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    My OPKs are confusing me!
    MrsBurt05 posted:
    Hi ladies! I am now on CD16! This cycle and last cycle were 30 days apart, when before it was an average of 26-27 days. So, according to my fertility friend app & period app, O-day is the 24th. I started temping on CD 10 (I know it was late, but I was sick & had fevers off an on for over a week there & just didn't chart) and it was high, then had a dip on CD 13, and it's been rising ever since. I've had EWCM for like 5 days now-which is a really long time for me. I don't know if it's normal to have it for 5 days, but for me, it's a really long time. AND I had what I thought was a positive OPK on CD12. I say that because it was progressively getting darker a few days before CD 12, then on CD12 it was dark, but not as dark as the test line. Maybe a shade or 2 lighter, then the next 3 days it was stark white. Now, yesterday I was getting color on my OPKs again. (I decided to keep taking them after the stark white ones because I just wanted to be sure that was it). It was a really light color yesterday then today it looks as dark as it was on CD 12 where I thought it was a positive. I have a feeling tomorrow it will be probably as dark or darker than the control line. My chart on fertility friend hasn't detected an ovulation day yet, so I'm assuming that the 1st "positive" was not really a positive? But I'm just wondering why I'm having 2 "rounds" of progressively darker results? Anyone experience this before?? And no I'm not pregnant, because I did take an HPT after seeing this second round of OPKs. I'm just at a loss for this cycle because I lost all of my information on my cycles that were on my apps on my phone. I had to get a new phone, and I thought all that information would be transferred but it wasn't, so now I feel lost with this cycle because I have nothing to look back on. Plus it was so off from my last one.
    Me-25 DH-28 DS-6 1/2 DS-4 1/2 TTC 3
    Heather922 responded:
    I'm not really sure, I wish I could help you out. At this point the only way to know is wait and see if af comes and count back 14 days. I'm sorry i know that doesn't help right now. There is another forum on here that has medical professionals that can answer questions, I think it's just called ttc community.

    Good luck to you!
    MrsBurt05 replied to Heather922's response:
    Thanks. I'm in the 2ww now, with no idea when I ovulated. Haha! I could either be 10DPO or 6DPO. I'll test the morning of the 4th, just to see what it comes up as. If it's a BFP, that'd be awesome for the 4th! If it's a BFN, then I'll wait until the 8th to test again unless AF shows up by then.
    Me-25 DH-28 DS-6 1/2 DS-4 1/2 TTC 3
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to MrsBurt05's response:
    I'm rooting for you MrsBurt05!!!
    capriciousangel31 replied to MrsBurt05's response:
    Did you test yet?? or are you holding off til the 8th?
    MrsBurt05 replied to capriciousangel31's response:
    I tested on the 4th. BFN. AF started on the 7th. I have been doing a lot of thinking and talked with DH. I do have a known hormonal issue that the doctor told me about. That is why it's not easy for us this time around. Also, I recently just got accepted into my MA program and I will be graduating in like 9-10 months! I thought I had another 2 years left! And a week after I graduate, I will do 4 weeks of internship. We're thinking of holding off for a couple months again. Just in case that miracle happened and would put me in labor as I got my diploma or in the middle of my internship. There is no putting off my internship. As much as it frustrates me to put off for another couple months after trying again from another put-off, I don't want to push back graduating after learning it'll be in less than a year when I thought I had 2 left! Though I'm in that state of mind where I honestly will do anything to get pregnant right now and am actually willing to put off school for awhile just for it, but...then again, that will pro-long graduation. It's logical and irritating. But DH thinks that maybe if we give it a little longer, my body will readjust itself hormonally like it's supposed to. I've been off BCP long enough to where it should be out of my system, but it royally screwed me up. So, we figure to try again in December-January. I just can't believe I'll be done with college WAY before I thought I would be! It's good, but I'm frustrated that it put another halt on baby #3. Pooh...
    Me-25 DH-28 DS-6 1/2 DS-4 1/2 TTC 3
    capriciousangel31 replied to MrsBurt05's response:
    aww I am sorry that is month wasn't your month
    I was on the Depo shot and then bcp and it took us actually 1 year 3 months before getting our bfp....
    Congrats on finishing school early though it will be nice for you to know that, that is out of the way when you do have your little one

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