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    Meet n Greet or Re-meet n Re-greet!
    cheyenne828 posted:
    So as we were discussing the lack of members and siggies here, figure it was time to do a meet and greet again!! Also, I'm calling any LURKERS who are out there!! Just come by and say hello.

    Me: Pam

    Age: 36, DH 27

    TTC since: 2/09

    Losses: MC 7/09 and Chemical 12/09

    Children: None yet, just working on #1 at this stage

    Live: Boston area

    Other: Work is driving me bananas and I am looking forward to taking some time off when (God willing) I bring a baby home! Also have an RE appt on 4/14, but guess what, I have to go away for work so have to reschedule til the end of May. ARRRGGGHHH!
    cheyenne828 responded:
    And no, I'm not a cougar, my DH is 37 LOL.
    Dani428 responded:
    Me: Dani

    Age: 39, DH 44

    TTC since 5/08

    Losses: Missed M/C 12/08 and missed M/C 7/09

    Children: only 4 pawed furry ones, dog (Russell) Cat (Turtles)

    Live: Kansas City area

    Other: I have an OB appt tomorrow, hoping to discuss short cycles, 21-22 days, and short LP 10-11 days. Recently had trouble staying positive that I'll ever be a mom. Started acupuncture to help with my BP and mild depression and so far, it has helped tremendously!!!
    mpaul159 responded:
    Me: Misty

    Age: 28, DH 31

    TTC Since 2006

    Losses: 6 m/c's all before 6wks

    Children: None, just my furbaby kitties for now Tux and Gizzy

    Live: Hilton Head Island, SC

    Other: Clomid is driving me nuts with hotflashes, can't wait to POAS on Friday!!
    LindzRenee responded:
    Me: Lindsey

    Age: 31, DH 35

    TTC since: 11/8

    Losses: 3 MC's last year

    Children: None, we are at 10w with this one and just hoping that he/she sticks!

    Live: Nebraska!

    Other: I'm on this board way to much while at work. And I just can't leave. I found so much support here last year from all of you wonderful ladies, I just want to stay to see if I can give back!
    jamiejo78 responded:
    Me: Jamie

    Age: 31, DH 35

    TTC since: 2008

    Losses: Blighted ovum 09/08 and my twin daughters Faith and Jenna at 24 1/2 weeks on 7/26/2009 due to TTTS

    Children: 3 stepchildren- Cameron (12), Payten (8), and Reagan (6)

    Live: Southern Indiana

    Other: TWW is killing me. Hopefully this will be our cycle and I get a BFP this time! If not, then we just keep on having fun!
    ctina517 responded:
    Me: Christina

    Age: 29, DF 32

    TTC since: No longer ttc, but wanted to do this anyway ;-)

    Losses: 3 early m/c; lost DS at 25 weeks in 2008

    Children: None for me, DF has a 7 yr old daughter

    Live: Northern New Jersey

    Other: Kind of bummed about not being able to ttc, but looking forward to exploring the options of surrogacy and adoption.
    LindzRenee replied to ctina517's response:
    A girl I went to highschool with is currently a surrogate for a couple that she has never met. I follow her blog and it really truly is an amazing story...she is absouletly in love with the path she has chosen. Just thought I'd share that! :wink:
    ctina517 replied to LindzRenee's response:
    Thanks! I've had a friend and a cousin say they would do it for us, but it may have been just to be nice. Who knows if they would really do it once we're ready. That really is a tremendously giving thing to do.
    TeacherBeck responded:
    Me: Becky

    Age: 29, DH 36

    TTC since: 3/08

    Losses: BFP April '09 resulted in m/c DS Jackson @ 20 wks Aug '09

    Children: None, so so thankful for my kitty Clark Kent (see cute photo, left). Lotsa comfort :)

    Live: Georgia, near TN line (15 min from Chattanooga, TN)
    TeacherBeck replied to TeacherBeck's response:
    And Jaimiejo78, I just got back from a few days in Southern, IN... I used to live there and my whole family lives there still. Evansville, Chandler, Newburgh, Boonville... around that area.
    TanyaJP replied to TeacherBeck's response:
    Me: Tanya

    Age: 36, DH 36

    TTC since: 12/2006

    Losses: MC 9/2005, 2/2007, 2/2009 and 9/2009

    Children: son eric who i feel so blessed to have. he happened in between the 2/2007 loss and 2/2009 loss. he was conceived in june of 2007 and was born at 32 weeks 3 days in january of 2008. i'm pregnant again and am 15 weeks, 1 far, so good. i guess the pregnancy that stays is every third one.

    Live: Pittsburgh, PA

    Other: not much to say but i met a lot of good friends through this board...a lot that aren't here anymore but some are. i'm looking forward to finding out the sex of my new baby at the end of the month.
    ccjoy90 replied to TanyaJP's response:
    Me: Christina
    Age: 38, DH 38

    TTC since 1/07

    Losses: Mayah Joy was born 20 weeks too early on 11/30/09

    Children: 2 wonderful dogs, Riley and Tobey

    Live: Los Angeles area
    AMMLUVSTJM responded:
    Me: Amanda

    Ages: Me 27, DH 31 on sunday

    TTC since: August 2008

    Losses: M/C 05/06 (@ 4 weeks) and 02/09( @ 6 weeks 5 Days)

    Children: none except my 5 furbabies..Misty, Felix, Lacey, Oreo, and Skye

    Live: Currently in SW Pa moving home Central GA

    Other: I am moving back home in May. I can't stand Pa anymore..(no offence PA's) Oh and tested few days ago got a BFN and AF showed up yesterday. So starting over on CD 2.
    jamiejo78 replied to TeacherBeck's response:
    Really! I am originally from Evansville! I currently live in Vincennes now, which is where my DH is from. What a small world!

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