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    Scared...My first IVF :-S
    crooklynbabygirl posted:
    I am currently starting my first IVF. I don't know what to expect. Quick background: Had one IUI that failed, docs found I had infection in my fallopian tubes, had surgery to clear that infection/blockage but now my tubes are damaged due to the extensive surgery. Docs felt that IVF is the best plan. I am on 6 follistim a day (75iu-3morn/3evening). Today is my 5th day of my period, so far one follicle forming but the doc said it is still soon. Hubby sperm is okay. I am 39yrs old/TTC since 2007. I have one fur baby named Munchy

    Any advice, words of wisdom or anything I should expect? I feel like I can't think of anything else right now. Was feeling positive but scared "what if it don't work" *sigh*
    angellove9 responded:
    Hello Crooklyn,
    im new to this sight but felt itw as a good idea. Im just starting my injections for IVF with a hopeful retrieval next week. im on 125 iu's of follistim 1 cc of menapur and now 1 carpule of gonarelex. they told me last week at my baseline (1st day of my period) that i had 17 premature follicles. So with the injections that will stimulate more follicles . This is my first IVF cycle. I do pray and hope that the embryos are healthy and striving so if a fresh cycle doesnt work then we still have the option to freeze and try a transfer the following month. Im too trying to stay positive but you cant help but to think"what if"..i guess its only natural to think like this. Im here if you or anyone needs to chat or Vent a.ka. (bitch) . so thanx for letting me vent to.
    crooklynbabygirl replied to angellove9's response:
    Hi Angellove!!!

    This is like speaking a whole new language...there is medicines and words that I can't spell pronounce and never heard of LOL!! I like to keep a sense of humor, it's keeps me from getting scared/sad/depressed which I am trying not to. Does your insurance pay for this? We were blessed to have our insurance pay for everything (besides co-payment for visits at the docs, which is understandable) and including meds (follistim, progesterone, ganirelix and something else they put me on, repronex) I only have to find out if they cover the suppositories...UGH, I feel like a drug addict. Do you give the needles to yourself? That was hard and it seems like EVERY medication is an injection, I was hoping for at least one pill I can pop LOL! is what it is. I pray all goes well w/u and your journey with this. Keep me updated as I will keep you updated with me. I hope you have a strong support system around you that can keep you positive when you are feeling down. On Wed there was only one follicle developing in my right ovary, the left side was nothing, now today I went back and two are developing on the left side, they want at least 4-5 hopefully it's a go. I need to ask about freezing and trying next cycle b/c I didn't realize that was an option, everything is going so fast and although my docs and the clinics is good there is no class here you have to learn on the spot and quick! Phew!!!

    Keep in touch!
    macsandi responded:
    Hi, I am in the same boat.
    I am 37, and have been TTC for 3.5 yrs too,
    We are starting our journey of IVF shortly, and as well, so scared.
    Perhaps we can chat on here to swop experiences.
    Have you had any tests yet and are you on the way? We are having to wait for my next cycle to do the first set of tests. I am so scared.
    Fingers crossed for both of us.
    crooklynbabygirl replied to macsandi's response:
    Hi Ladies,

    *Le sigh*-Well I can't do the IVF b/c I did not produce enuff eggs this cycle...UGH *sniffle* but for some reason since they didn't want to "waste a cycle" so to speak the docs suggested I do another IUI...HUH??? I thought my tubes weren't really that good for it but according to them I guess it shouldn't be counted out so last week Thursday I did one, then they did another one on Friday. Fingers crossed X but I just don't know what to expect anymore. I've been down this road before and so looked forward to the IVF but we shall see...Hope you ladies are doing well and best of wishes to you on your journey, and what a journey this is.
    hopingforprego replied to crooklynbabygirl's response:
    Hi ladies-
    My situation is that I have been pregnant before and miscarried four years ago, with my first husband. My husband (now) and I have been trying for about 1 1/2 years to no avail. My obgyn did lots of blood work to check my hormone levels and also had an HSG (falopean tube test). All tests came back normal, so I am now going for a consultation with a Fertility Specialist May 4. I attended a seminar that this doctor had a month or so ago and asked LOTS of questions. After I told her that my husband is 40 and I am 37, she suggested IVF, right away! Our insurance does not pay for anything after diagnosis of Infertility : (. We are prepared to pay for it, but we wont be able to do it more than once. The next cycle starts June 1, 2010, and we hope that we can get in on that one! I wish everyone luck and please say a pray for us as well! Any info you can put out there is GREAT!!!!
    valerieharrison responded:
    Hi Crooklyn,

    I went through the IVF procedure as the donator. I donated my eggs to one of my family members and I must say that it was very hard to go through that process. I could only imagine the way you must be feeling.

    My aunt felt the same way that you are feeling now. But she did everything that the doctors said to do and she now has triplet boys

    My advice to you is to keep yourself as calm as possible. Making yourself stressed is going to put strain on your body.

    And to all the other women that have responded to Crooklyn's post just keep your heads up
    beachmommy5406 replied to valerieharrison's response:
    What a great discussion! I just posted about this too! I met with our fertility doc today and because of my history of endometriosis, and now because of that, only having one ovary, we are starting with IVF rather than trying anything else first. We too, are lucky that our insurance pays for everything. Next week (my next cycle) we begin doing all of our tests. I'll be also doing a clomid challenge and having a hysteroscope (sp).

    Thank you Crooklyn for posting! Best of luck to all of you. I think it would be great to be able to check in with one another here now and again. I imagine that we will all need to chat with others having the same experiences! Especially since we all seem to be near the beginning of this IVF journey.
    hopingforprego replied to beachmommy5406's response:
    I just wanted to let everyone out there know, that we got the thumbs up for IVF, beginning June 4th and we were SHOCKED to know that retreival would be June 15th. We had thought all along that this process would be a LONG 2-3 months process?? I will keep you all posted, Good luck to all you mommy-to-be's!!
    hopingforprego replied to macsandi's response:
    Good Luck to you!! I am 37 years old as well, and have been trying to conceive for close to two years. So far, unexplained. Due to my 7.8 FSH level. My husband and I, and our RE have decided to follow through with IVF beginning June 4th. I will keep you posted. Please keep me posted as well!! : )
    dparrow responded:
    Hi crooklyn...I started IVF last month and we had to scrap the cycle. Started all the meds this month and had our egg retrieval on Saturday and go back tomorrow for Embryo transfer. I have 3 embryos and am pretty excited but obviously nervous about it. I was on the follistim and menopur. I just realized that when it's meant to be, it'll happen. I wish you good luck and send baby dust!!!! Just stay calm (which trust me is easier said than done) and relax!!!! Do what the doctor tells you to do!! It'll be great!!! That end result!!!

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