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    Trying to Concieve and Trying Hard to Stay Encouraged
    QueenPTIV posted:
    I am new to this board. I am 28 and my husband is 27 and we have been TTC for almost two years, but more seriously focused in the last year to no avail. I was diagnosed with PCOS a little over a year ago and have been on a regimen of Metaformin, Provera, and Clomid since then with no avail. It also turns out my husband's sperm count is low so now he is getting treated for that. I guess I'm just reaching out because I don't know how many more negative pregnancy tests I can take. I've considered taking a break for maybe a month or two but my husband wants us to keep trying and trying. I think I'm just getting very drained because my insurance will not cover in-vitro and its starting to seem like our only other option. So, I guess I'm wondering with all the medication and its wonderful side effects, the pressure of the family who keep asking when we're having kids, the multiple appointments, the constant scheduling for baby-making, how do you stay sane? I mean I guess its getting even harder because I have a few co-workers who are pregnant and it just keeps reminding me of how difficult its been for us. Any advice or direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Peterson_C_1989 responded:
    I am sorry to hear about the troubles you are going through, you are defiantly not alone! DH and I have been TTC for one year with no avail, I have PCOS, ENDOMETRIOSIS and only one ovary. I was on Clomid for 4 cycles but the most recent cycle I had to be off of it because my endometriosis is back and we don't know what we are doing next and I don't get to go to the doctor until 6-30-11. I have been to the point of giving up time and time again with appointment after appointment, negative after negative tests, everybody wanting to know when we are gonna get pregnant and the issues with trying to sched times for the baby dance. Its been very hard to see a lot of my co-workers getting pregnant as well as my friends and they haven't even been trying. A couple of things that have been helping me is everynight I have been cuddling with a baby blanket and imagining my future baby in it a trying to keep possitive thinking, I have also been writing a journal to our future children about the difficulties we are going through but I also write about the good things as well and memories from growing up. To me it helps becuase I'm trying to stay possitive and telling my self it will happen some time its just hard getting there. I have also been meditating as well as reading a book called "Embracing yourself with the heart of a buddha." I hope things get better for you!! Good luck
    FrenchBulldogMom responded:
    Do you see a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) or regular OB/GYN?

    I've been TTC for 2 1/2 years and after one surgery, 1 failed IUI, and growing another uterine polyp, I'm facing the possibility that I can't be approved for IVF until I lose weight. I'm also 35. I completely understand how you feel.

    Have you had an HSG and/or any other tests to see if there are any other issues?
    Age: 35, DH age:35 TTC 1 1/2 years, HSG/Ultrasound Nov '10 showed uterine polyps, surgery Feb '11 polyp removal/D
    Angel970 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
    Hi Ladies,

    I know what you are all going through. First off I have Hashimoto's Thyroid problems and Im working my butt off to keep it in the normal range just to get pregnant. I have accomplished that but getting pregnant is the hardest part. My hubby and I have been trying for over 2 years and nothing is happening. We went to RE but our insurance wont cover the procedures that needs to be done and Im unemployed (laid off). Ive been praying for this miracle to happen but its not and there are times i sit and imagine what it would feel like to be pregnant.. and nothing hurts more than knowing it might or might not happen. This is one emotional and exhausting ride of our lives and Im trying not to give up but its so hard. The worse part is that everytime i turn around there are ppl that are pregnant and i have a mother in law who keeps telling me how fertile she was and it was easy for her to get pregnant.. You have no idea how that makes me feel.... I hope all our prayers are answered and wish you guys all the best of luck and you will be in my prayers.

    this is the only other support i have other than my hubby... he tries to make me feel better but i know what hes going through as well... Good luck and may the baby dust fall on all of us....

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