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    Trying for 3 months / Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor
    An_241460 posted:
    My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We started trying to conceive last September. Honestly, I did not think we would have a problem conceiving! However, here we are, three months later and still trying. I know three months is NOT a long time, but we can't help but feel discouraged each month when I get my period. I wish that I had done more research prior to September, but instead have been educating myself over the past couple of months — using the ovulation calendar on WebMD, finally bought a thermometer to track my Basil temperature each morning, etc.
    I have not been vocal with the fact that we are trying to conceive with family & friends, so it has been difficult to digest my feelings and emotions without being able to consult my mother! I would like to surprise her when the daily finally arrives — poor thing has been waiting so long!
    I suppose it's safe to say that nothing has happened the way I imagined it would — which should be a clear indication that pregnancy in general will be vastly different that what I imagined. We track which days per month I am the "most fertile" and give it our best shot — which has made it feel more like a chore than ever before — I don't necessarily enjoy that fact that we "have" to, but had always imagined conception would come naturally.
    I am also wondering if any of you have tried the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor? I purchased this a couple of weeks ago with the intention to start using this month IF I don't get my period as predicted on November 21st. Could you offer any suggestions or advice regarding this product?
    Any advice out there in general?
    Thanks and good luck to everyone!
    wmatto83 responded:
    I can't give you any suggestions about that Clear Blue Easy although my friend used it for a couple months and it helped her conceive well understand her cycles better I should say. As far any other advice. I used the WebMD to conceive our child and it did help again me understand my cycles and when i was ovulating so you are on the right track there. I know you are trying when it sayd you are most fertile. But I know we tried in the beginning of the feritle week and then like the day before I was most fertile. Supposely sperm can live up to 72 hrs! Also sometimes different positions do help. Don't mean to get TMI on you but doggy style does help with some women and helped with me as well. Other than that. Don't get discourage....believe it or not it is actually and truly a miracle when I women gets pregnant. I mean the stars have to alined almost LOL! It isn't as easy as everyone has that preception. The only other advice is try try to relax and enjoy your intimate time with your hubby....stressing over this can sometimes screw with your cycles which in turn can screw with your ovulating. I know it is hard to do tho! Good Luck and I hope you get a positive test on November 22nd!!!

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