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    Long Update
    prayforamiracle posted:
    I have missed you all so much, and think about you often. I'm still so crazy busy with work and classes, I have so little time for myself. They were not by choice, so that makes it harder. I'm hoping by the fall it will be better.

    I'm at a crossroads I think. So much is dictating that this is the end of our journey. Our ages, all the years of ttc with no success, etc, etc. With all the work load, there is no way I can see the RE right now and DH has pretty much ruled that out anyway. For the past few cycles, I have started having spotting. Not ovulation spotting either. I haven't had this problem till now, so it is another problem that has developed and will be added to the list of fertility problems we have. It is pretty much hopeless. I'm planning on stopping the Metformin at the end of this cycle. It hasn't helped at all and I do not want to take this medication for no reason. This medication is also given to people with diabetes. Also I didn't get to post about it, but November marked six years ttc total. That was incredibly hard.

    I just feel like its depressing for everyone to see me here and get discouraged by my story. I want everyone that comes to this board to be hopeful.
    Prayforamiracle-Me(37)Dh(44)TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in miscarriage in 7/07. Dealing with MFI. Anovulatory and irregular cycles due to PCOS. 1st IUI 1/12=BFN, 2nd IUI 2/12=BFN
    vybe77 responded:
    Pray, the very first thing I want to do is give you a great big ((hug))...
    I've been through my own share of heartache in this TTC business but I still know that it must be terribly difficult for someone who doesn't get to be a mom to keep going..6 years is a long time and I hope that if you and DH do stop that maybe a little miracle might come along..
    With all that being said I again want to reiterate that you do NOT depress us, or take any hope away from us when you drop by the contrary I have always looked to you for strenght.. I've looked at you in the past few years of "knowing you" and thought that you are an incredibly strong woman with a great sense of humour and a big heart..w/o wanting this to sound all wrong I would look to you also thinking if Pray can keep going then so can I, you really have (for me) been a pillar in these last few years and I honestly can say that had I not found all these amazing women I have met here I might not be as strong as I am today...
    If you decide to stop dropping in I will understand, we all will but we'll also miss you terribly Pray...
    I think of you often and hope nothing but the best of happiness for you Pray and I hope we get lucky enough to still have you here too
    ((hugs)) again my friend <3
    Let life be a journey of love
    Emily, Kody, Maxim xo
    l8dsheena responded:
    I agree with vicky, it's not depressing to see you here at all. you give me more hope than those who can get pregnant within a few months after a loss...
    Pray, I can't pretend I know what you're going through, and I haven't been a member here for a long time...but I will be very sad if you left completely. I hope that you do what's best for you will be in my prayers...lots of hugs <3
    Myself (Katie, 29) and DH(31) Praying and trying for a 4th child for 3 years. 1 missed m/c @ 17 weeks, D/C 3 weeks later on 5/11/12.
    As Aragorn says, there's always hope.
    shanastash responded:
    from the very first day of me coming to this group, before all of the rediculous changes webmd made, i have always looked to you for advise and wisdom! you always make me smile with your updates because they are so hopeful, never sounding depressed in any way. you always great each new woman who comes here with an open heart.

    if you decide that your next journey is no longer TTC, please stop by to check on us! we NEED to hear from you, I need to hear from you! we love you, you have touched each one of us in different way, in ways you will never know.

    i truly believe that god, or fate!, brings people into our lives when we need them the most, and in my case, i needed you! i just wanted to tell you that, since i don't think i ever said it before!

    good luck in your journey, be it TTC or not. we love you!
    Shana-29, Darrin-31, angel baby (fishie-14w5d) 10.10.09. Dx: MTHFR and FV Leiden. BFP 3.12.10 DD 11.16.10 Rx: Lovenox 40 mg (when pg), baby asprin, 1000 mcg folic acid... and PRAYERS!
    babyj1017 responded:
    Pray, I am so, so sorry for all that you have gone through. You truly are an incredible person and have given so much love and support. Please, don't ever think you are depressing or discouraging to this community. You are the polar opposite. A true example of strength, faith and hope.

    We are all here for you. To be your strength and support as your journey unfolds, no matter where it may lead.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for comfort and guidance for you. God bless you.
    Jenny (31), DH (34), DD (7/2006), DS (6/2008), m/c (6/2012), m/c (9/2012)
    teacherbeck responded:
    I agree with all the other ladies, Pray. You are such an encouragement, in fact I am rather disappointed when I drop by and can't find a recent update from you. You are always so encouraging and sweet, and then to worry about how your story might affect others is just the very reason we love you so much! You are supportive and giving and a huge asset to any woman who stops by here needing a listening ear during a very difficult time.
    I think of you often and have been praying along with you for the past few years, and I still hope and pray that you WILL get your little miracle after all. I know that even just a few years of ttc was a weary and emotional journey, I know you have been though so much... I hate that for you and wish I could change it. ((((((hugs)))))) and I am continuing to pray, and will continue to check in on you... it makes me sad to think we would lose touch as I do think of you as a friend though we have never met! Please know you are a light to this board and not a discouragment! We all have seasons when things are harder than we can handle and we need a place to let it out, we are here for you PLEASE don't feel like you have to reserve or hide your trials for the sake of others... what YOU are going through matters to us, even when its not pretty. (((((Hugs))))
    Becky(31) DH(38); 1 furbaby: Clark Kent

    TRIGGS: After 1yr TTC bfp april'09 lost @20wks precious ^Jackson 8-06-09^ TTCAL grad, sweet Juliet born 12-10-10 Praise God! Baby 3 BFP May 2012 due Jan 2013
    ani05 responded:
    Pray it's so nice to see you here.We've been missing you.It's not depressing at all to see you here,you are a great encouragement and super helpful.I really hope to see you here again.
    Ani(31),DH(31),DD(6),Furbaby(3).TTC for baby no.2 since 05/2009.BFP on 03/02/2011,M/C on 03/11/2011.BFP on 04/12/2012,M/C on 05/02/2012.
    prayforamiracle responded:
    Thank you all so very much for all the kind, kind words. I can not express what they meant to me. I have met so many amazing people here, and I'm so thankful for that. I think about all I have met and so happy that almost all, but a few have went on to have baby(ies). It does break my heart, that I will be one of those few that will not get to experience that. I don't know how I'm going to deal with that.
    Prayforamiracle-Me(37)Dh(44)TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in miscarriage in 7/07. Dealing with MFI. Anovulatory and irregular cycles due to PCOS. 1st IUI 1/12=BFN, 2nd IUI 2/12=BFN
    bethann88 replied to prayforamiracle's response:
    Pray, I'm sorry I didn't check in sooner, but wanted to send you some love as well. I know during my time here, you were always the first to offer encouragement and a kind word and I want you to know much that meant a lot to me. I still think of you often and pray that you'll get your miracle. But whatever direction you decide to go from here, I hope you'll find peace and happiness. (((HUGS)))
    Beth Ann(31), DH(33). TTC since 1/09. Two angel babies, 5/11/09 (10wks), 6/28/11 (5wks). Dx'd w/ endo 12/10. 1 failed IUI 4/11. Surprise BFP 7/22/11. DS born 3/30/12

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    me(25) Travis(22) m/c 1 5weeks 12/26/10 ttc 9/10

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