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    AF I HATE U!
    lc722 posted:
    So AF came not gonna let this ruin the holiday, but if i see one more post on facebook that a friend is pregnant i think i might just run outta the house screaming!!!! I know its gonna happen i know that timing is everything but man sometimes im just like "REALLY"!!! Hoping next month will be it!!! Everyone have a merry christmas and baby dust to everyone =)
    Me(22)DH(27)and one crazy furbaby!
    Crystal5483 responded:
    I totally hear you on that one! Everyone at work is getting pregnant! We have one woman who just got back from maternity leave, and then two women are currently pregnant, and one guy's wife is just about due! So crazy! Baby Dust and Merry Christmas to you!
    babyhopes28 replied to Crystal5483's response:
    I hear you too! I'm a labor and delivery nurse and also work in an ob/gyn's office!! I cannot escape pregnant women and babies!
    lc722 replied to babyhopes28's response:
    it just seems like when its something u want its shoved in your face and i hate it lol when i wasnt trying i felt like no one was pregnant and now that i am trying everyone is knocked up wtf???? cruel world we live in but trying to stay positive!!!!
    Me(22)DH(27)and one crazy furbaby!
    cjl0510 replied to lc722's response:
    I know what you mean. I think that's why I can't help myself by always taking a test the day before it's due. So that way maybe it won't come- lol. Hasn't worked yet. Negative test today. We'll see if AF shows her face tomorrow...
    lc722 replied to cjl0510's response:
    awwww well if she does come just push thru it theres always next month right lol good luck
    Me(22)DH(27)and one crazy furbaby!
    newenglander86 responded:
    I just started trying to have a baby at the end of October, November came around and of course my little friend came, but that was expected, first month usually doesn't count. But this month, in which I was ovulating last week, I was sick all week and yes we only got busy one night, so my odds are down, so I don't think I will have any luck this month either. I just think your body will tell you when your ready...It's just crazy how teens have unprotected sex a couple of times and turn out pregnant
    CMcAtee10 responded:
    Lc722, we are in the same boat. I am so fustrated! It's so hard to keep positive when it seems that everyone else just has say the word and they are pregnant! We have only been trying for a few months and were pregnant in November but had a chemical pregnancy. And I know it will happen when it happends, i just hate the waiting game!
    I am glad to know I am not only person in this world who is ready to run screaming!!! Good luck to you!!!
    lc722 replied to CMcAtee10's response:
    Ya its crazy that these teens who are in no way ready to be parents have sex once and get pregnant its like WTF???? idk how that works lol but i def hear both u ladies its rough when u want it so bad but its not up to u its up to god and timing and believe me im the most impatient person ever lol so baby dust to us all and i know we will all get that BFP i just know it =)
    Me(22)DH(27)and one crazy furbaby!
    arkzoo replied to lc722's response:
    My husband and I have only been trying since September, but it seems like everyone I know has gotten pregnant the first month they tried! One of my best friends was only going to try the month of October (b/c she is a teacher and wanted to deliver in June/July) and if they didn't conceive, they were going to wait another year. Low and behold, she got pregnant. I am really happy for her, but can't help being jealous. My sister is also pregnant, along with 9 women at my work, and a ton of other people I know. I truly am happy for all of those people, but can't hlep being upset for myself. Then I feel guilty for feeling that way. I know it will happen when it is meant to happen, but it is really hard to be patient. Reading that other women feel the way I do makes me feel better :) Good luck, ladies!
    ejh81410 replied to arkzoo's response:
    im glad that im not the only one ready to run out the door screaming. We have also been trying since sept. and so far no luck. I was using 0vulation tests and the ovulatiion calander on here. After trying a few months with the ovulation test. I decided that this past month we would just go " at it" every other day. Well, this morning.. I got AF.. I'm so tired of AF showing up ugh!. I am also a very impatient person.. if i had it my way I would have gotten prego the first month.The past months my nipples would be really realy tedor before AF. this month they were not and there was not much cramping...Until i got AF.. I really thought that this month was it.. .Any one have any sugestions?? comments?? ideas?? I am up for anything... PPlease help!!
    lc722 replied to ejh81410's response:
    Are you taking anything for fertility??? natural or medication??? i take fertilitea and am looking into the clearblue fertility monitor cause i think it might help...the tea is ok helps regulate u and all that good stuff for ur reproductive system!!!...oh and a tiny piece of comforting news....a man i met last week while working told me it took him and his g/f 2 yrs to get pregnant thought they had unexplained infertility but low and behold once they got her ovulation down to a science they had a baby stuff like that keeps me going just thought id share =)
    Me(22)DH(27)and one crazy furbaby!
    MrsB61210 replied to arkzoo's response:
    Hi Ladies!
    I'm new to this board, but I find myself compelled to comment! I am TTC #1 too and I SWEAR that every single person I know conceived in the first month of trying. It's MADDENING!!! I mean really! It's so frustrating! I spent all that money on birth control pills and clearly didn't need it! My 2 best friends both have kids. One of them got pregnant TWICE while on birth control. How does that happen???? My other best friend seriously just thought one day, Oh maybe I'll have a baby, and BAM. Pregnant.

    I really really appreciate that there are other normal great women who are in my same boat. I don't want to be discouraged!! Every time I get my period it's like I lost something. So I'm trying to stay optimistic and keep going!! At least the "trying" part is fun!!!

    Hugs and BABY DUST!!
    lc722 replied to MrsB61210's response:
    Well welcome to the board =) and yes we all are in the same boat...its comforting to know all these ladies know what ur going long have u been TTC??? This is our third month trying and i am 4DPO so i am hoping this month is the month....good luck to you and keep us all updated!!!!
    Me(22)DH(27)and one crazy furbaby!
    MrsB61210 replied to lc722's response:
    Thank you for the welcome! DH and I have been TTC #1 since November. I was on BC for 12 years and stopped taking it in August, but we didn't start actively trying until Nov. I just got AF yesterday (SO LAME) so now I"m on cycle 3 of trying! DH and I have both made some changes, so fingers crossed!!

    What kind of Fur baby do you have??? We have a 3 year old Dachshund-Pointer mix who is wild and fabulous and affectionate. I'm so happy to have her! Her name is Stoli.
    ~Holly~ Happily married to loving husband since June 2010 Proud dog mama since November 2008 TTC 1 since November 2010

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