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    Me and my hubby want a baby. I just want to make sure im doing everything right? Need help with Prenatle V's and Smokeing advice! Plz help!
    dellaroes posted:
    Hi everyone, im sorry if im posting in the wrong place. (First timer)

    Ok so me and my hubby have desided to try and have a baby. Were so excited and happy. But im Freaking out at the same time! I just really want to make sure I give my baby the best start health wise. Ive been smokeing since I was 16 (Yes I know its horried) Ive quite so far its been two days since my last cigg and I dont plan on doing it again. But heres my worries...

    Ok I was wondering how long does it take for smoke to lave the body , meaning if we were to try and have a baby tonight, will it have a chance of there being smoke/nicotine? I know my lungs are and will be destroyed for a long time but im more worried about my blood system for the baby then my lungs.

    And also im taking One-A-Day's Prenatle Vititmas with DHA , are they any good?

    My Ideal plan would be to be on the Vitamin for atlease a month to have the vitamins in my body for a bit then get preggers.

    I just really want the best for my baby. I dont want to do anything wrong. Is this a good plan or should I watie longer Untill the smoke/nictoine clears my body?

    Thanks for any advice.

    Ps: sorry if my spelling is bad still learing Eglish... thanks!
    mochabanana responded:
    Congratulations on your decision to start trying to have a baby. I would suggest talking with your doctor about your decision and ask him/her about how long it takes to rid your body of nicotine. I would think that as long as you've quit, and you don't start back up again that your baby should be fine.

    As far as the prenatal vitamins go, I can tell you that One-A-Day Prenatal are good. I took them when I was pregnant and my doctor approved. The DHA is great (as is iron), but the most important is folic acid, and One-A-Day prenatal have the recommended amount of folic acid. So your good with those. And taking them even before your pregnant is a great idea.

    It sounds like your on the right track to start your baby journey, but it would be a good idea to talk with your doctor about your concerns and make sure that everything else is good.

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