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    Dear webmd, This sucks!
    eokane6098 posted:
    im sorry webmd, but you have destroyed the user friendly discussion boards so many liked to visit. these make absolutely no sense. mission accomplished if this joke of a format was your goal.
    The1Fox responded:
    I agree 150%!!!!

    It sucks!

    I hate it!

    I don't want to come back.
    ssb2007 replied to The1Fox's response:
    Completely agree. I haven't found a group that is happy about it yet. Maybe they were trying to make it more complicated because the groups were over populated and needed a way to downsize.
    The1Fox replied to ssb2007's response:
    And what's with this "Post my discussion anonymously (without my username)" crap?

    You guys just looking for more members to be abused because people can 'hide' behind that? Seems to me member abuse is already a rampant thing, why make it easier to do?!?!?
    TeacherBeck responded:
    Agree! I don't want to be negative... and I really thought it mightbe somehow "better," but it's NOT!
    I wonder how often the designers of this actually used & relied on the old boards?? Many of us were on here DAILY... they could have started with a tweak, but a total overhaul sucks big time >:(
    Prayforamiracle responded:
    I'm also very disappointed. I agree that the boards are no longer user-friendly. I think that there are way too many options. I'm too distracted by all the things. Sometimes simple is better and I think in this situation that would be the case. I hope we all can hang in there, because I certainly do not want to lose anyone. I'm afraid though that we may not have any newbies anymore. First of all, I think they would have trouble even finding the board and then I think they may feel it is too overwhelming. I wish we could go back.
    sofia125 responded:
    I agree, I also don't think I'll be coming back. I use to come daily but won't anymore.
    LindzRenee responded:
    This is terrible...what were they thinking? I'm so bummed that they have gone to this 'new' format. Terrible. Just plain terrible.
    mel07430 responded:
    It is terrible. None of the other boards like it. I get it that people dont like change and it takes time but this is just crap. The other way was easier on the eyes, simple to find what you needed. I hope they are reading all of these complaints and will go back to the old way.
    brandib01 responded:
    i was on the endo board which they did not feel was important enough to carry over(but we made our own)
    these boards are confusing. way too busy and not user friendly at all anymore. they are hard to keep track of and read and i do believe they will discourage new people from trying to figure it out and get us oldies so frustrated we won't come on anymore.
    MizzCoreta26 responded:
    Yes they totally suck! This is way too big of a change. Maybe they just don't care since its not like we pay to use the boards???? Think I'm gonna try cafe mom
    shanastash responded:
    i agree! i need this board. i feel lost without it. seriously, i don't think the web designers even needed this board! and the annomous thing is STUPID with a capital F...yes, i am that mad! i left another board because there was an annomous button and i was abused and other women were abused just because of an ignorant person on WHY women suffer loses. i do hope and pray that no one on here, or anywhere, has to read what was posted on my posts.

    really, WebMD, you need to change back because I need you too much. I need these ladies too much. This is my only support, true support, not just "oh i know how you feel, because i lost my iguana!, it was about 5 inches long"...

    GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY!...and it's not because i don't like change, change is good, as long as it truly benefits everyone...THIS DOES NOT!
    LindzRenee replied to shanastash's response:
    Shana, I'm so sorry that someone somewhere was upsetting to you...If that EVER happened to anyone on here, I'd go ape-sh t on them. I'm in limbo and don't know what to do. No counselor in the world could have helped me like you all have. I'm sad. :sad: that they did this to us. I feel like i've been violated. :angry:

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