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    TTCAL *Getting to Know You* - 6/2
    BethAnn88 posted:
    This week's GTKY question is: How many different places have you lived in your life?

    My answer is rather boring. I've only lived in two different places. I spent the first 26 years of my life living in the same house on my parent's dairy farm in Ohio. Then I got married and moved to the area where my husband is from, which is in yet another very small town just 35 miles from where I was raised. And that's where I'm still at today. I never went very far from home but I can't imagine living anywhere else!
    Beth Ann (28) DH (30) TTC since 1/09 lost my angel 5/11/09 at 10 weeks
    cheyenne828 responded:
    Ooooh! Good one. Although my answer is boring too. I grew up in a small town in Western Mass, then went to college in New Hampshire, then moved to the Boston area where I've lived ever since. Funny thing is I love to travel and have been all over the US, but I really don't want to live any place other than New England!! It's all very nice to visit, but then I like to come right back home.
    Pam 36, DH 37 ~ TTC 1 ~ BFP 5/29/09, MC 7/7/09 ~ BFP 12/14/09, early MC 12/20/09
    cutenshort13 replied to cheyenne828's response:
    I am just as boring!

    I have lived in Salt Lake City, UT my whole life... Not very exciting. I would love to live on the east coast but the DH is attached to Utah for some silly reason. I don't enjoy snow and I'm not that big into hiking so there's nothing here to do... I did spend a summer in South Carolina and that was fun if you can call Basic Training with the Army fun. I'd love to go back to South Carolina.
    Me(21) DH (20) Rylie Taylor BFP 11/1/09 m/c 11/7/09. TTC since 5/10
    LindzRenee responded:
    Nebraska. Enough said. :sheepish:

    Lived here all of my life...DH and I don't plan on staying here forever but you never know.
    Me 31, DH 36 - MC's 3/4/9, 4/6/9 and 10/26/9 at 12w2d. BFP 2/18!!! Stick little one stick - Due 11/1/10
    ctina517 responded:
    I've lived in NJ all my life, but in 5 different places. I didn't grow up in the best of towns, so my mom moved us to a nicer area with better schools before I started HS. I stayed in that house until moving in with DF and we've moved 3 times so far!

    I would love, love, love to move to the Boston area. I've only been there once, but I didn't want to leave. I love all of New England actually. DF would love to stay here forever. I guess he can't move too far away from his DD.
    Christina (29) DF (32) 3 early M/C - DS Mason lost @ 25 weeks 5/17/08 - Currently TAB
    jedmonds12 responded:
    I lived in a small town in Oregon until my parents split when I was 13, then moved with mom just an hour north, right across the border in to Washington. Lived there until I went to college in Montana, and then came back after.
    DF and I just moved out of town a little way to the east and love it here. I still have to drive in to Portland for work though, which is a 40-50 minute commute. =(

    We'd really prefer to have some land further away from the Portland/Vancouver area where we can have some livestock and some ROOM. We're not really city people!
    Julie 26, DF 33, one MC 5/8/10 @ 7 wks
    brandib01 responded:
    well i have not been on here in a while but i am going to be optomistic so i am going to try to be more active.

    this is a good idea.

    i have lived 11 different places total. i am a navy brat so here goes. born in chicago, moved to south carolina then to virginia then 3 times in florida then finally to texas where i have moved a couple times twice with my parents then 3 times after graduation. i am in my house with my DH now but we are planning on moving again in about 2 years. you know starter home and all. hoping to need more space.. went to 7 different schools but its not so bad see yall couldn't imagine moving so much and i can't imagine being in one place that get cabin fever... ha ha.....
    ccjoy90 responded:
    Great question! I was born in Northern California, moved to Southern California in junior high, moved to India for high school years, then back to So Cal for college and that's where I stayed! I have family in Texas and I wouldn't mind moving there. Just have to convince DH who is CA born and bred! :)
    Me 38 DH 38 TTC since Jan 2007, only pregnancy resulted in the birth of Mayah Joy on 11/30/09, 20 weeks too early due to PPROM.
    Starla_94 responded:

    Lets See..

    I was Born in San Antonio Texas at Brooks Army Medical Center.. We were only there a few months when we moved to South Dakota for a short tile till my dad Tranfered in the Army to Baltimore, MD

    We were there for about 3 years? Then My dad got a Job with SHell and we moved to New Orleans, LA.. We were there till 1985 when we moved to Texas, (Houston Area) and have been here ever since.. (25 years) After i graduated High School in 94 i moved to Seguin Texas to go to school for a couple years before coming back home to the houston area..
    I got a job and dropped out of College for awhile.. I bought a Car, House, got married and had a baby all in about 1- 1 1/2 year time frame.. End 2001-2003 I sold my house after DH and I got back together after our 1 year Separation in 07.

    A neat little fact here is .. I"m currently living in the same house i lived in 25 years ago! :) My parents bought a new house and DH and I are currently renting their "old house" my house lol . DS is in my brothers room and hopefully my old room will be a Nursery SOON!
    Christina - 1 D/S Oct-2003, 1 M/C April 2010, ~oOo~ currently TTC 3 ~oOo~ come on BFP!! ~oOo~
    Starla_94 replied to cheyenne828's response:
    I tried to get a Job in Virgina for the longest time.. I loved it up there when i was there for a job thing in the FALL..

    i could never find a job tho. but i was desperatly trying to move out to the east coast for years! AFraid i'm Stuck in Texas .. LOLOL
    Christina - 1 D/S Oct-2003, 1 M/C April 2010, ~oOo~ currently TTC 3 ~oOo~ come on BFP!! ~oOo~
    ctina517 replied to Starla_94's response:
    Christina, that's so funny about living in your old house! When DF and I were looking for a place, he wanted to drive through his old neighborhood and we saw that the new owners were renting the house he grew up in! We lived there for almost a year. He loved it!
    Christina (29) DF (32) 3 early M/C - DS Mason lost @ 25 weeks 5/17/08 - Currently TAB
    Starla_94 replied to ctina517's response:
    hehe.. It was Werid at first "sleeing in my parents room" even with my furnature.. LOL but i got over that quick.. LOLOL..

    Its Cheap and nice and has a pool and i know the original and only owners of the house and its nice when something goes wrong with the house i can depend on dad to help me out. Even us paying for it doesn't matter Dad ususlaly knows how to fix it . LOL cause its been a problem before.

    The only thing i don't like is. it needs updating BAD!! ugh.. and i can't afford everythign i want to do with it.. and really just want to get into a newer House.. espeically before the pool pumps really start to have issues and need replacing.. its nearly time to Resurface the pool again.. (Might as well be buying a new pool to do that! UGH..

    WE are goin to do the Master Bath this year sometime... Parents already did the Kitchen but i want to take down the wallpaper border and stain the wood darker in there..

    right nwo it blends with my colors (burgandy's) so i'm not as concered with it.. however our bedroom is BLUE floral and i have Burgandy.. YICK!!! lolol

    My Dining room will be Sage when i remove the wall paper.. but might be easier to replace the sheetrock in there.. LOLOL wallpaper on top of wallpaper thatsbeen there for 25 years!! ugh..

    NOT COMING OFF>. pros couldn't even get it off hence why they wallpapered on top of wallpaper..

    However after the Huricane Ike we had no AC for 3 week and the paper in the materbath started to Peel off on its own so hoping maye the dining room will start to do that as well so i can get it off myself.. cheaper then hiring! :)
    Christina - 1 D/S Oct-2003, 1 M/C April 2010, ~oOo~ currently TTC 3 ~oOo~ come on BFP!! ~oOo~
    Shena1981 responded:
    I live in Southeastern MA. I lived in the same house until I was 21. I moved into my own apt about 10miles from my parents. When I got pg with DD 3 years ago DH and I moved to a bigger the same building :) I'm not all that exciting.

    DH works a little past Boston, so we've been considering moving closer. I would love to live in Southern California, but I don't know that I could ever leave MA
    cheyenne828 replied to Shena1981's response:
    Shena - I know the feeling about the hubby works in Burlington and we live in Quincy, he HATES the commute!!
    Pam 36, DH 37 ~ TTC 1 ~ BFP 5/29/09, MC 7/7/09 ~ BFP 12/14/09, early MC 12/20/09
    TanyaJP replied to cheyenne828's response:
    i've lived all over...i was born in steubenville, ohio and then we moved to charlotte, michigan right after i was born. my dad lost his job so we moved to union, south carolina (family lived there) but there were no jobs, so my dad moved to odessa, texas because he heard there were jobs there. after he moved and got situated he came for us. we lived there and then moved to goldsmith, texas (a very small ghost like it was a horrible experience had by all so we ended up moving to pennsylvania. we all stayed at different relatives (my mom's family lives in pa) until my mom and dad found a house in langeloth, pa (it's about 45 minutes south of pittsburgh) we lived there and burgettstown, pa (which is right next door to langeloth) from when i was in 4th grade until i graduated. well most of my family still lives out there. i moved to pittsburgh to go to the art institute and once i graduated from there, i moved to nashville tennessee looking for a job in the music/video business (my degree). that didn't work out so i moved back home. stayed there a while and then moved to pittsburgh again and have lived in several areas of pittsburgh (brentwood, shadyside, friendship, mt. washington, crafton/greentree, north side, beechview (2 different houses), back to north side and now in west end)...yes, i moved a lot and declare myself a professional
    Tanya (36), DH (36), DS (Eric-2), DSD (Cera-11) and DSS (Trent-13). Baby 2 on the way (Max-EDD 9/28/10). 4 angels in heaven with my daddy RIP.

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