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    BeautifullyBlessed posted:
    Hello ladies!

    I'm officially in the AF is expected on Feb 3rd.

    In a previous post I mentioned how DH was having trouble ejaculating during my fertile window, so I'm hoping maybe I ovulated a little later than expected since he finally came around.

    If we were successful, implantation should occur either tomorrow or Friday. I'm so glad I'm back in the running!

    Is anyone else waiting and hoping for a BFP?!
    TKO120107 responded:
    I'm in the 2WW wait too! My AF is due the day before yours.

    I think we timed our BD pretty well this month. I ovulate late in my cycle so I think we might've BD on the exact day. I've had some cramping in the last couple of days that I hope is implantation. It's killing me not to test already.
    Me (39) DH (40) DS (2) TTC no. 2
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to TKO120107's response:

    How long is your cycle and on what day do you ovulate?

    My cycle ranges from 28-31 days and I think I ovulate late as well...I hope so. I'm thinking I ovulate between cd 16-18.

    It is hilarious that you want to test already! lol
    TKO120107 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    Our cycles are really similar. Mine is always 27 days ... except for the first month after stopping BC when it's short. I usually ovulate cd 16-17.

    I've got one test at home left over from TTC DS 2 years ago, and it expires this month! Good thing it's not somewhere I can see it, or I probably would've tested already.
    Me (39) DH (40) DS (2) TTC no. 2
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to TKO120107's response:
    It's amazing how much the 2WW takes up my thoughts/focus. I read past forums on other sites like crazy...and when I read someone's situation that is similar to my symptoms (or lack thereof) my hope skyrockets.

    It's a week or 8 days before my expected period and my breasts are starting to get heavier (this happens every month anyway). I get little pains on my left side from time to time too (which also happens anyway).

    Are you still cramping?
    TKO120107 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    Not really. I don't normally get much PMS so I can't look for missing symptoms. I just have to hold out until next Friday!!
    Me (39) DH (40) DS (2) TTC no. 2
    Evalyne replied to TKO120107's response:
    New Thread...the old was was getting a bit long.

    So AF is due on Feb 1st for me.

    I was sick with what the DR. said was either a stomach flu or food poisoning on Thursday (01/25/12) and since then I've been nauseous in the morning. Doesn't last long but DH speculates i'm pregnant. He was cooking an omulete for me yesterday morning, which I usually love, but once it was on my plate I just looked at it and apologized to him that i couldn't eat it.

    Same thing this morning. I've been taking the nausea medicine the DR. gave me for virus/food poisoning.

    Trying not get get hopes up but it was DH that said it. I wasn't even thinking it until he said something. >.<

    Waiting until Wed to see if AF makes her monthly visit.
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to Evalyne's response:
    Hi Evalyne!

    Did the Dr. do a blood test? What kind of medicine are you taking? Is it what they prescribe to treat nausea during pregnancy?

    I can't believe you wasted DH's cooking! lol

    Your wait is not too much longer...hoping AF doesn't show up for you.

    I hate being sick or feeling ill or having infections while trying to makes me feel like I'm not healthy enough.

    Right now I'm dealing with constipation that started way before ttc. My eye also became inflammed and I have medicated eye drops with a steroid in it, but I didn't take it. I prayed over my eye and it is getting better on its own...thank God.

    I know it might sound crazy, but i just want to create a healthy environment/body to carry my baby for 9 months.

    Keep us posted
    Zaysmama replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    hey ladies, good luck in your 2ww... Evalyne yours is almost up and I hope you get your BFP so you can join us on the 1st tri board! ... Beautifully blessed, Glad you and hubby got things figured out and hopefully you will also be able to join us on the 1st tri board!
    I enjoyed sharing my ttc journey with ya'll and i hope our 9month journeys can continue together because lord knows you ladies have been patiently waiting and much deserving!
    TKO good luck to you as well! how long have you been ttc?
    the most wasted of days are those without laughter
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to Zaysmama's response:
    Thanks Zaysmama

    I think I'm going to start temping to find out how long my luteal phase is and to get a more accurate picture of when I ovulate.

    I just read that temping is better than the OPK...not sure how true it is though.

    Hopefully, I won't need to temp for another 12-15 months.
    TKO120107 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    I think charting is more accurate that OPK by themselves. Temping plus the other signs will back up what the OPKs are telling ... if you still use them. If not, charting will still give you a great picture - literally! - of when you're ovulating each cycle.

    Thanks for the good wishes, ladies! We're just starting TTC number two ... on cycle 2 of trying.
    Me (39) DH (40) DS (2) TTC no. 2
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to TKO120107's response:
    Does charting and temping mean the same thing?
    TKO120107 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    No, charting includes temping plus tracking other signs of ovulation like egg white cervical mucus, position of the cervix for the very brave and long fingered, etc. If you use one of the charting sites, they'll have places where you can put all that info in to include on your chart. Temping by itself isn't always enough ... especially if you're seeing more than one temp spike in a cycle.

    Make sense?
    Me (39) DH (40) DS (2) TTC no. 2
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to TKO120107's response:
    Yes, it makes sense...well I'm out for the the position of the cervix...I'm not the very brave or (that is hilarious)! I am sooo bored at work right now...I needed that chuckle.
    TKO120107 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    Yeah, I'm not brave or long fingered either!

    I've heard of ladies having their DH check for them, but I think that's even more brave!!
    Me (39) DH (40) DS (2) TTC no. 2

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