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    Trying to conceive at 34...
    mamabuzz posted:
    Hi all- I am 34 and my husband and I are about to start trying for #2. I was wondering how many of you are trying to conceive and you are 34+? I have a complex over having a baby at 34 and don't know if I am being irrational or if I should indeed be worried? Any advice would help!
    FaithCyril responded:
    I am 35 years of age and thought I would never try at this point, but we decided we are doing invitro in February and will probably do it again a year after that child is born and then be done. I have a 16 year old and a 5 year old. I think being in your 30's is fine, I know plenty of people who have had children in their 30's and some even 40's.
    Maintanenceman1 responded:
    I'm 38 & my wife is 36. We have 3 kids already with one miscarriage due to my wife's appendix raptured. We looking at trying for 4th child in Feb or March at which time my wife will be 37. Don't stress about it just let it happen. A helpful hint start having sexual intercourse just after you get done with the bleeding part of your cycle every other night for 10 days & see what happens. keep us updated
    foreverandeveramen responded:
    Well...My husband and I are ttc our second and I am only 22.We have been trying for like six months..I think that its great that you are having a baby at 34 I honestly think that there are a lot of mothers that are just to young to have children. Kudos to you! I think as long as your healthy and your ready there should be nothing to stop you! Good Luck.
    FrenchBulldogMom responded:
    I turn 35 at the end of the month. My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years and I'm not worried about being over 34 and being a mom. I am worried about never being able to have a baby. It sucks that the cost of my procedures will go up when I have my birthday because I'll be 35 (Oh the horror!). IVF is $3k more for 35-40 year olds than 30-34 year olds.
    scpmac responded:
    I am 32yrs old adn my husband is 33yrs old. he has fathered 2 children from previous relationships but we are ttc now. in jan. i had an ectopic preg. which led to a d&c then just this month my gy decided to do a hysterscopy & laporoscopy to check for tubal damage or blockage, scarring, endometrosis..thankfully he found nothing out of order. My menstrual is irregular thogh, however we are still trying...i kind of feel like why should we have to pay for something that should be happening naturally.
    Maintanenceman1 replied to Maintanenceman1's response:
    Well here it almost April we have started trying for #4. nothing yet. We'll keep trying for #4. We probably start this coming weekend.
    Anon_230222 responded:
    33 and "trying"...I made sure I was at a healthy weight, exercising and eating well way before we started. I'm not sure it will make a difference now, but it did with baby #1 at 31.
    fschuetz responded:
    My husband is 34 and I am 33 we are trying for baby # 2. I say go for it. If it is meant to be then God will make it happen.
    linda_twaka responded:
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