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    Anybody else in 2WW?
    BeautifullyBlessed posted:
    Just checking if anyone else is currently on 2WW?

    When "would" your next cycle have been due (speaking in positive terms as if we are successfully pregnant). My next cycle would have been due July 10th.

    Are you having any symptoms? Me, none yet.

    When do you plan to test? Me, July 11th (If I can wait that long)

    DH's friend is expecting a baby and invited him over to see the ultrasound pics. Now DH is really anxious! I told him if we were successful, I would be 2 1/2 weeks along (gestational) right now. Just wanted to offer him so reassurance.

    Here's to BFPs!
    iwannabeamomma101 responded:
    i next cycle would have been eaither 4th or 5th

    very tired but may be bc ive got sinus infection,pucky,moody.

    i plan to test on 6th or so

    tessa926 responded:
    My next cycle is due around 6/29 (I have irregular cycles though)

    Symptoms: Extremely tired (could also be because I quit drinking my daily cup of green tea)

    I plant to test on 7/3
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to tessa926's response:
    Tessa, you're right around the corner!

    Here's to everyone currently in the 2WW getting BFP's!

    Make sure both of you come back to keep us posted.
    mandmcndy replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    I think I'm in the 2 WW. I miscarried 06/03 so I'm hoping AF is due the first week of July. Our anniversary is 07/10, hoping to test then if AF doesn't show her ugly face :). Good luck ladies.
    Me 30, DH 29, DD 20 months, MC 06/03/11, TTC number 2 hoping for blue
    iwannabeamomma101 replied to mandmcndy's response:
    good luck and i will be praying for you! God has a plan and im sure he will bless you with a child.Keep your head up and keep the faith.if you need someone to talk to we are all in the same boat just holler at one of us.

    Praying hard for all the ladies in 2WW good luck and baby dust keep me posted please!
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to mandmcndy's response:

    That will be a great anniversary blessing! You're right around the corner too...Yay! Have you been having any symptoms...anything different going on with your body?
    mslewis40 responded:
    Hello again, BeautifullyBlessed! :-)

    My next cycle is due July 9th....hopefully AF will be a NO SHOW.

    No symptoms yet.

    According to my O calendar on this site, to test on the 10th. But I will try to wait til the 13th coz AF has been coming like clock work within 2-3 days from the predicted next cycle date for the past 2 months.

    Speaking in Faith......Yes, here's to our BFPs!!!
    mslewis40 replied to mandmcndy's response:
    Hi mandmcndy.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mc. You are definitely added to my prayer list. That would be a WONDERFUL anniversary gift, indeed! Never lose hope & always keep the faith. We're all here in this together.

    Best wishes & best of luck to you.....all of you! :-)
    mandmcndy replied to mslewis40's response:
    Ahh, thanks girls. Those are encouraging words. I'm not having any symptoms except for cramps. I always have those before AF and also had them with my first pregnancy and the miscarriage. I'm on pins and needles so we shall see. Good luck ladies. Keep us all posted with when you take your tests. Baby dust to all.
    Me 30, DH 29, DD 20 months, MC 06/03/11, TTC number 2 hoping for blue
    bananaramamama responded:
    Hi everyone!
    I'm on the same boat as well :eyeroll: got off BCP end of January and still nothing, even though we have been working on it diligently!
    AF is due on July 10th, no symptoms so far (but it's still way too early for me), i am just incredibly tired...
    Will test on the 13th (oh..who am i kidding...i just knoe I will test before that :sillygrin:
    Babydust to all of you, will keep you posted!
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to bananaramamama's response:
    Hello bananaramamama,

    Glad to have you in this 2WW with us!

    We should be getting some results from others next week (BFPs)!

    Keep us posted on symptoms and ultimately, results!

    Here's to our BFP!
    tessa926 responded:
    Well AF showed this week, so I'm out of luck this month.
    Here's hoping for a BFP next month!

    Good luck to the rest of you!
    katiric replied to tessa926's response:
    Hi everyone. I am in the 2WW too. AF is supposed to come on 7/10. Feels like forever!! Good luck everyone!
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    I am almost in the two week lol. I have very irregular cycles due to PCOS and after I m/c in feb it only got worse in irregular cycles. First cycle after m/c was on CD78 and then CD40 the next. Now i am on my 3rd cycle I suppose you could call it even though its been almost 5 months. I am on CD25 and I have an almost opk which means I would O shortly after then I have to add 11-14 days (I had different Luteal Phases for both cycles too). So if i had to guess when af will show. Maybe the 14th or 16th of July. Hopefully there will be some outcomes your way. (I am pretty sure I am out this month only because have been experiencing a glot of stress this month and I have been working a lot) Hoping I will get lucky soon though. Trying to be patient as hard as it is.

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