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    new to ttc 12 months...
    bdeem23 posted:
    hi my name is brandy im 28yrs old and DH is 26yrs old, last february we found out that we were going to have a baby, we were so HAPPY!!! then we went to our first ultra sound appt in march only to find out the baby was only 6 wks instead of 8 and there was no heartbeat...i was in the early stages of a miscarriage:( we were so upset a week later i had the D&C done and it was so hard on both of us. so in may we started to really try again and month after month of nothing happening i began to get very upset. I didnt understand why i wasnt getting pregers again...and of course all my friends were having babies. went to the DR and had blood tests done, in dec DH had a SA done and everything was coming back fine. i also have thyroid problems but im taking meds to keep it under control. and once again i believe that AF is going to show her ugly head for another month...what am i going to do? i really cant take it anymore!!!
    hopefulk77 responded:
    Hi Brandy, first off I am so sorry for your loss and for finding yourself on the difficult road of infertility.

    I had a missed m/c in 2009 at 10 weeks and had to undergo a D&C also, since then we have had no luck in the TTC department, so I can feel your pain. We have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility - neither of us have any issues, it's just not happening :(

    I have had a lot of support from this group, and the ladies on here have a lot of knowledge and can help support you through this journey. No-one truly understands IF like the women experiencing it.

    Have you tried accupuncture, some ladies here have had success with it, and it certainly can reduce your stress and anxiety.
    K (33), DH (34), TTC 1 Since Oct 08, M/C Jun09 (10wks), Unexplained Infertility IUI 1: Feb, 100mg clomid, 4 follies (R), BFN IUI 2: Mar, 100mg clomid
    klwise responded:
    Hi Brandy! Sorry you have to be here, but welcome! I also have thyroid problems, and have been taking meds for quite a while for that. Do you have regular cycles? My dr has tried me on clomid and a couple other meds and I still didn't O. I'm also on metformin for pcos but am not totally convinced about that diagnosis. My last thyroid test came back on the low side of normal, so after not ovulating when I took the meds, he upped my dosage and I am now responding to the meds and Oing. I have been told our thyroids have a HUGE part in TTC problems and also can be a cause for m/c if not monitored closely. Again sorry you have to be here, but the girls here are wonderful!
    bdeem23 replied to klwise's response:
    thanks ladies, i was on the 6 months ttc and it did help me when i needed it the most. so i just needed to vent and get things out. i have thought about calling the DR next week if AF shows up. my DR told me that if when it came to a year and we wanted to try other methods then we could start those. i have also tried fertile CM to see if that would help but with my thyroid meds i have to wait 4 hrs to take it and take it 3x a day and drink 36ozs of water. i have done the OPK and BBT (which i dont like to do), i have read i think almost everything possible about ttc and i just dont get it why it hasnt happened for us. my cycles were always regular until as of late they have been off a little. and right now im having the hot flashes and sick to my stomach feeling and i dont know if its from my thyroid or something else. i just had blood work done wed to test my thyroid levels and i will get the results soon.
    bdeem23 replied to hopefulk77's response:
    i have thought about accupuncture but havent done it yet.
    canwedothis replied to bdeem23's response:
    I have been using acupuncture for about a month now. I can't say that it's had much impact on my fertility situation just yet but it is definitely helping me manage the emotional "stuff".

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