIGHT NOW officially pregnant, I am sending ******* baby dust ******* to all of you ladies and wish that your BFPs came very, very soon. Thank you for your help and support.

    brookelovettc responded:
    Congrats! I love to hear success stories, so thank you for sharing with us. I know what it's like to try for so long and I can only imagine how excited you are for your BFP! I can't wait to be in those same shoes! (happy dance!)

    Good luck with everything. Try to relax as much as possible and not worry yourself too much ok! Keep us updated too!

    Hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months! :D
    Me (28) and DH (28) TTC 2 yrs - Mild Male Factor Infertility. HSG 5/17/10 - clear (retroverted uterus). All my tests = normal. 2nd round of Clomid - 100mg. FX
    hmknight responded:
    What a great story to hear!! Congrats to you and your DH and I wish you a very happy and healthy 9 months to you!!

    Heather 28 Rick 37 Married 7/19/08 TTC our 1st since M/C Feb.09 Seeing an RE.Starting 4th Clomid 1st @ 100mg CD3-7 after HSG
    Bellisima09 responded:
    OMG, what great news! Congrats to you and a very H&H 9 months!
    Jess(29)DH(29)DearDog(2) TTC1 C14 MC 9/09 Unexplained IF
    PGinSJ replied to Bellisima09's response:
    (Lurking, Trigs)

    This is such a touching story Erin. I hope you save this to read to you LO in the future. Would love to hear more. Can I ask, what was your emotional reaction to the BFP and were you alone or was your SO there? I know it's hard not to worry at this phase but you are off to a very good start. Congrats!!!!
    hppyTurtle responded:
    Congratulations! It's so good to hear your story, especially b/c it's so similar to mine (not to mention your name, and height, and weight... you may be my doppelganger!) Now I just need my own BFP!

    H&H 9 months!!!

    Me (28) and DH (29) TTC our first since March '09. No diagnosed problems. 4th C Clomid, 100mg. Come on, BFP!!!
    mfregoso responded:
    Hi Erin,

    Congratulation on your BFP!!!!! I hope that everything sticks and that these nine months go by quickly so that you can hold your LO!!!!
    Me(26), DH(31), 1 Furbaby(Rocky). TTC No. 1 since Feb.09. All tests are normal. First round of clomid 50mg. Just did first IUI 6-2-2010. 1 RE says I have mild PCOS the other says no. Who do I believe
    Erin_Y replied to mfregoso's response:
    Thanks everyone for kind wishes! This board has always been a source of enormous support.

    To answer Christy's (PGinSJ) question. DH did not like the idea of me taking a test that day. "Well don't you remember how many negatives you had? Why not wait at least five more days, huh?" Of course I couldn't wait any longer, as everybody here can understand. So I secretly POAS. The funniest thing is that the second line started to develop immediately, and I got so nervous that I put the stick aside and, in order not to look at it, I started washing my hair. Crazy, isn't it? After three minutes or so I finally had enough courage to take another look, and mind you my hands were shaking like h_ell! Then followed a face palm and a rush downstairs to let DH know, but as I couldn't really talk I just took a test with instruction and handed the set over to DH. He was all smiles and looked like a cat who'd just had a bowl of sour cream. He said: "Oh, it's really nice of you to have brought the instruction with this thing!"

    That really is a very special moment in relationships, and we've been married for seven years. For all of you ladies I pray that this moment of sharing a BFP with your special one will come soon-soon-soon and bring joy, fun and happiness!

    To Erin (hppyTurtle): if you are comfortable with your weight (as myself), do not force yourself into weight gain, that doesn't work. Since you seem to be my absolute twin LOL, try eating plenty of cheesecakes for four days in a row in the beginning of your next cycle. That's the only thing which was different this time!

    kitvond responded:
    CONGRATULATIONS, Erin!! That is such wonderful news!!!! I hope you enjoy every minute of your pregnancy! :)
    Me (29) and DH (30) TTC 2 years. All tests are normal except mild, stage II endo. Currently TTC naturally with fertility acupuncture, herbs and guided meditation/visualization.
    baby1298 responded:
    YAY! CONGRATS!!!! :grin:

    lets keep this BFP train rolling!!!!!
    me(26)DH(26) TTC since 3/06. DH's SA~good,HSG~clear,BIOPSY~normal,U/S~poss. calcium deposits,CD3~in range(except testosterone),PROGESTERONE~very low. going to acupuncture and taking herbs.FX!
    skruse26 replied to baby1298's response:
    Congrats Erin,

    I hope you have a happy and healthly nine months. And try not to worrry to much and do some medation I heard it is suppose to help out a bunch.
    PGinSJ replied to skruse26's response:
    Lurking Trigs.

    Thanks for elaborating Erin. Your story gave me major goosebumps! Now (when you start telling people) you get to re-live that moment time and time again as you tell the story. So GREAT, couldn't be happier for you hun : )

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