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    Trying to Conceive after Birth Control
    lnovermy posted:
    I stopped taking my bc in August and had my normal period at the end of August. I didn't have a period in September, but was having all the symtoms that I was pregnant (but all the tests were negative). I just started my period yesterday (October 12). Now that I've had a period I'm hoping my body is back to normal and we'll be able to conceive after I'm done with my period. I was just wondering if anyone has a had similar situations and if you could let me know if you became pregnant right away. (I'm 23, very healthy, don't smoke and stopped drinking, and I've been taking prenatal vitamins since the end of August.)
    ajs0924 responded:
    I was on the pill before my I got pregnant with my son. I went off about six months before we were planning on start TTC. The first month off I also had a long stretch between periods (I think about 7 weeks). I think it's completely normal when coming off birth control and your body needs a month or two to regulate.
    babydue3509 responded:
    Inovermy....... I stopped taking birth control in April and my period was 42days later and then 35days and then 32days and last month 28days so with that being said it takes time for your body to keep back in the mode it was in before the birth control!!!!!!! I hope and pray I get a positive soon and I will pray for u too
    leftcoastgirl responded:
    It's really different for every woman. Some take a long time to return to normal and others are preggo the first month! But the fact that you had a period pretty quickly is a good sign that things are in good working order. You might want to try temping / charting or using OPKs so that you know when you're O'ing.
    Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
    lnovermy responded:
    Thank you everyone for your advice!! I hope we'll have good news very soon! I know I was going out of my mind last month because I didn't have my period & was having symptoms and I was always disappointed after every test.
    c_moser responded:
    I'm glad someone else is having the same issue. Well not glad really, but at least relieved that I'm not going crazy. Before I went on BC my periods were very random. So went I went off BC I figured they would go back to what they were before. It's been 39 days and still no period. My doctor told me to wait until I got my period to start trying but I am going crazy! I just want to start already! All my friends/relatives are getting pregnant at the drop of a hat and I feel like I'm just waiting around. I've been taking prenatal vitamins for the past month..could that have anything to do with the lateness?
    wantingbad replied to c_moser's response:
    I am in the same boat as all of you I just went off birth control last month according to my chart if my period is on time is should come within the next three days and for a while now i've been having symptoms of being pregnant. However I also have PCOS which sometimes prevents people from getting pregnant of makes it hard however I talked to my doctor and my family members have the same disease and never had any problems getting pregnant. I just don't know what to think I see you guys are getting your periods really late but my periods have always been kinda regular usually within a few days of a thirty day cycle. I know its only been one month and who knows but i'm really hoping to be. I also have been taking prenatals even before I went off my birth control because they were helping with my hormones. Just wondering what you guys think and if you have any advice.
    c_moser replied to wantingbad's response:
    I'm on day 42 and still nothing. I don't think I could be pregnant. I don't feel any different. Should I take a pregnancy test just to be safe? I've been following doctors orders, but if this is how it's going to be....I'm going crazy!!!
    c_moser replied to c_moser's response:
    I finally got af!! Geez...I took a pregnancy test this morning to make sure and then I got it tonight! Now I can finally start trying! I feel like all my friends are pregnant without really trying! Hopefully it's that easy for me!!!
    An_226323 replied to c_moser's response:
    well i stopped my bc 2 weeks into august, and then started on sep 10 when my period started and then i stoped again 2 week later. so i havent had a period since september 10th. i am going crazy. i havent had a period in like 5 weeks!! my breasts have been killing me this whole time!!!! all the test i have taken are negative. i am just waiting on af to come. anybody else had the boob issue like this??? im glad to see that i am not the only one without a period like this after stopping bc. i never even have withdrawal bleeding!
    An_226324 replied to An_226323's response:
    I was on birth control 5 months and then a month or more ago i stopped them and i have had 2 periods since then. my last one was on the 23rd of October so i did the calculations and i should be ovulating around the 6th of November, so i will keep you guys posted.. i have been getting pregnancy like symtoms but i guess it is impossible since i just got my period..
    lnovermy replied to An_226323's response:
    The boob issue, along with other pregnancy symptoms, are completely normal after stopping bc. I had the same issues and for sure thought I was pregnant....I didn't have a period in Sept. and then I started Oct. 12. I did some research as to why I was having all the symptoms but still getting negative tests. After going off bc your body has "withdrawls" because bc tricks your body into thinking your pregnant (don't ovulate), so when you go off you experience pregnancy symptoms.

    Hope that makes sense, it's hard to explain...but if you do some research you'll find similar answers.
    mtztrying replied to lnovermy's response:
    Well I got my answers here I went of BC Pills two weeks into my packet which has now been about a month now and I haven't started my period which should have come a week ago. I have been experience the sore boob thing and frequent urination. Is there any diffrence if you have kids already. I hope not I really would like to conceive soon. HELP
    mtztrying responded:
    Also question why is it that when your on BC that if you miss and have unprotected sex you take a chance of concieving, but when you stop taking them it is so hard to concieve after that?
    Negrita7 replied to mtztrying's response:
    That is right what I was going to ask.. you know when you are taking bc, if you miss one, two or 3 you run the risk of getting pregnant, but you do not ovulate right when on the pill? so when you stop shouldn't you ger pregnant right away?

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