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    3rd month trying
    julery7 posted:
    Hi everyone,
    I'm sort of new to this whole discussion thing but everytime I try to talk to people about being sad because I'm not pregnant yet, they tell me I'm thinking about it too much. I almost feel like I'm jinxing getting pregnant if I talk about it.. does anyone else feel this way? My husband and I thought it would happen really quickly since we had a unplanned pregancy really young. He is eight now and we finally are "ready" to add to our family. It's been three months now, my last cycle started on Oct. 3rd and I'm starting to feel symptoms of my period coming (break-outs) and it really making me sad. I don't know for sure yet though so we're just in the waiting period, again.
    thanks for listening,
    leftcoastgirl responded:
    I think everyone on the board can understand that the waiting part of TTC is just torture! But try to keep in mind that you've only just started TTC. Undert the best circumstances, you only have about a 20-25% chance of conceiving any given month, so being unsuccessful for three months isn't anything to worry about. In fact, it's quite normal! Doctors usually won't consider testing for infertility problems unless you've been trying unsuccessfully for a year.

    Knowing that, of course, doesn't always make the waiting any easier. So feel free to come on the board and talk / vent if you're feeling frustrated!!
    Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
    ajs0924 responded:
    I totally know how you feel. We are going to start trying next month and I'm already anxious about it. I got pregnant with my son the second month of trying so I now I have this idea in my head that it should happen right away again because it did the first time even though I know it could very well be a lot longer process this time around. I don't know why, I just can't help it!
    Emelie03 responded:
    I don't mind hearing it at all! We have only been trying for a couple of weeks now and I'm already picking out names and looking at maternity clothes online! I tend to get a little obsessive. Maybe I'm setting myself up for failure but I really want to get pregnant this month. I'm in school now and want to deliver during the summer break so I can still take Fall classes. Anyways, I really hope this it it for y'all. Good luck and keep us posted!
    Me (3/24/82), DH (1/10/82), DH (7/28/03), DS (1/20/07) TTC (10/12/10)
    julery7 replied to Emelie03's response:
    So, thank's for listening and posting stuff guys.. it really makes me feel like I'm not the only one. But to our dismay, I started my cycle yesterday. It was a blow to the gut for sure because I really thought I was having nausea-symtoms, I guess it was just my head telling my body what to feel. I'm trying to not get too upset.. keep reminding myself that I have a healthy 8-year old little boy.
    It is frustrating though.. considering I am 2 days early on my cycle and last month I was two days late. It's almost like my cycle's trying to play games with me because I never noticed being irregular before.
    I guess I should mention I recently lost about 95lbs or a course of about 2 years. I eat right and exercise about 3-4 times a week so I'm really hoping that doesn't have anything to do with not being able to get pregnant. I also have regular cycles every month so I should be ovulating.. I don't know, maybe next month is our month. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Thanks for listening again.
    leftcoastgirl replied to julery7's response:
    Wow - congrats on your weight loss! I wouldn't be concerned about it hindering your TTC efforts. If anything, I bet eating healthy and being at a healthy weight maximizes your chances!
    Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
    coralierose replied to leftcoastgirl's response:
    I'm on my third month trying too. I know how you feel. Everyone just tells me not to think about it. I've gone to two baby showers within the past two weeks and held two newborns, NOT THINK ABOUT IT?! I thought I was pregnant the last two months and was sure I was experiencing symptoms, nausea, headache, etc. I was devastated when I was wrong, both times. I thought I was pregnant again yesterday, and got a negative test result. I feel like even my mate doesn't understand the depth of how it feels to think your protecting a little life within you and then realizing it wasn't ever there. I also feel like if I say or think I'm pregnant, it will never happen.

    It's nice to know someone else feels my struggle. Hang in there and we'll hope for next month

    Babydoll51801 replied to coralierose's response:
    Hi everyone. I've been reading the message boards for awhile now and just got the courage to start posting My husband and I are getting ready to try for the third month now. It's reassuring to read about other women feeling the same way that I have felt about this. I feel like just talking about getting pregnant is going to jinx me or something and it's never going to happen. I don't even want to talk about baby names or how we're going to decorate the nursery because I am just so terrified that we won't be able to get pregnant. I'm definitely feeling a bit crazy after a few short months! I told myself over and over again that I wasn't going to get "baby crazy", but I totally am. It's all I can think about. We haven't told anyone that we are trying because I don't want the pressure and questions.... I feel like it's a good choice, but it's also difficult because then I don't have anyone to talk to about how I'm feeling. Anyway, thanks for your posts... it feels nice to be able to put into words how I'm feeling.
    amberkim replied to coralierose's response:
    im on my 5th month trying and i know how you feel. i get all excited thinking this is the month...then my tests are negative or i start my period. i had to go to the e.r. recently for an anxiety attack that happened out of the blue, and they asked if i could possibly be pregnant. i told them possibly yes. and they thought thats what might be the cause of this random attack. well me and my boyfriend were waiting anxiously for the results and it was a no. my heart just fell apart. i was for sure that i was pregnant. i dont get anxiety attacks ever. that was my first one and it happened while i was at work out of the blue. so i figured there was something wrong or change in my body. but it was because i have a cold and the cough syrup i took caused me to loose my breath and set me in a panic. i just got done ovulating and me and my boyfriend are keeping our fingers crossed this time and hoping this will be our month. everyone around me seems like they are getting pregnant. all my friends and family have kids or are pregnant and it just seems like its taking forever for sister said it will happen and to be patient, but its hard when everyone around me is pregnant when im trying so hard... i just gotta keep my head up and my fingers crossed.. i know how everyone feels because i feel the same way.
    KLJbaby responded:
    Hi! I have been with my husband on and off since we were 20... we are now 26. We got married about a year ago. When we were young we didn't use birth control, nor did we try to "not" get pregnant... It never happened. Now that we are married and ready to have a family, it isn't happening. I feel just like you. Every time I talk to people or family, they say I am trying to hard, and thinking about it to much to where now I think I am also jinxing it when I talk about it... I have an ovulation calendar on here and it says that my fertile day is Nov. 6th...I am a little fertile starting tomorrow all the way up to the 6th. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that possibly this could be the month. We will see. How is everything going with you? ~Kristin
    nicram8683 responded:
    I am on the same page as you. I have a 6 yr old already and we are about to go on to month #3 of trying for baby number 2. I know we can have a baby, cause we did already, so why isnt it happening this time? I guess I was naive and thought it would happen so easily.
    Also, I am so happy to have found these message boards too because I too dont think people around me understand how I can be so sad that it hasnt happened already. I always hear "It will happen, dont worry".Those who are TTC dont understand how much time I spend tracking periods and ovulation, how psyched up I get myself when I can test, and how devestated I feel when the test is negative or I start my cycle.
    Best of luck to all!
    nicram8683 replied to nicram8683's response:
    Oops, meant to say "those who aren't TTC dont understand"
    blb1989 responded:
    girl i totally know the feeling. We are just starting TTC but we are so anxious for it to happen already. Everyone says it will happen when the time is right and to be patient but all of that comes from friends who are pregnant or ones that already have some, and then being that my cousin-in-law just had twins, my husbands other cousin just found out they were pregnant and my best friend found out she's pregnant makes it so much harder to be patient! I thought i was all alone out there too but now i know i'm not! I def know how you feel when you say talking about it makes you feel like it wont happen that month. I sure hope ya'll concieve soon. GOOD LUCK!
    julery7 replied to blb1989's response:
    Oh my gosh, it seems like there are a ton of people going through what we are! It's so nice to know we're not alone. I'm still praying this month will be different but I just got back from my OB appt. and they did a pregnacy test that came out negative. My doctor said it was probably too early to test anyway and that my ovulation time should be around now so don't get discouraged.. Yeah, ok. Like I can help the way I feel. She kinda looked at my crazy when I told her we were just starting our 4th cycle trying and that I was feeling discouraged already. Why doesn't anyone understand?? She said not to get worried until after a year of trying.. A YEAR. That is a looonnngg time, expecially when you've already waited 7 after your 1st born. I just don't want my kids to be too far apart to where they won't be close. Guess it doesn't really matter. I'm supposed to start my next cycle before thanksgiving though, so I will definately inform you guys on what's going on. Thanks again for listening.
    blb1989 replied to julery7's response:
    We are hoping this is our month too! My husband all of a sudden is totally into daddy mode and wants one haha. If we planned everything right we should hopefully have a positive HPT in 10 days!!! sucks to count down to it so i just try to keep occupied b/c i feel like if i think about it too much it will be negative.and yes girl dr's are crazy making us wait a whole year! I have never had a child before but i feel the pain behind wanting our first so bad!Good luck again!

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