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    Provera usually induces period, but this month it didn't...even thou no ovulation?
    ksteinmetz11 posted:
    I was diagnosed w/ PCOS in Jan, and started Metformin and Provera. I always got my period within 2 days of stopping the provera. Last month was my first month on 50 mg of clomid. I didn't ovulate according to the blood test done on day 21, so started the provera again. It is now 3 days after stopping and still no period. How long should I give it before calling the dr?
    beccadita80 responded:
    I can't remember for sure but I was thinking they say to give it around 7 days after stopping provera for your cycle to start. I also have PCOS and we had to go through IUI with specialist to get preggo. I did the full 6 months on Cloimd even with an IUI on month 6 with 0 luck... I'm not completely sure if it works for people with PCOS but you have to try. If clomid does work, it's so much cheaper than injectables. Good luck ***baby dust****
    ksteinmetz11 replied to beccadita80's response:
    I know they usually say up to a week, but the whole 6 months I have been on it, I get AF within 2 days of stopping it. I still do not have it
    mrs62610 replied to ksteinmetz11's response:
    I took it several times and once I got AF after the 9th pill, once a day or two after, and one time it was like 8 days after the last pill.
    ksteinmetz11 responded:
    Well-negative pregnancy test and dr ordered an ultrasound for tomorrow to see whats going on in there...
    beccadita80 replied to ksteinmetz11's response:
    Well that's a total bummer. Hope everything is okay.
    Becca (31)DH(32)DD 1.5yrs-after 18 cycles, 3rd IUI was the charm. Evelyn Patrice 11/14/10, 7lbs 9ozs....
    TTC 2!!! IUI with menopur and femara on June 13th 2012 DH 79 million post wash fingers x'd
    ksteinmetz11 replied to beccadita80's response:
    Well, my lining just isn't building up the way it is suppose to, hense not getting AF yet. He is having me take BCP this month, and then back up on the Clomid next month when AF comes...
    tessajara2012 replied to ksteinmetz11's response:
    Hey there, I realize that you posted awhile ago but thought
    I would respond anyway and perhaps your pregnant already??
    With Provera inducing periods then Clomid to force ovulation my doctor makes me wait until day 35 of the cycle for a negative pregnancy test before he will even start Provera again for 10 days. Thus making my cycles about 50 days! It takes sooo long! But perhaps that is a good thing with these particular meds because it gives our bodies a chance to build up a little and thins the uterus a bit less.
    As for your original question you should expect to see a period for sure with 7 days. (at least what I have been told by a fertility specialist I am seeing),

    Out of curiosity what dosage are you taking of metformin and clomid? What have been for experiences with the combo??

    I was diagnoses with PCOS in April of this year. But can honestly say it has been affecting me since about 16. Never had a period on my own ever until about 17 when I went on birthcontrol. Between 18-20 Never used any protection with my husband didn't have a single period or baby lol. Then this April I decided it was TIME to find out what was going on I knew something was wrong and was ready to start trying for a baby. Had a horrible experience with a doctor telling me out right nothing was wrong with me no periods could just be my norm, what a quack! So I went to a specialist and surprise there was a problem lol and it was found through an ultrasound. Round 1 was on Provera for 10 days, had a period after 1 day. day 5 of period I started Clomid 50mg for 5 days ovulated 6 days after last pill. Round 2 same as above except period after 1 day and ovulated 2 days after last Clomid. Round 3 again same but period after 4 days and then never ovulated . which was confirmed with blood work. Sooo here I am at round 4! I personally requested being put on Metformin due to research and what I have heard from others with PCOS. The same day I started Provera 10mg I started Metformin 500mgXtwice daily, I still have one day left of the Provera to take but my period started today, what the heck? Ive never had break through bleeding before, however towards the end of the Provera I have gotten menstratal cramps... sooo who knows maybe the Metformin is already working and my body thinks it wants to take over lol but crossing my fingers that this combo is going to work. This is such a long road, its not a quick or easy solution.
    ksteinmetz11 replied to tessajara2012's response:
    Nope, no luck with pregnancy yet. My doctor actually cannot even get me to ovulate. I have tried all doses of Clomid, with no luck. I am now on Femara, 2nd to last highest does possible. I have not even come close to ovulating. My progesterone levels are actually going down. I am on 1000mg of metformin daily as well.
    And yes, I hear you on the cycle length. Mine are at least 40, after confirmation of no ovulation, then they have me start the provera on day 35, which goes to day 41, then wait a day or so until AF shows up...I am getting very discouraged, as my doctor can only help me one more higher does of the Femara before he cannot do anything else for me and will have to send me to see another specialist for a 2nd opinion
    tessajara2012 replied to ksteinmetz11's response:
    Well here is kinda where I am at lol... I Have done LOTS of research on PCOS, hours and hours of online searches... Ive read both medical doctor opinions as well as naturalpath versions... and this is what I plan to try due to what I have learned. But first I'll break down why I am going to try this way...
    1) PCOS:
    Medical doctors have NO clue what causes this. They do not believe it can be cured at all. Thus they treat the symptoms of it: Metformin for insulin resistance, Provera to jump start periods when you don't have them on your own, Clomid to force ovulation etc.
    Natural paths view it a bit difference they claim the reason we have PCOS is due to being low in Progesterone. PCOS women generally have high estrogen levels due to the imbalance. So over an extended period of time of our bodies not having enough Progesterone to make cycles happen the way they are supposed to things(Estrogen and Progesterone provide kind of a checks and balance to each other) like cysts appear, the hormone imbalance causes excess hair, lack of periods etc. Now because of this they suggest natural hormone balancers such as Vitrex, milk thistle, and natural progesterone which can be found in wild yams.
    2) Ok sooo this is where your own personal opinions come in, either we completely buy medical doctor opinions or natural paths... I have read and heard success stories from both sides. I would prefer to believe that PCOS isn't a life sentence that there is a way to get my body back on track and to do what it naturally SHOULD do lol.
    3) Thus I decided to try this, I have read that many doctors have suggested and encourage the use of natural progesterone from about day 14-26 of your cycle or right after ovulation. Your body does need this and it is designed to produce it for things to run correctly, our bodies aren't Thus our problems, So I am on round 4 of clomid... Starting in a couple days I will be doing 100mg for 5 days to force ovulation. After that I plan to try progesterone cream to see if that will do the trick to get my body back on track of having periods on its own without having to use Provera every 50 days. IF the cream works next cycle I won't even use Clomid but switch to Vitrex (because I have read over and over you shouldn't combine the two). I will continue Metformin though while I see how this works out lol... I just lean towards more of a natural approach now because it makes sense to me that something that should naturally occur would benefit from a natural boost rather then be chemically forced...

    Any thoughts????

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