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    Just need women who understand!!!!
    An_251656 posted:
    Hello I am new to the discussion but like many of you have been down the road of losing a baby. My husband and I lost our little girl Michaela on November 23, 2012. I was 35wks and she was born sleeping. They have no real answers for why this happened. She was perfect 4lbs 13oz. It has been 5 months now and we are doing our best to cope with the loss. I am constantly around pregnant ppl which does not help. My sil is due in May with her second baby. My other sil,had her baby boy 3 weeks before I had Michaela. I also work with a friend who is due in May. We are trying for another baby and have had no luck I realize another baby will never replace Michaela it is just so hard to divert that need to mother. We have been trying for about 3 months. The first time it took us 4 months. I have never been on birth control and was just curious if anyone else had trouble after their loss getting pregnant again? I am sorry for each of you who have suffered in this way. May God bring you comfort. .
    ani05 responded:
    I am so sorry for you loss. You found the right place here,we all understand what you are going through.
    There has been ladies here that have gotten pregnant on the first month after their loss and it has taken longer for others.
    Don't be discouraged,I hope you'll get your BFP soon .(((HUGS)))
    Ani(31),DH(31),DD(6),Furbaby(3).TTC for baby no.2 since 05/2009.BFP on 03/02/2011,M/C on 03/11/2011.BFP on 04/12/2012,M/C on 05/02/2012.
    l8dsheena responded:
    I'm very sorry you lost your little girl...I know it's rough when everyone around you seems to be having babies, and you're still in mourning. ((hugs))
    3 months is not a very long time to be worried when trying again. I got so tired of women telling me "oh, I'm sorry, I lost a baby too.....but then I got pregnant 5 weeks later, so that was a healing blessing!!". I lost my son almost a year ago, and have been trying since July of last year. I don't want to discourage you though since my problem has to do with DH's low sperm count. If you had no problem getting pregnant the first time, I would say your chances of getting pregnant soon are very high!!
    Keep hoping and praying, I hope God blesses you with a little one soon <3
    Myself (Katie, 29) and DH(31) Praying and trying for a 4th child for 3.5 years. 1 missed m/c @ 17 weeks, D/C 3 weeks later on 5/11/12.
    As Aragorn says, there's always hope.
    Michaelasmom23 replied to ani05's response:
    Thanks Ani05 for your kind words. I really appreciate it. (((Hugs))) to you as well. I can see you have been through a lot too. I am sorry for the losses of your precious babies.. May I ask are you still trying too? If so I hope you get a BFP real soon. Thanks again for your response.
    Michaelasmom23 replied to l8dsheena's response:
    Hey Katie, I am also Katie lol. Thanks for your kind words. Not that I am happy that more women had to go through this but it is nice to meet people who understand. Wow how wonderful that you were blessed only 5 weeks later. That is awesome.. I know I am probably stressing too which is probably not helping. I'm trying to focus my attention elsewhere but it is easier said than done. My AF has been taking time to regulate again too, so I am sure that has a lot to do with it. I will say a prayer for you and your DH that God blesses you soon with number 4!!
    ani05 replied to Michaelasmom23's response:
    No problem at all, that's why we are here to help each other in the journey to conceive. I am still trying to conceive, hopefully one day I'll get a BFP. Thank you so much for the nice words Katie.
    Ani(31),DH(31),DD(6),Furbaby(3).TTC for baby no.2 since 05/2009.BFP on 03/02/2011,M/C on 03/11/2011.BFP on 04/12/2012,M/C on 05/02/2012.

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