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    Peeing on Dandelion leaves to determine PG... Seriously.. read this :)
    Starla_94 posted:
    [blockquote> [blockquote> [blockquote>Found this online at

    I read online that I can pee on dandelion leaves and they will develop red blisters if I'm pregnant. Is this true? I didn't make this one up, I swear. In case you're not up to speed (up to weed? this statement has turned up on trying-to-conceive (TTC) message boards across the Internet:

    FAIL SAFE TEST!! this is going to sound wierd but there is a plant that will solve all ur problems You need to find a Dandelion Flower (weed actually) with very large leaves pluck as many leaves off as many dandelions as you can find you need the leaves not the flower top take them home now in the morning urinate on two of the leaves then wait about an hour if RED BLISTERS appear your pregnant ok store the other leaves in something they wont dry out in. It is about 99% acurate even if your only about 2 weeks late but I read ur thing if your as far along as you say you should only have to wait about 10 mins but give it about an hour just incae now I fail every pregnancy test on the planet even when I was swollen huge pregnant and the doctor could hear the heart beat I still failed haha but the dandelions worked for me feel free to post this where ever it will be helpful to women like us also I do not take any medacations at all so maybe the failing the tests is just natural with me please also feel free to e-mail me any time with Questions at [e-mail address>
    [/blockquote>[/blockquote>[/blockquote>As I told those who e-mailed me, I wouldn't be completely surprised if something happened. An ancient Egyptian papyrus recommends that women urinate on barley and wheat, and if they grow, it means she is pregnant (and furthermore, it can predict her baby's sex-- barley growth is a boy, wheat a girl.) In 1963 someone actually tested this and found that about 70% of the time, pregnant urine does promote plant growth (though not sex-specific to the baby.) Non-pregnant female urine and male urine did not promote plant growth. So, overall, the notion that pregnant urine may react with plants is not a new concept.
    And so, in the interest of science . . . I peed on a weed. I took a pregnancy test and ovulation test as a "control." I am not pregnant and not ovulating. I observed the dandelion leaves at 10 minutes and 1 hour as specified in the "FAIL SAFE TEST!!" instructions. The leaves looked . . . wet, and nothing else happened. I repeated the experiment on leaves from a completely different dandelion, just to be sure. Also nothing. The leaves were freshly picked so they were not dried out. So far, so good-- non-pregnant, non-blistered leaves.
    A few days later, I had my newly pregnant friend try it out for me. We calculated from a blood test she had awhile ago that she had about 40,000 mIU/mL of hCG in her system when she peed on a weed. (For comparison's sake, a sensitive HPT usually detects 25 mIU or less; the least sensitive commercial HPT detects 100.) She took a pregnancy test as a control-- very positive. Again, we used leaves from 2 completely different dandelions, freshly picked. We observed them at 10 minutes and 1 hour. And . . .
    . . . nothing. Apparently the "FAIL SAFE TEST!!" can be failed. So unless we happened to get a bunch of defective dandelions, it appears the dandelion test does not work.
    I also researched this concept online, and found no mention of it beyond women repeating or re-posting the original message above. You might have better luck reading tea leaves instead . .
    Christina - 1 D/S Oct-2003, 1 M/C April 2010, ~oOo~ currently TTC 3 ~oOo~ come on BFP!! ~oOo~
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    Starla_94 responded:
    Found this and thought i'd share.. LOLOL anyone here try this??
    Christina - 1 D/S Oct-2003, 1 M/C April 2010, ~oOo~ currently TTC 3 ~oOo~ come on BFP!! ~oOo~
    Crystallovesdaniel replied to Starla_94's response:
    I tried the dandelion pregnancy test and the inner part of my leaves turned a dark red.

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    Peeing on Dandelion leaves to determine PG... Seriously.. read this :)
    [blockquote> [blockquote> [blockquote> Found this online at I read ... More
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