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    It this normal..
    rbotello0626 posted:
    Hubby and I are ready to try to have a babay.. I was on Depo for about a year. My last shot was 01/2011 I didnt have my first period until 10/08/11. I did the whole fertility/ovulation calenders and my fertile days were 10/21-10/25. On the 22nd I had some very light spotting only for a few hours and it was only in the morning. My hubby and I were active every day during my fertile time. My next period was due on 11/05/11 according to the calenders. Well on 10/31/11 I started spotting it was a lil a pink I thought my period was coming early so I used a couple of tampons but each time I took it out there was a little brownish burgundy only on the tip and there was a bit of mucus on them. (sorry for the details). It lasted up until the 11/03. Never got heavier I didnt even need a pantyliner it was only when I wiped.I took a pregnany test on 11/07/11 and it was negative. I started spotting again on 11/11/11. It is very light and I only see it sometimes when I use the bathroom but not all the time. Please help its making me crazy what is going on? Can it my body is just getting back on track? Do I need to make an appt with my doc?
    mochabanana responded:
    To me it sounds like it could just be your body adjusting. I've never done depo, but I have heard from friends that it takes a long time after stopping it before you return to normal. Since you did have a period in October it does seem like your body is trying to get back on track. But it may be that you didn't actually ovulate during your calculated fertile time, and the spotting your seeing is just your body being confused on what it should be doing.

    I personally would wait until I missed in December before I go to the doctor. But if you feel uncomfortable about waiting then you may be able to just call and ask your doctor without having to go in.
    rbotello0626 replied to mochabanana's response:
    Thank you! I am going to do that I dont want to worry about it and just let things happen but its so hard to do that
    Cowgirl6598 responded:
    Hey. I'm in the same boat as you. I was on depo for 21 months. my last shot was 10/2010. From what I am experiencing and what I have heard from friends who have been on depo, it takes about a year for your body to adjust. I had periods off and on while on depo and have had irregular ones since stopping depo. For a while during the summer I'd have a 2 week cycle then 6 weeks then back to 2. I think my body is finally starting to regulate. My last cycle was 30 days and the one before was 21. So I'm hoping this will be the month My husband and I have been trying since August, no luck yet...
    The fact you had a period in October is a good sign. What's going on right now is your body trying to figure out how to get back to normal. Ovulation/fertility calendars may not be very accurate right now since you are not having a regular cycle, and you may not even be ovulating. Hopefully in the next 1-4 months you'll be back to normal. It sucks, but it's a waiting game for your body to regulate. I met with my doctor back in September and she didn't seem too concerned about it. Said to come back in January or February if I hadn't got pregnant by then. I've been taking a daily multi-vitamin and prenatal vitamins hoping it will help. Sorry for such a long response. It's helpful to talk with someone who is experiencing the same thing.
    rbotello0626 replied to Cowgirl6598's response:
    Oh I dont mind the long response I actually told my self I wasnt going to look on here anymore and not worry about it and let it just happen but that is soo hard! We both want a baby. I have stopped trying to track as of my first what I consider real period which was 10/08/11 I have been spotting every 9 days for about 3-4 days. So weird its not enough to use a tampon or pad I just use pantyliners everyday cause my period has a mind of its own! I thought I was going to get a normal period on 11/23/11 cause of cramping but it was just spotting for 3 days. I am taking folic acid I have considered taking a prenatal vitamin but since my hormones dont seem to know what they want to de yet I dont know if that will make it worse at this point. What do you think? Maybe we can continue to be support for eachother until we both get our BFP! Nice talking to you and thank you for letting me know my body is not crazy
    Cowgirl6598 replied to rbotello0626's response:
    I know what ya mean. Thinking your going to finally have a regular period then you start two weeks early or just spot. It's frustrating. Your getting close to your one year mark of stopping depo which is good. I've read quite a few people that are TTC right after getting off it, and from what I've gone through with depo i think that's just setting you up for disappointment. I don't think a prenatal vitamin would be bad or make anything worse. It helps to make sure your body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs. I could use some support. Haven't really found anyone else that is in the same situation as me Good talking to ya
    rbotello0626 replied to Cowgirl6598's response:
    Well I will take your advice and start taking the prenatals, I didnt even realize that I am close to my one year mark.. wow I hope my period gets on trac soon I didnt tell you my hubby is a truck driver and is only home on the weekends so I think thats going to make it even harder. Well we are in this together!!! Hope we get our BFP soon!
    Cowgirl6598 replied to rbotello0626's response:
    Yeah I don't think prenatals will hurt anything. That could make it a lot harder where you only see your husband on weekends too... But what i've experience myself and seen with some of my friends is that one year mark is good, your body should hopefully be back on track. However, everyone is different so it could be longer or shorter, but i think one year is about average.

    I think I'm getting a little hopeful this month. Last month, I finally had a 30 day cycle, but my husband and I didn't try at all last month because we had a trip to Mexico planned with my family, and with the timing of it, I wouldn't know if I was pregnant or not until after we got back, so I played it safe, so I could have a good time down there. My family doesn't know we are TTC so they would have been suspicious if I didn't drink lol. I haven't tried any OPK's so I don't even know if I am actually ovulating... But right now, I am in my 2-week wait (if my cycle decides to be normal like last month). Should know by Dec. 16. So how about you, would this be your first child?
    rbotello0626 replied to Cowgirl6598's response:
    Sorry its been a while... No I have a daughter from someone else. My daughter is 6 yrs old. My hubby wants a child of his own eventhough he is amazing to my daughter and in my daughters eyes he is her Dad because her real father which I like to call the "sperm Donor" is not in the picture. Its been about 11 days since my last spotting session and today I am starting to spot again.. I guess its my body trying to decide if its ready to flow or not lol... It's ok if it doesnt happen right away. We want to try to buy a house next year and I am trying to lose weight right now. So I am kind of leaving it to the man above and see what happens Hope you had a nice trip!!!

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