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    4yrs TTC running out of faith
    ttc_06 posted:
    my husband and i have tried for 4yrs+ to conceive and we have not had luck. i have taken clomid and other combination but no success, and neither one of us wants to take fertility test (to hard to bare negative news). we tell everyone were taking a break of trying but i secretly hope and i know he does too even if he wont tell me. Any other procedure is out of our price range and i am to depressed lately (especially during mothers day) and i am losing hope and faith of ever having kids I know I'm pretty young to think that way (25yrs old) but its easy to lose hope, has anyone out there been in our situation and conceived, i guess i'm wishing its possible.
    mendezwife responded:
    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, I personally don't understand what your going husband & I just started trying 3 months ago & nothing yet. But Do Not Loose Faith & the best advice I can lend to you is, Pray for it. Children are a blessing & He will bless you when the time is right for you.
    If you pray & understand that everything in our life happens for a reason & purpose at the right time. Just bc you want it now, doesn't mean it's right. (Which is something I learned!) Pray for every woman who is discouraged month after month, but ask for it & pray that you are healthy & God is just getting a lil cutie ready for you, when it's time! Good luck & I hope you are blessed soon! :)
    Alison_McAllister responded:
    I'm sorry that things have not been going well for you, but you should go and talk to your doctor. You are a young woman which is in your favor, but if you have really tried for 4 years, there is something else going on. Have they checked you for PCOS, or thyroid problems? These are common causes for infertility and make you not respond to clomid. Has your husband had a sperm analysis? They are about $100. Go find some answers. Your doctor will work with you, but the statistics say you need to look outside for some help at this point. I bet you find it. Good luck.
    An_226539 responded:
    My husband and I have been married for eight years and we have never done any thing to stop us from conceiving. We recently decided to see the doctor to see if there is anything wrong Medically.It took us years to come to the point of being ready to have the test done. Every test we have had so far has come back normal. We are currently getting ready to start our third month of clomid. I can totally under stand the frustration and the depression that come along with the negative pregnancy test results. We still have not conceived yet but are hopeful that one day that we will. I wish you and your husband all the best of luck in trying to conceive.
    cjl0510 responded:
    I work in radiology where we do a test called a hysterosalpingogram. This test we just put dye up into the uterus to see if the tubes are open. We have had people come in who haven't been able to get pregnant.. and we notice that there is something that can easily be fixed by a simple surgery... I also had an aunt who tried for a baby for 7 years. They then adopted a little boy, and the next month they found out they were pregnant! I guess the stress of having a baby went away and so she was able to relax, and that helped I suppose. Don't give up hope, and keep us updated!
    ladybella323 responded:
    My husband and I tried for about 4 yrs. as well. All I could think about was having a baby. My Husband wound up having major back surgery and my mother went in a coma all at the same time. I didn't have time to think about having a baby and wound up getting pregnant shortly after. So it does help not to think about i though it is damn hard, I know. Now we are trying for #2 and have been trying for a year so I am back in the sae boat but am hopeful. Good luck to both of us! I feel your pain!! :(
    bexster15 responded:
    I completely understand. I am also 25 and had the same problem. We tried for 2 years to conceive before we got pregnant. I am currently almost 7 months pregnant. I recommend going to see a gynocologist, which is what we did. He found out I had something called PCOS which makes it very difficult to become pregnant with out treatment. I started taking metformin. I have a very severe case of PCOS and within a year of taking metformin I was pregnant. I also have a friend with a less severe case and she got pregnant after 6 months of seeing the dr. There is hope!!! :) My husband and I also made ourselves be preoccupied with other things to get our mind off of it. That helped tremedously! It's hard but you can do it. Keep your hopes up and talk to a gynecologist about PCOS, if you haven't already!

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