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    ovulation tests accuracy?
    brittanyking104 posted:
    My husband and I just started TTC in October. My last period was 10-14 to 10-17. I've taken several pregnancy tests that all come up negative. Yesterday I noticed some discharge that I usually only get when ovulating, so I took an ovulation test and it had both dark lines. I've never taken one before, so I'm wondering how accurate they are? The one I had was from the dollar tree..
    kristine403 responded:
    Hi, based on others experiences sometimes OPK is not that accurate but it depends on a brand. I haven't used one but what I am using is this site that could help me track my ovulation period and it works for me. I hope this could help you too, good luck.
    mommab89 responded:
    Sites and Apps arent accurate as they really only work for those with a super reliable cycle.

    It is very important while TTC (as if it isn't nerve wracking enough) to understand the basics.

    1. You can get a positive Ovulation test and not ovulate. Your body can gear up to ovulate, resulting in the positive test then something like stress or illness can interveine and mess it up. And if you do not ovulate you will not get a period.

    2. Once you get a positive Ovulation test you want to stop testing. You can have a long surge which will result in several days of positives. Keep in mind you will usually ovulate 12-48 hours after your FIRST positive. Hence why they say stop testing,

    3. While taking OPK's can be helpful, it is suggested to do other methods of tracking.

    • Buy a Basal Body Thermometer
    • Go to and make an account.
    • Take your Temp. every morning at the same time before you do ANYTHING. Do Not sit up, Talk, Eat or even move too much.
    • Record it on fertility friend. You can also track your cervical Mucus along with this. It is another indicator to ovulation.
    4. When you have ovulated your temp will drop then it will spike up and stay elevated until you start your period or get a positive test. It is the only real indicator of ovulation. (Use OPKs along with the temping so you know when to have sex)

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