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    5 months....and NOTHING :(
    kittenchaser posted:
    My hubby and I have been trying since we got married in Aug 2011 to conceive. Every month I track, try, and wait! All to find out that I am not and the whole thing starts over again. We are trying to keep our heads up, but it is sad when my friends are having babies without even trying. I am also scared that I might have PCOS. Does anyone have advice?
    kittenchaser replied to jenkoelenko's response:
    YAY! Thanks! I am SO EXCITED! It is such a small world

    And appointment today...the doc took some blood and that's it...hmmm. I think I might be paying him too much to just "take some blood samples"
    I am 20 years old, enjoying life and TTC since Aug 2011... no luck yet...
    An_243224 responded:
    I know how you feel. My husband and I have been trying since November of 2011. I know its not much time,But every month something seem to happen to make me think I might be pregnant and then I start my cycle and become a depressed mess. I never thought it would take this long to get pregnant. Guess I was wrong. Hope you get something helpful soon.
    kittenchaser replied to An_243224's response:
    just hate how you get "symptoms" get our hopes up and nothing.

    Also how getting pregnant was supposed to be easier then anything, and it seems like everyone else is but not you.

    hang in there! ****Baby Dust****
    I am 20 years old, enjoying life and TTC since Aug 2011... no luck yet...
    blueeyebaby replied to kittenchaser's response:
    I totally know how you feel. Since you are trying so hard to get prego you over analyze everything as a possible symptom and hopes go up and down with every AF.
    I also know things can be slow with the dr too. But when it comes to a woman's cycle and what could be wrong there are so many possibilities and even a time frame to be able to check (certain times of the cycle to check different things which could be wrong). I was ttc for about 9 months when I got my new dr and she did bw first off and if hormones were normal I would have might been told to check back when we tried for a year but my hormones were off and that caused me not to ovulate on my own. But it still took 9 more months of trying different things and bw different times each month to finally have a success. Patience is a big thing in the process of discovering issues and getting prego (and usually the hardest I have found). My sister can get prego on the drop of a hat it seems but took a bit of struggling for me and DH. These ladies on here help me so much through answering questions and giving me things to ask the dr about and even just a place to vent. Also just keeping my mind off everything like the new tests or af showing up or even just the 2ww. You have definitively come to the right place!!

    Baby dust!!
    Mary(31), DH(31)
    kittenchaser replied to blueeyebaby's response:
    I am just sick of my docs going "I don't know?" I am just getting so tired of everything, the only "good news" is that I am going through some sickness right now (waking up and puking my guys out, than being so tired I have to pull myself into bed).

    I have friends who in high school got pregnant and even my mom got pregnant with me like it was as easy as breathing. And now that I am trying it's like my body is all "NOPE! Try again later"

    I am just so sick of all the tests! I think hubby is too. He gets his hopes up and to have them dashed away by a negative test.
    I am 20 years old, enjoying life and TTC since Aug 2011... no luck yet...
    jon3brn replied to kittenchaser's response:
    I can totally relate. I just got my RE bill for the past two months. Its 318 and some change. The ultrasound alone is 245.00 and I have had two. BW for Estradiol (145.00) FSH (110.00) and LH (110.00). And I havent been able to cycle because of cysts. I am paying all of this money to continue doing what I was doing before going to the doctor. On top of that I lost my job at the end of December (Christmas time) because the company was taken over. So now I am really stressed about this whole process. Wondering if it is even worth it right now.

    Being a FT student, life is hard right now and not sure what direction to go. Life is really up in the air and I cant breathe.
    Me(28) and DH(28), Married and TTC since April 2008, 3 rounds of clomid no success, 6 month break, Jan. 2012 BC for one cycle due to cysts, 1 IUI attempt Feb. 2012
    kittenchaser replied to jon3brn's response:
    Just keep your head up and never give up . Things will work itself out and things will get better!

    Baby dust*******
    I am 20 years old, enjoying life and TTC since Aug 2011... no luck yet...
    kittenchaser responded:
    Started my "T.O.M" today.. another month..and it will all start again next month...
    I am 20 years old, enjoying life and TTC since Aug 2011... no luck yet...
    An_249301 replied to kittenchaser's response:

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    linda_twaka responded:
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