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    I saw a post called confessions that was pretty cool. Maybe we can have one too! But all of theres are pego confessions. Ours can be trying to get prego confessions.
    An_226597 posted:
    No judging.
    I will start.
    1) I am jelous of everyone on here that is prego.
    2) I am forcing my husband to concieve right now even though he says were not ready. (speak for yourself)
    3) I was suppose to take my DH cat to the pound and I jsut dropped it off in a naborhood. the pound was an hour and twenty minutes away.
    An_226598 responded:
    I like your idea...OK, ahem (deep breath)...

    1) Similar to your #1, I'm jealous of my brother and his girlfriend having a baby -- mainly for two reasons: First is that since we were raised the same way I expected him to wait till they were married (apart from the fact that she is still married but separated and already has a kid) (also, I am not judging anyone who does have kids out of wedlock)... and my Second reason, my niece looks just like me and although only 7 months, she is a lot like me.

    I've been wanting kids for a long time, since I was like 5 I knew I wanted to be a mother, but I've been patient... I love to travel and party, I've been w the same man for 6 years, (I'm 26) we just got married (4months), and this is the first time I'm telling anyone, we will be TTC next month. This leads me to my 2nd, confession...

    2) I have never done so much research and been so ORGANIZED until now. I've already been to my OB/GYN/midwife, I've priced out prenatal vitamins online and in stores, I've looked at ideas and reviews of cribs and strollers, eco-friendly diapers, - you name it I've looked at it...except clothes, I feel those I can wait until I've conceived...

    3) I'm petrified of not being able to conceive, but keep reminding myself not to stress and just let it happen. I've always believed things happen when they're meant to happen and I've always tried to go with the flow of life. But I am really looking forward to the experience of carrying a child. I plan to stay busy (work and fun and exercise) and not let myself put too much thought into it, just enjoy the fun it takes to make that baby!

    Whew...that's it... for now...
    luciarsmith replied to An_226598's response:
    Just like you ladies I am jealous of my sisters/brother & friends that have children. I have been wanting to have children ever since I can remember. I never have been pregnant but I am trying to get prego now, I become very depressed when I find out that I am not with child.

    My husband tells me to relax that it will happen but I cant help but to think that something is wrong with me. Everytime we are intimate after we are done I make him just lay there for about 5 mins so I can make sure that it is in there.

    He thinks that I may be prego now but im not si sure about it. Im tired of getting my hopes up and than again have to be disappointed......

    nugget87 replied to luciarsmith's response:
    Just like everybody else...I am jealous of pregnant women. Mainly my husband's friend's wife. We both got pregnant at the same time last December...but my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. She just delivered her baby boy two days ago. Secretly I found joy in knowing she was in labor for over 13 hours. It's awful I know, but it's hard because of the situation.

    This is our second month TTC, and I really hope it happens. But I have been so stressed planning a wedding for my brother-in-law and getting ready to go back to school and such that I am afraid it won't...

    It is good to know there are others out there!!

    Baby dust to all!!
    ch1984 replied to nugget87's response:
    1.) just like every other person trying to conceive i am jealous. i recently found out my cousin who got married in nov. and was sent to afghanistan was home for 2 weeks the week after my wedding and him and his wife managed to get pregnant. i'm also upset cause my husbands friends are trying for their 2nd child and i'm afraid they will conceive before us. i know its not a race but we just got married and i feel we should be trying not them.
    2.) this is our first offical month of trying since the first month was our wedding month and i think we did it past ovulation. and last month my period came 10 days early ( thinking no ovulation) so here i am in my 2 week wait thinking i have every symptom in the book but deep down am worrying that i won't be able to conceive or carry a child.
    3.) I have always wanted childen as long as i can remember. i work in daycare and have recently found myself job hunting. cause it will hurt so bad to watch kids if i can't have my own.

    I feel so much better. ugh! and to think i once thought it was so easy to get pregnant. until i started trying.
    An_226599 responded:
    1) I made up an excuse not to go to my friends baby shower because I woke up that morning and just could not face it. Everytime I see an old friend on facebook and they are pregnant I want to punch them.

    2) I think I'm giving myself fake pregnancy symptoms about a week before my period.

    3) When I get my period I cry and then go drink myself stupid.

    4) The cat thing makes me think less of you as a person.
    An_226600 replied to An_226599's response:
    I completely understand your feelings. I work at a daycare and I'm so jealous of all the mothers I have to see everyday.

    1)Everytime I hear about someone I know being pregnant or see an old friend with their baby I just want to scream. Each time I'm late and then wind up getting my period I just die inside.

    2) My guy is ready but we're having relationship troubles right now and thats making it mentally and emotionally harder.

    3) I'm so scared that i won't be able to conceive. We have tried a little recently but no luck.

    Glad to know I'm not alone. Best wishes to all of you!
    KN510 responded:
    1) I wanted a baby, nine years ago! It hasn't been easy since.
    2) I think DH's ex didn't need another child. She got pregnant, three months after DH and I married and we have custody of the kids they had together.
    3) Before I met DH, my ex told me he didn't want marriage and kids, then got a girl pregnant.
    4) We're TTC post vasectomy-reversal; doctor says 3 months minimum and up to two years of trying. I hope he's wrong.
    5) Sometimes I think my own child will behave better than my stepson's. I'm hoping DH and I will have it easier, when our baby is their age (they'll be adults by then).
    6) I'm not jealous anymore... now I'm becoming selfish.
    ME (29), DH (33), STEPSON'S (9
    An_226601 responded:
    I know the feeling. I am jealous of all the prego women, the women who are prego by accident, the ones who we know do not make quality mothers, the teenage girl who is unwed and still in high school. I am jealous because they are in a position that i am not. They are carrying their unborn child. Meanwhile i'm taking ferility drugs to help with ovulation and guess what i'm still not pregrenant. Talk about frustrated and angry. Not to mention that I was just layed off so i have no health insurance at the moment which means no medical coverage for the Dr.'s visits. Two of my friends have had abortions and I look at them with disguise. If they only knew my struggle what i would give to be a mother. I just recently realized that i am not ovualting, there is normally 35-45 days between my menstrual cycles. At what point do you just get tired and throw in the towel? It's not like i am getting any younger, currently 32 and happily married.
    An_226602 replied to An_226601's response:
    #1 I hate being around my sister inlaw and brother inlaw because they have a cute little 3 month old baby! They are such bad parents to. Very young and imature. Do not no how to take care of him. Poor baby!

    #2 I am so sick of spending all this money on meds and copays and everything to get pregnant instead of buying it for our baby!!
    Anon_1981 responded:
    1. I am sooo jealous of anyone pregnant right now, and I swear now that I'm TTC EVERYONE around me is pregnant. My best friend is "devestated" because she's pregnant with her third child (I get that her and her husband only wanted two kids, but I just want to smack her everytime she bitches about it.) My cousin was all excited when she first found out I was infertile because so was she! Oh, except she wound up preggo a month after she got married, and now she's already on her second. I'm even jealous of my husband's ex-wife because all she had to do was lie and say she was on birth control and it took one second for her to get pregnant.
    2. I'm frustrated and bitchy all the time. I take it out on my husband when I know I shouldn't. But we've been TTC for over two years now and I feel like I'm almost at the end of my rope.
    3. I take it out on my stepdaughter too. It makes things soooo much worse when she's at my house, just a reminder that this isn't my husband's problem, it's ALL me.
    4. And yes, every time I get my period, I cry and drink myself stupid. Planning on doing that tonight in fact....
    An_226603 replied to Anon_1981's response:
    I can completely identify. I have a stepchild as well. And I take the frustration of not being able to get pregrenant out on my husband and stepson as well. Things are worse because when the step child is around it reminds you that you are not able to get pregrenant or share the bond that a child and parent have, You really just feel like a 3rd party and keep secretly wishing each month that you will become pregrenant only to be disappointed month after month.
    smileygurl2313 replied to luciarsmith's response:
    I know the feeling, Sometimes all i would do is cry because of the fear that my husband would get tired of it, but we have learned to relax a little I would still do anythign to conceive but treatment right now is a little to expensive so hoping it will happen on its own and if not with in a yr or less get treatment. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get your little bundle of joy :D
    An_226604 replied to smileygurl2313's response:
    I am so FREAKING glad I am not the only one :\ ... I have also wanted to be a mother for a long time, they have always told I am "MOTHER MATERIAL" what ever that means...
    #1 My [email protected]#% * sister-in-law is pregnant [email protected]!#% smokes weed and drinks for a living!!! then she gets pregnant she will be due arounf Jan or Feb 2011, I am clean I do not smoke or drink and I have been trying for 8 months now >_<.
    #2 My DH's 16 now 17 year old cousin got pregnant had her baby and she can't even handle the [email protected]#$ respocibility her mommy does Grrrr.
    #3 My DH's friend's wife is also pregnant and also due either Jan or Feb ever since she got pregnant she thinks she is to good to hang out with us "non-pregnant" women
    I am happy they will be mothers but damn I hate how I can't get pregnant yet
    Uducknk responded:
    I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only person out there!

    I've taken Depo Provera right after my Husband and I got married, and I took it straight for a year, not knowing that my chances of conceiving could be so hard. It's been just over a year now, and still isn't getting any easier.

    Silly of me this month with superstition and karma that I thought I COULD be pregnant. My fortune from my favorite Chinese food place said that, "Soon, you will receive pleasant news." I thought, low and behold, this could be the month for us! However, again, we have another month to try our magic!

    MY Confession:

    1. I, too, am extremely jealous of women having babies. Women talking about babies, having babies. Almost anything. I get jealous of. This topic I'm most pissed about is the women that CAN have children, and sometimes shouldn't.

    2. My Husband. He's sweet and supportive now, telling me that it will happen for us and to just be patient. I can't help thinking how much longer he will feel this way. He wouldn't, but I can't help thinking that he would leave me if I couldn't conceive.

    3. I'm PETRIFIED that I won't be able to get pregnant.

    4. I always thought that it would be easy to get pregnant, until I was the one that started to try. I've been preventing pregnancy since I was 17. I never imagined that it would be THIS difficult!

    Whew! That was nice. :)

    Keep posting ladies, This helped me out a lot!

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