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    IUI injectable schedule
    jon3brn posted:
    have an appointed with our RE (reproductive endocronoligist) on Jan. 12th. I am thinking about moving it up, prior to my next scheduled cycle so that when we go in there, I can go ahead and get the prescription so that I can begin the FSH shots a few days later when my cycle starts. So that we do not waste the month of January. Because if all goes as planned, I should find out the day before DH birthday if we are preggers or not. I am "supposed" to start my next cycle on 5th or 6th of January, and according to some other sites I have checked on the length of stimulation is 12 days: 8 days of shots mixed with blood work and ultrasounds, then on day 12 he makes his contribution and I go in for my part later in the day. Which would put us at the 17th or 18 of January, then the 2ww (two week wait) which is then 31st of January or Feb. 1 and his birthday is on the 2nd.

    Which would be the best gift I could ever give him, telling him that he is going to be a father. My question is, is this a typical schedule or does it depend on the female's health or the couple's health?
    att76 responded:
    Hi! I am going in for my IUI tomrrow. I did clomid days 3-7, then went in for an u/s to see if there were good follicles. I then went back for my shot to ovulate within 36 hours. We did all of that yesterday which would have been CD 13. DH will do his thing tomrrow morning, we will take it to the lab and they will do what they need to do. I will have to go back within an hour to do the IUI. Now this is my first IUI so wheather or not you have a normal schedule, I couldn't tell you. I am telling you what my doctor is doing. Hope this helps a little!

    Good luck and BABY DUST!
    jon3brn replied to att76's response:
    What day did you go in for the u/s? So even though you are not taking FSH injections you can still take the trigger shot to induce ovulation in preparation for the IUI? So you waited 5 days after stopping clomid until they gave you the trigger shot on day 13? So you went in for the IUI on day 15 is that correct? This information really helped a lot. I thought in order to do a IUI to had to be on the injectables. I ovulate between day 13-15 with a 27 day cycle. I chart my bbt everymorning. When I did three cycles of clomid it made my cycle 30 days all three times ovulating on the 14-15, so I maybe able to do exactly what you are doing.

    Let me know how it all goes. I am very interested in what all goes on.

    att76 replied to jon3brn's response:
    Hey there! I went in for my u/s on CD 13. I got the trigger shot on CD 13 to induce the ovulation within 36 hours. I then went in on CD 15 for the IUI.

    So I went in yesterday for the IUI. We had to take the seman sample to the lab by 8:00. We went back about 9:00 to do the IUI. It is very similar to a pap smear. They use a syringe to inject the seman directly into the uterus. Now with clomid there is the chance that there will be more then one baby. I had two good follicles on Monday so if this worked there is the possiblity of twins.

    Off the subject though...your cycle sounds a lot like mine. I used to ovulate around CD 12-15 with AF coming around day 26-28, but once I got on clomid I would ovulate around CD 13-16 with AF coming around day 30. I don't know if it was all the stress that had been building or what (we have been trying for 14 months!) and that is what made my cycle so different or if it was the combination of the two, but your cycle sounds a lot like mine!

    Well hope this helps. I am by no means an expert, but it is nice to talk to someone who could maybe shed a little light on something new!! Let me know how it all turns out!

    good luck and baby dust!!!
    jon3brn replied to att76's response:
    Thanks so much. I know I ask a ton of questions and really appreciate you taking the time to answer them. My husband tells me that I can sometimes overwhelm him and other people with all of my questions. Basically its overload, but its just me wanting to get all the information I can. So, again thank you. If you don't mind me asking you one more question....what was your husbands count pre-wash and then post-wash?

    We had our appt scheduled for the 12 of January, but I was able to move it up to Dec. 21st, which is next Wednesday with the "hopes" that would could jump right into it with my next cycle due the weekend of the 6th. I am not opposed to doing one more cycle of Clomid because its not very expensive, but our insurance only covers 1 ultrasound, pelvic (nonobstetric), 2 transvaginal ultrasound and the blood work twice.

    So I want to make sure that I am getting the best possible shot when we start, which everyone is hoping for. I just don't want to waste what medical coverage we have on something that has very little chance of working. But, we will just have to wait and see what the doctors says. I just hope he is on board with what I am trying to do here, which is not waste anymore time and money. If you can't tell I am very anxious and nervous about next wednesday.

    Good luck with the 2ww, make sure you keep me updated on your progress, symptoms, etc and I will do the same once we begin in 3 weeks.
    att76 replied to jon3brn's response:
    You know what...I don't mind answering a few questions! I am the same way. Before my IUI I asked a couple of ladies who have had IUIs what it was like. I wanted to know what it was all about. I understand wanting to know for sure what is going to happen and sometimes doctors just take that for granted, thinking we know what is going on. It is nice to talk to someone who has been through the experience and can give you some advice! So I don't mind at all!!!

    You know I don't know what his count was before or after. They didn't give me those numbers. They did tell me that the lab said his sperm was "thick" so that meant the swimmers couldn't necessarily get to the egg. My doctor said that could have been some of our issue! I am hoping this is it. My husband's birthday is New Year's Day, I would love for this to be his birthday present!!!

    I hear you about not wanting to do anything that is not going to work. Insurance is expensive enough and then you add all these infertility issues it just makes it so hard.I think if you tell your doctor all these things he/she will try to do the things that will be cost effective!

    I will keep you updated on my 2ww! I am glad Christmas is in the middle of it, otherwise I would be going crazy!!
    jon3brn replied to att76's response:
    Thanks for being so understanding. It does help calm the nerves to speak to other people especially women who have gone through this. Even though the doctors do this everyday, I think they forget that the people they are talking to are like deer in headlights and are willing to do whatever the doctor suggests to begin with. Then after several failed cycles and thousands of dollars down the drain they realize they have to take control and steer the ship with the assistance of the doctor.

    Since this is our first RE appointment i have a list of questions to ask him, because our appointment is set from 1030-1115. Is that about how long yours lasted? And, the lady I set the appt with said to come in early so that I could get acquainted with the nurse....after she said that, I did some reading and it said on most initial consultations I would have to have another tranvaginal exam, a pap and then my husband would have to have an exam as well. Did you experience any of this?

    That would be am awesome present. I will be saying some Christmas prayers for you and sending lots of baby dust your way. It appears that our only issue is count and motility and with the sperm washing and IUI, it supposed to increase our chances of conceptions. But when we go in for it, I will be asking (repeatedly) what the count was prior and post-wash. Because in most research articles a good number for an IUI with sperm washing is only 5-10 million and some have conceived on less. So with where we stand he is at 12 million (healhty) pre-wash, just wondering what that number will decrease to post-wash.

    I talked to my husband the other day about what everyone on the boards have been telling about the first appt and he said that we would go in there knowing exactly what we are wanting to do and if it doesnt work for this doctor we would get a second opinion. But i think with my OB and the RE being in the same hospital right down the hall from one another, there is a liklihood that they use the same labs, etc to run their fertility tests. But knowing me I will call on Monday and try to get some more information on what to expect at our appointment on Wednesday.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays. Before you know it, it will be New Years. Hope to hear from you soon.
    att76 replied to jon3brn's response:
    You know for me I still am with my OB/GYN so I didn't have any of those instructions. I have been going here for so long and after trying for 14 months...everyone pretty much knows me!!

    I agree though you should ask questions if you are unsure! After AF showed up in October I went to get my clomid at the pharamcy and decided that I wanted to talk to the doctor. I didn't have an appointment, but just went over and said I have questions. He took the time and explained everything. I basically told him that it has been a year and something needs to change! He was still optimistic that I will get pregnant with him! You can guarentee that I will ask what his numbers were next IUI (but there won't be one!!).

    Thanks for the prayers! Good luck on Wednesday! I will be waiting to hear how it went!

    Happy holidays to you too!!
    jon3brn replied to att76's response:
    It is good that your doctor is so optimistic, sometimes after trying for so long a couple can lose their motivation for conceiving due to the emotional and mental toll it takes on each. With the doctor assisting generating positivity and optimism, it helps bring life back to the couple. I feel that is what has happened to me anyway. During our trials, i felt like each month was failure and that I was tired of trying and couldnt do it anymore.

    So we took a 6 month break and I used that time to gather as much information as I possibly could. Now with all the data and information I need I feel much more prepared. With our appt. tomorrow my positive attitude towards starting a family has returned. I feel like the next 3 cycles are the beginning of what we have been working for what seems like FOREVER trying to get to this point.

    I hope you don't have to go through another IUI, I feel a christams miracle for you. I will be sending tons of prayers and baby dust your way. Ill let you know how the appt goes.
    att76 replied to jon3brn's response:
    I am glad that my doctor is so optimistic and positive. I think that helps. I have been thinking a lot lately of taking time off if this isn't the month. I don't know how I could NOT try because it has been such a part of our lives for so long, but I think I may have too. I feel the same way as you did, each month is just another failure and wasted money and time! I am getting to the point where the clock is ticking (very loudly it seems). I will turn 36 in February so I would LOVE to be pregnant before then.

    Thanks for the positiveness (is that a word?). Maybe I will get my Christmas miracle!!
    jon3brn replied to att76's response:
    I had to take time off. me more so than my husband. I was show enmeshed in getting pregnant that it just became too hard each month. One month I lost my job due to downsizing, my husband hadn't found a job yet, and AF started al the same day. I dropped to my knees and let it all out. I didnt eat or do anything for a week. It got to the point where my husband forced me to go and talk to someone (professionally) because this was the worst he had seen me.

    I am earning my MS in Counseling to be an Marriage and Family Therapist, so I knew all the signs of depression and clinicial depression and I was on my way. So I didnt fight it, and she suggested taking some time to get back to me and to us. And it really helped, I feel better equipped emotionally to handle anything that comes now.

    Just because you take a break doenst mean you are quitting you are just taking a break. Just a small time out to regain your strenght and then pick it up again when you feel ready. I think thats the hardest part, realizing that you need time. Because somehow you feel like you are giving up on that dream of having a child. But once you realize if you dont take care of yourself you will be no good to anyone, especially a child who will depend on your 24/7. You have to take care of you before you can take care of anyone else.

    And positiveness is a word, I looked it up. LOL
    att76 replied to jon3brn's response:
    Thanks for the great words of encouragement! You even sounded like a counselor!! LOL!

    It is hard to "take time off" because you do feel like you are giving up on that dream. When my husband and I decided to start trying, I said if after a year I wasn't pregnant "oh well it wasn't meant to be". But after starting to try I realized how much I wanted a baby and now 14 months later here I am still wanting that dream! The sad thing is when I look into the future (when I'm 80 or 90) I don't see me without kids. So who knows. I do know I am glad to have people I can talk to that know what I am feeling and have experienced the same emotions at one time or another!

    Thanks for the support and words of encouragement!

    Thanks for finding out that positiveness is a word!
    jon3brn replied to att76's response:
    I know what you mean. Before I got married, I didnt realize I really wanted kids. Until we began trying and when it didn't happen, it was devasted. Whether they are biological or adopted, they will still be our children, we will love them just the same.

    I didn't mean to sound like a counselor. But thanks for the compliment. Anytime you need someone to talk to, I am here for you.

    Happy Holidays!!!
    att76 replied to jon3brn's response:
    Don't worry about sounding like a counselor! I appreciated it!

    Well I am thinking this round didn't work! I started spotting last night just like last month! I know it could be implantation, but I am not holding my breath! I asked DH last night "why does God not want us to have a baby?" He didn't have an answer for that! it is just frustrating! There HAS to be something else that is wrong with me since it is already known DH is fine!

    This sucks!!!
    jon3brn replied to att76's response:
    I feel the same way every month, what could I have possibly done in my life that would make GOD not allow me the blessing of a child. When he allows these "children" and unprepared individuals to have children? It makes me so angry and it especially makes me angry with him. We haven't always been on the best of terms. My life hasn't been easy, it took a lot of fight, courage, determination and strenght to get where I am today. So I feel like I have prayed my entire life, for the simple pleasures in life. Things that a individual should have, but never really got the chance to experience. And at a young age, would always ask "what did I do to deserve this"? This that I am going through is no difference. I can not think of anything....since it all started, all I can say is my body knows itself better than I do. My body just isnt ready and when it is, it will allow for a pregnancy. Until then its mind and science over my body.

    But like I told my other friend, anything worth wanting is worth the mess you go through to obtain. When you have to fight for something it makes the success much better. when we all come out of this with our children, we will have a greater and deeper appreciation for our children. I just came home from the holiday and watched parents scream, yell, etc at their children. With everything we have been through, I will never raise my voice at my children out of anger. Just because I am so blessed to have them with them. I think parents who easily conceive sometimes forget what a blessing it is to just have children. you know what I mean?

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